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  1. Looking for a sealed 9/10 wt reel to pair with my St Croix imperial salt. Must be sealed. Hoping to keep it under $150 shipped to NYC, otherwise I'll get an Orvis Battenkill Disc IV. Please include pics. Thanks!
  2. Jack's Bait and Tackle in the Bronx has clams and bloodworms.
  3. It’s a good looking lure. Too bad they’re trying to reinvent the wheel with this gimmick. +1 for reworking it into a thru-wired stick bait.
  4. I got the 6.5" Danco Titanium pliers when they first came out. I've put mine through the ringer and they hold up great.
  5. Their customer service was able to coordinate a replacement within 45 minutes of me submitting pictures and a brief explanation. I guess I can try a few DIY methods on the current pair now that I have the new ones being shipped out.
  6. I noticed several of my Korkers studs were missing last week.. After further inspection I realized the metal female threads inside the sole are gone. Any ideas for a fix? I have a box of overpriced studs but was wondering if anyone else encountered this and if there's a fix.
  7. Any pics?
  8. How much?
  9. I already have a tiderunner belt but I'll take the bag. sending over a PM now.
  10. sold on letgo
  11. Thanks for sending this over. I'm interested in it but just need to wait to sell my current bag. I expect payment tomorrow and then I'll get back to you.
  12. Caught my first schoolie of the year a couple weeks ago in the Hudson right off the West Village. Had a few outings in SW Brooklyn - saw some guys taking undersized fish on clams. Also fished SW Brooklyn back bay.. lots and lots of birds but no fish. Got there around 10am.. HT was at 8am and I must've missed the commotion.
  13. Long story short, I snapped the bottom portion of the rod last weekend. I have a prototype rod tip sent to me directly from St. Croix last fall. It has a label maker label on it that has been epoxied over. The other tip I have is mint condition minus a cracked ceramic guide at the bottom. It's cheap enough to fix but I don't have any need for it. Pics below. The first 2 pics are of the prototype and the second 2 are from the original tip with broken guide. Also.. just for context, I included a pic of the broken handle in case anyone wants that for free. Local pickup in tri-state area. Asking for $50 local pickup or $50 + shipping to CONUS.
  14. Looking for a new/used ODM Surfwave plug bag, would prefer a 3.5 but also interested in a 2.5.
  15. I have one for sale: