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  1. For those who don’t like death vocals. Here is a band was once one of the heaviest death bands, now turned 70’s prog rock style. The latest album is very king crimson iron butterfly Pink Floydish if that makes any sense. Pretty good singing and harmonies last minute of this song is a cool outro with fuzzy guitar leads and that classic late 60s to 70s organ sound.
  2. modern guitar legend alexi. Alexi and janni are like the modern Richie Blackmore / John lord combo dueling neoclassical guitar keyboard solos in heavy music
  3. One of my all time favorites and first Death song I learned on guitar
  4. Epic live shows. This was one I will never forget. Met and seen them many times but this was a one off show. They flew in from Sweden with all the blood and fire props frowned upon by building and health codes. Played one show and went back.
  5. Was at their nyc show last month. Seen them as an opening act more times than I can count. Was cool getting to see them do a headlining set.
  6. Just saw them a few months ago with Behemoth and at the gates. Was an amazing lineup and a great show.
  7. I haven’t owned one with that steel. But it is supposed to be an upgrade from mora’s 12c27 and I can’t find any complaints with my 12c27 mora so far.
  8. Seeing all this I ended up spending money. Always carried some cheap pocket knife figure I should get something of decent quality. Ended up picking up a Kershaw dividend. Never realized how dull my old cheap knife was till getting that. Great deal for $35 and American made. Also got a mora companion for more of a fishing outdoor use knife. Got the stainless steel version, to be better around salt and water than the carbon blade.
  9. It’s the color of snowflakes. It actually has something to do with a group Pelosi and AOC put together
  10. It’s not just homedepot, just about every retail store does that on returning items with out a receipt. To cut back on stolen items being “returned”.
  11. I have the same issue with the Floyd on the lightning sky Rhoads so I just have it blocked off and is essentially a hard tail for the time being. The rr24 has the real deal German Floyd and has never given me a problem. I found the original Ibanez edge trem to also be a great one to. The prs is only an se but it’s a nice guitar. A little odd playing it for me since I’m use to the shredy Ibanez Jackson necks w 25.5 scale. That les Paul and amp set up is sick I have a 90’s studio model too, great tone from it.
  12. I’m huge fan of Jackson guitars, I have 2 from that same era. Ones a bolt on and the other is a higher end neck tru rr24. I also recently placed an order with the Jackson custom shop on a soloist build. Still have to wait about 9 months build time before I will have it.
  13. Sp minnow here to. Don’t know why but I just have much better luck with the bomber.
  14. Coil pack on way out or a throttle position sensor, cam position sensors would be my guess with out having a scanner code