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  1. Lzzy has such power in her voice at live shows. Got to see Halestorm at the pony once. The only other singers I saw with that kind of live vocal performance was the late great Dio, Glenn Hughes, and Sebastian Bach. And lzzy is a killer guitarist to.
  2. Could look at the fender Baja Tele. Has that classic tele color your looking for, customshop fender pickups. And a more vintage v shape neck than modern teles could be better or worse depending on your neck preference. It goes for around 800. I’ve played them at guitar center seems pretty good quality. It is a mim no mia if that matters.
  3. Sadly it’s to true
  4. Rob Halford Sebastian Bach Glen Hughes
  5. Wow great response glad to hear your input on this. So hearing about how that Lowrance transducer hooks up that kind of rules that out for me, as I’m also paddling and don’t want the extra drag. I want to mount it in the hull. So between the garmin and hummingbird bird what I understand so far is humminbird: has better screen. Stock maps about the same. Has self auto drawing amp features. Garmin: lesser screen. Stock maps about the same. Self/auto drawing maps the garmin seems to have more memory and saving features. still looking into it. I could be wrong on some of my conclusions. I have to do some research on a full computer screen and not just my small phone screen.
  6. Sounds good. I’m also, off on weekends so that works out well. I’m probably about 2-3 weeks out till really having this seasons kayak stuff in order. Then I should be out often.
  7. I’m in central jersey and often drive down to the great Bay Area. Wouldn’t mind taking some trips further south to Ac wildwood etc.
  8. So I have a budget of up to about 300 and am looking for my first fish finder setup for a kayak. I have the field and stream eagle talon aka tarpon 120 clone. Will be fishing mostly in the bays Raritan to great bay for fluke blues stripers etc. and taking some trips north to fresh waters lakes like round valley, spruce run, monksville. Been leanjng towards the garmin echmap 44cv. From what I understand it comes with costal maps. And has the ability to make its own maps, so I could use that for the fresh water trips. Are their some some other units or features I might be over looking. Or might be useful for my area or fishing style?
  9. Guitar here. Been playing for about as long as I can remember.
  10. I have a few of them great knifes. Also they just came out with a floating blunt tip knife just for kayaking and diving.
  11. So this is most likely a dumb question. But why are two different style lures called by the same name. When I was really new to fishing this confused me a bit at first. Talking on a saltwater board stripers fluke etc a bucktail is basically a fancy weight/jig with teaser hair and a hook. Go read about pike and musky and they call oversized spinners/meep type lures bucktails. What am I missing here? Is it just that they both have some kind of teaser hair at the hook?
  12. More Moras been collecting the different styles after getting the first one. Such a great value for the price all around 12 dollars. Also wanted to see the differences between the carbon blades and stainless steel versions.
  13. Absolutely, I fish mostly shallow to but, I am interested in traveling north and learning round valley type lakes this year. But in all reality im probably more interesting in learning to install it and how it works. Than if it’s really the most practical thing. To get back on topic I will post pics of some new sharp objects I aqquired later.
  14. I also normally buy everything in black but the translucent finishes are always cool on more mechanical stuff. Being able to see the inner workings. I get the whole agonizing on decisions like that. I’m just starting looking into a fish finder for my kayak. So many things to think about on that.