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  2. I'm buying a pair of the 6.5" Danco/Premio Titanium Pliers in the next few weeks. I'll put up a review of them soon since there tends to be a lot of questions about them.
  3. Brant. I've hunted them at Bay Park in East Rockaway. They're a dime a dozen. Not great eating though so we stopped going for them.
  4. chubbies 4 way stretch. works great in everything.
  5. I'll be doing the same. They're sold out most places online but I'm waiting for my local shop to get some in. The 6.5" look like a great buy.
  6. If you part it out, I'll take the Yo-Zuri..
  7. I was wondering the same thing. I found them on fleabay but not the 2-3oz I was hoping to find.
  8. any idea as to the value? The exact model I have is selling on flea bay for $2,300..
  9. Appreciate the intel. I picked up some 50 packs in a few different sizes. I use TA clips when fishing and the Kastmasters aren't conducive to this. Using a larger split ring on the top hole will make this a lot easier.
  10. I picked up a bunch of old kastmasters last weekend at the Ward Melville fishing show. A couple of them have chips in the finish. Is there anything that can be done to re-plate them?
  11. I'm in! Appreciate you doing this.
  12. I have a relative in AZ who shipped me a bunch of vintage fishing gear. I can find out enough info on the spinning reel but have some questions about the Garcia Admiral 4/0. This thing is built like a tank but barely reels after not being touched for a few decades. Shockingly nothing came up on SOL search but a quick internet search led me to some $$$ flea bay listings. Anyone seen this before?
  13. Can you send me the link to the blanks you purchased?
  14. I picked up about a dozen old tins and Kastmasters at the Ward Melville expo this weekend. A lot of them came without split rings on them. Does anyone know what size split rings I need to purchase?
  15. Hockey tape. I keep a roll in a ziploc bag in my kit.