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  1. Big money goes into counter terrorism, as it should. However I don’t think the police in some small town need armored vehicles and tactical gear that they could invade a country with. Look at how difficult it’s been for health care workers to get PPE during the pandemic, yet the police and military have no issues showing up fully decked out in a matter of hours. It takes longer for a teenager to get a drivers license than it does to get a badge and a gun. There should be extensive mental competency, mental health and education requirements. There should also be mental health resources without fear of being ridiculed or blacklisted. I think the militarization of police forces is the biggest issue. You outfit them like an army and have little over site and you have a mentality that then citizens they are bound to serve are the enemy.
  2. Police budgets are typically much larger than many other city departments combined. And rightly so. Instead of outfitting departments with excess military gear, that money should be spent on vetting, training, and real accountability programs. I understand it’s a tough job and often times thankless, however that isn’t a license to behave badly. Officers should be held to a higher standard as they are ensured with higher responsibilities. I think police should be required to live in the cities they work in and have to walk a beat so they know the neighborhoods they work in. I’m not anti police, I just think as a whole there needs to be improvements and accountability.
  3. Thanks for your service. My comment was out of line, and I apologize.
  4. Very uwful that he was killed. I hope they catch whomever is guilty and Those responsible are prosecuted to the extent of the law.
  5. Keep troop spitting
  6. Big difference between reading it and holding it up for 15 seconds upside down for a photo op.
  7. That is a big pile of dung.
  8. More excuses, nothing else. I have friends who have embedded many times in Iraq and Afghanistan who managed to make it home without being shot or assaulted, yet they get assaulted at home by cops who can’t control their rage.
  9. An officer slamming a woman to the ground after she obeyed instructions to leave the area. That’s assault.
  10. I believe assault is a crime. Even if you have a badge.
  11. Support the troops, except if they are mean to Daddy Trump. Way to go patriots.
  12. If those hooligans were posted up in front of businesses and actually defending them that would be one thing, but this was guys with bats confronting peaceful protesters and yelling slurs.
  13. With bad cops and those who protect them, sure you could call it that. Makes it all that much harder for the good ones to do their jobs.
  14. Speaking about police breaking the law is whining? Speaking about upholding the constitution is whining? Way to go Capt America.
  15. It’s amazing how often Trumpers come down on the wrong side of decency. Advocating violence against women and the press. Way to go patriot.