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  1. It also depends on how you hook the eel. I usually hook eels up through the jaw, and out through the eye. They stay on well for any size hook from my experiences with using eels as live bait. But it is true that using hooks that are too thick can let the eel escape (depending on the size of the eel). If it’s the larger eels you can use the thicker hooks without having to worry about them getting unhooked. However, the size of the hook shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but it also depends on how you hook the eel.
  2. There’s one in 3 lakes that I know of (only 2 of them are public. Sturbridge Lakes which is my neighborhood, the name of the park is Battery Hill Park. Another is a lake at JCC Camps at Medford (not for public use unless part of the community) and Laurel Acres in Mount Laurel.
  3. Atlantic Bait and Tackle, Julian’s Bait and Tackle, The Tackle Box, Fisherman’s Den North, JCP Bait & Tackle, Red Bank Marina, and Giglio’s Bait & Tackle. All of the sell Live Eels but call to make sure they have them in stock.
  4. There are a few lakes I know that have Giant Largemouths there, 2 footers. I’ve caught them with Bluegill before or any small type of Sunfish. But would an eel 9-13” be good bait for a Largemouth? (Everywhere I go fishing already has eels I wouldn’t introduce a species that is not naturally there.)
  5. Oh I’m not trying to find eels anymore. I already have one in my aquarium from a fish store. I’m just curious about if eels could catch Largemouth Bass or not. I saw a Youtube video saying someone caught a Giant Largemouth on a live eel. I’ve caught plenty of Largemouths before with Night Crawlers, Bluegill, Minnows, etc. It would be interesting to see a Largemouth Bass caught on live eels.
  6. What about for Bass that are 12”?
  7. Hi, I was wondering what size Eels I would need to catch Largemouth Bass. I assume smaller than Striper Eels, Usually the eels I use for striper fishing are 10-13”, so what size would I need for Largemouth?
  8. No bait shops near Maple Shade, If you’re looking for worms you’re best going to your local walmart or sporting goods store, if your looking for things like minnows, eels, or bloodworms, you can go across the Delaware River to Brickman’s Live Bait & Tackle, or Sportsmaster which are the closest “bait shops” closest to Maple Shade.
  9. Believe it or not I did not join last year. I am new to this website, Although it is very ironic that someone named Gabe in the same state was also talking about tiny eels. I’m not trying to look for someone/place that sells eels that is an illegal size, I’m looking for eels to keep as pets though. Since there was only one time where a bait shop got a 6” eel by mistake, which was well over a year ago, I’m starting to look at fish stores and seeing if they sell any.
  10. I’m looking for shoestring eels. And the American Eel species and I’m pretty sure the Eels that are sold at the Asian Markets are Asian Swamp Eels.
  11. I’ve been to STC and Brickman’s before, which is still a good 35-40 minute drive. They don’t really have the size that I’m looking for and they don’t really let me pick them out. They sell them 10+ inches which is much larger than I would like.
  12. I’m looking for tiny ones (shoestring eels) 6 inches or so which is the minimum size legal.
  13. Hello, I live in Voorhees Township, New Jersey, and was curious if there are any bait shops that sell live eels within less than a 25 minute radius and without requiring to go to Philadelphia or The Shore. I’ve tried looking on maps but nothing showed up. I’m hoping maybe someone knows a place. Thanks.