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  1. I have a 4500.. do I remove both or either one?
  2. I was just going to saw.. ask Zeno!
  3. I'm trying to follow the tutorial from the fisherman mag on fine tuning the 706z. I recently picked up a vintage 706 and am trying to set it up with the counterbalance and upgraded line roller. I contacted several of the veteran members to find an upgraded roller with no luck, even tried posting a WTB. Someone suggested getting a VS line roller but I don't want to drop $45 on one until I know it will fit without major modification. Does anyone have pictures of a 706 with the counterbalance? It would be a lot of help seeing as the only resource I have at the moment is from the aforementioned article. Another issue I am having is finding 3/16" aluminum. At home depot, they only have 1/8" and I was thinking I could stack them 2 identical cut pieces together and file one down to the proper height. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. I need to do this on my slammer 3 asap.
  5. There are some guys who use 832 or PowerPro on their 704z/706z and have never had an issue. Like you said, a lot of the time it's just user error. When they get a wind knot, their first point of blame is always the reel and not themselves...
  6. Slammer 3, or the spinfisher VI which gives you a bailess option.
  7. I bought one of these when I was respooling a couple of my reels. I watched some youtube videos on them. The big issue is that even if you use this tool to spool your reel, once you start casting, it will add the twist back in. Just the nature of a spinning reel.
  8. I signed up at Surf Day in Melville this year and received my packet only a week after. Unfortunately most of the times I go fishing, I don't have their envelopes on me to scrape some scales.. Something on my to-do list for future outings!
  9. Dicks if you're looking for lugfoot waders but you might want to visit an Orvis store. Mine have held up pretty well over the last 2 years with minor self inflicted wounds. For repairs, I've had really good success with the instant UV glue.
  10. done deal. shoot me a PM. thanks!
  11. I'm interested. Could you do any lower than $100? I don't have any need for the Hopkins. Thanks
  12. Just paid you. thanks!
  13. I'll take the 714z for $35 shipped.
  14. Glock 19. You can pick up a used one at a local shop for cheap. I see you're on LI so check out Colosseum and ask if they have anything used. The Gen 4 is a solid choice.
  15. I have a 10' that I don't use anymore. Great condition. Let me know if you are interested as I will be in the Boston area on Friday.