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  1. Really? OK, Coms could start next week or what about August 1st, where's the logic? It certainty does matter.
  2. Captain, specifically, what Duckett Inshore model do you find work well for the Ablies? The 7' 6" models?
  3. Fake substance here!
  4. Riddler or Others? I recently brought some 3/4 and 1/2 oz Cripple Herrings and gave them a quick try but didn't work for me that day but was wondering how folks worked them? A skip retrieve, or low and slow as fast speeds them seemed to make them spin?
  5. It clear that it is time for 100% release of all sizes. Same rule for everyone since folks will never come to agreement on a specific slot size.
  6. Saltwater regs do apply in tidal rivers up to a specific point. Best to read about your state that you are fishing in.
  7. Correction, they have their heads up their azz, not in the sand.
  8. Fishermen start your engines!
  9. Did you not see the bait tank?
  10. Taking all of the above in consideration, especially the consistent high temperatures, the recent absence of bluefish comes into play, providing another predator the opportunity to snack on peanuts.
  11. The big picture view is that this in an East coast issue so all groups get impacted. Blame for current situation and ownership to take corrective action lies with fisheries management. Unfortunately this is a catch-22. No pun intended.
  12. How many raffles does the show expect to have?
  13. Right on!
  14. Eric, Enjoyed your talk last night.
  15. Nice dinner !