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  1. I got a kit on eBay for about $20. Worth every cent after I threw a SP Minnow into the East River at 10pm..
  2. Would you take $90 for the Boca?
  3. I am restoring an old greenie Penn spinfisher 716. I am short a handle and drag knob. I would be open to purchasing an old/beat up model just to strip it for parts. Thanks!
  4. I just got a fast action St. Croix Mojo. On my first cast, I threw a 2 3/4 Super Strike over 100 yards.. I only know that because more than 1/3 of my spool was gone!
  5. Does anyone have pictures of their DIY bailess slammer 3?
  6. I was going to go with the DNA rod but ended up going with a 9' St. Croix Mojo MMF on Black Friday.
  7. Sheesh. I don't need one but for that price, can't not do it.
  8. I just bought a 9' St. Croix Mojo on Black Friday and tested it out last week. Went with the MMF and I threw a 3oz diamond jig over 100 yards (had the wind at my back). I looked at my spool and have never seen that much line go out before!
  9. I won't fish without a buff. I've bought about a dozen different ones from aliexpress with all different fish patterns and a few of the skull faces. Really helps with the sun and bugs. The back of my neck never gets sunburned either.
  10. I was fishing the jetty at Jones Beach last week and hopped down into the rocks as the tide was coming in. I pulled out a clear bomber with some heavy duty split rings on it. Totally worth the risk!
  11. Color doesn't bother me. I'd just like to have them both functioning.
  12. Appreciate the intel on the Z series parts. I was wondering if they would fit since I have seen more of those available.
  13. I have the Korkers BuckSkin boots. Got them on eBay for $120 and they've held up great for the last 18 months. I bought kevlar laces off Etsy for $10 and then just got the Korkers Triple Threat carbide spikes. If I had to buy another pair, I'd go with the Korkers Wraptr boots.
  14. About 15 years ago, my grandfather gave me two Penn 716 Greenie reels and in typical teenager fashion, I used them for a bit and let them fall apart. Out of nostalgia, I’m looking to repair/rebuild these reels into working order. Aside from eBay and spending a bunch of money on complete parts just to strip them down to complete the reels, I was hoping for some suggestions on the best way to breathe some life into these.
  15. Spinfisher VI 4500. I just picked one up and it looks promising. Up until this point, my main reel was a newly manufactured Penn 704z that I put a bailess kit on after the bail arm screw fell out in the surf at midnight in 3' of water. I pack it with grease and haven't had any issues since. It's a tank.