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  1. I went Sunday and Monday. Sunday: fished for about 45 mins with 6 fish nothing of size. monday: very windy and overcast, between 15-20 fish all with bucktails and savage gear sand eel jig in mackerel. Biggest being 29 inches. Popped one slightly larger fish off right before I could get my hand on him. Good excuse to freeze my butt off in the wind and spray
  2. those are some fatties!
  3. what size reel would be balanced on the regular rod for plugging the ccc? (van staal fan)
  4. congrats!
  5. thank you!
  6. the revo is great for inshore/nearshore on calm days with not too much equipment.
  7. Hi everyone. I am moving to Allston MA in September after graduating school. I have been looking around for information about kayak fishing Boston Harbor. So far I have found Charles River Kayak and Canoe club to store my yak. Winthrop boat ramp near Deer Island, and the Hull elementary school as possible launch points. I am experienced in using my yak in CT/RI waters, but am unfamiliar with Boston Harbor. I have read that the many islands hold flounder and bass, but am looking for advice about more launching spots and any tips to navigate these new waters safely, especially with the high amount of boat traffic in the channels. Any advice is much appreciated!
  8. Thank You Tim S and SOL
  9. yeah, im a 36 inch inseam... will definitely have to take one out for a test before purchasing
  10. Thank you for this post, I'm 6'5" about 220lbs and I think the outback would be the better option for me for the space and more comfortable chair.
  11. Hey everyone, As the title says I am looking on picking up a SS little neck popper to add to my arsenal. I mainly fish the RI breachways and the cape canal. My go-to lures up til now have been the SP minnows, x-raps, Magic swimmers, and tsunami talkin poppers. I have narrowed it down to white color and sinking but am not sure the length/weight that I should go for. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!
  12. just dont drop it in 50' of water. My other two rods I bring are a battle 2 4000 and a fathom star drag 30lb and 40lb respectively. I was looking to swap the fathom with the bait caster with 15lb braid so I can get away with lighter jigs, although I do love the fathom.
  13. thanks for all the suggestions guys. Never gave some of these a look before now
  14. Hey everyone, I recently received a tusnami trophy casting rod that I plan on using for jigging fluke, scup, seabass, and tog. I mainly boat fish but would like a reel that would be okay for using in the yack as well. My first choice was the quantum accurist bait caster, but it isn't rated for salt water which is concerning. As of now I mainly use spinners out of my yack. Any suggestions are appreciated!