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  1. Damn cold up here (northern NH) today. Fishing kayaks under 3 ft of snow & ice. Spring seems a long way off.
  2. How soon do you think for the migration? Thanks for the info! Think I'll cool my heels and sell books for the time being.
  3. How soon do you think for the migration?
  4. I have a chance to shore fish Buzzards Bay for stripers early this week. Is there any point? Is it too early?
  5. Let me know if you change yr mind.
  6. Meet you half way at $40 shipped.
  7. I have a new, unread signed copy of "Surfcasting Around the Block" by Dennis Zambrotta. His first book, not Surfcasting II. Decided that I didn't want to read a book praising the fishing on a place I could never afford to fish. What's the point? Anyway, hard to find book, asking $50. Free shipping
  8. Headed towards a foot plus here in northern NH
  9. More damn snow today. But, gotta admit, love running the Honda track snowblower.
  10. I'll bet I have close to 1,000 books on fishing, many of them duplicates. What can I say? Got carried away, I guess.
  11. Buck's the man. Preached structure fishing. "The home of the bass is deep water." His dad kicked his ass whenever he said that. I've got a bunch of spoonplugs, like they said; "looks like a shoehorn that a horse stepped on."
  12. Lefty Kreh "My Life was this Big" His life sure was!!
  13. We are doing a Christmas visit to my daughter and step son in Bourne, so that's where I will be . I have a spot in mind (not the canal)