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  1. Am looking to replace my braided line for something strong, thin and smooth around 60lb any recommendation? I have 60lb jerry brown hollow for 5 years now just looking to changes something fresh for the fishing season started.
  2. I just bought a 4000 size from a member here last week still waiting for shipping to come. but now want to get the 5000 also
  3. You know the date of releasing?
  4. I heard that the certrate LT coming in 5000size is that true? Anyone know anything about it?
  5. I take it 300 shipped pm me your pp email thank you
  6. Is this one piece or two piece rod?
  7. Where are you in mass?
  8. If you still have it in a week Am interested
  9. Next inline thank
  10. I just order the twinpower 5k I think it better with price and it sw so I don’t have to worry much about collusion. Am gonna wait on the Stella sw release in 2 year. Thank you for the help.
  11. Just striper bass on boat
  12. What you guy prefer the twinpower 5k or new Stella fj5k?
  13. They carry the 8x I really like the line but wish they carry 300yrds they only have 165yrds not enough for some of my big reel.
  14. When to dick today saw j braid What you guy think of it? I bought 3
  15. I give it a try I go with Berkley Pro Spec and samurai. thank you all the help cant wait to try all the line on the water