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  1. Taking all of the above in consideration, especially the consistent high temperatures, the recent absence of bluefish comes into play, providing another predator the opportunity to snack on peanuts.
  2. The big picture view is that this in an East coast issue so all groups get impacted. Blame for current situation and ownership to take corrective action lies with fisheries management. Unfortunately this is a catch-22. No pun intended.
  3. How many raffles does the show expect to have?
  4. Right on!
  5. Eric, Enjoyed your talk last night.
  6. Nice dinner !
  7. 3/0 treble or in-line would be good options
  8. Bring it on, its game time.
  9. Chomp, Chomp, Chomp! Excellent to hear the continuous bites!
  10. Time to chase them south to Harkers if needed
  11. Roostah, I was in the middle of hundreds of them Sunday and very difficult with metal and zippo with flies, can only get better.
  12. WTF, a monster, not I am wondering that about how big the the one I lost yesterday below the boat.
  13. On Friday, I fished an estuary up north a bit, and found no bait, no active stripers. Now I know the bait moved south towards the BOS harbor
  14. Bob G. Got it right, what used to be a million tons of biomass is now a few thousand, and most are schoolies.
  15. Passed on the Porgies, caught multiple bass on fly from the rocks, one keeper. Fall action is underway, it will get better.