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  1. Trump is a delicate flower that's for sure, a more fragile ego I have not seen. You realize this was his own internal polling right? I thought he hired only the best people!
  2. Those Deep State sons of guns are infiltrating everything! I finding it truly mind boggling that Trump lies about this stuff and the base digs in to support it.
  3. Add your hardener before you heat your plastic, otherwise it will clump up and not mix in or activate. Wear appropriate safety gear (gloves, glasses), and work in a well ventilated area. If you're doing a lot of reheating a few drops of heat stabilizer will keep the plastic from burning, make sure to stir thoroughly, I generally go 1 min to 1:30 when reheating my plastic. Also make sure to keep any water away from the hot plastic, it'll pop and splatter.
  4. So you're saying a man bears no responsibility to prevent unwanted pregnancy with his partner? Are you saying that men can't control themselves, or that they just choose not to?
  5. Many of those embryos are discarded
  6. Can you imagine how crappy life would be if you were indoctrinated with the idea that sex was solely for procreation? No wonder so many fundamentalist are angry!
  7. There is absolutely no way Trump can keep his dumb yap shut long enough to stick to focusing on the economy. I wonder how much wall will be built by the time the election cycle gets serious. Can he kick that can down the road enough with the base to keep them hoping it'll get done? All any Dem has to do right now is point out that after all the drama the damn thing still isn't built.
  8. Good luck getting a straight answer to this one.
  9. It'll start with LOM, and then the next step will go further and so on and so forth. You (collectively) make the argument of not one inch on gun control (gun are tools with the sole purpose of ending a life), yet are willing to take the opposite view on abortion. That doesn't make sense to me. I don't feel there needs to be a law as basic human decency predicates that extreme late term abortion is such a rarity as to not warrant it. Making women see a sonogram or burying the fetus or threatening them with jail time are simply acts to shame and control women. And also, there's not the first law requiring men to regulate their body when it comes to reproduction.
  10. Of course there are, and of all abortions 1% happen after 21 weeks. I would imagine that a third trimester abortion would be quite traumatic, and very few women would choose to do so by choice, and even fewer doctors would perform the procedure, except in life of the mother situations. Yet the pro life folks want to put blanket caveats on all women as a means to control women. It's not a difficult concept to understand or see through.
  11. Let the hate flow my man i absolutly support a woman’s right to make her own decisions on what she does with her body. You clearly don’t. I don’t hate you for it. I do think it’s funny that simply pointing out facts insights you to call me a bigot. I’m sure Jesus is real proud of you.
  12. Let's talk about that long history of Catholisism: 1095-1396 The Crusades, three centuries of violence and torture perpetrated in the name of god. 1230-1303 Pope Boniface VIII known for saying that having sex with young boys was "as natural as one hand rubbing the other." 1431 - Burned Joan of Arc for heresy aka dressing like a man. 1500's Burned William Tyndale for writing a vernacular bible, so that the common man could understand it, taking power away from the clergy. 1500's/1600's Burning women at the stake for being witches. 15th and 16th century: Cash payments to the church to absolve sin, and sin not yet committed. 1300's Caved to King Philip of France and charged the knights of templar of heresy over Philips debt to the Templars. 1415 John Wycliffe's body burned 31 years after his death because he pissed off some clergy for saying they should renounce their worldly possessions. 1372 Executed Jan Haus a priest who dared to say that the clergy was fallible, as they were human, only that god was infallible. 1501 Pope Alexander VI hobbies included watching horses fornicate, had the Joust of Whores, where 50 women were made to strip and grovel on the ground with prizes for the man who could fornicate with the most women. Spanish Inquisition Roman Inquisition Imprisoned Galileo for suggestion that science was great than god. Vatican giving aid to fleeing Nazi's after WWII Cut funding to immigrant groups because of LGBT connections Oh yeah, and then there's the wholesale support and coverup of priests abusing children. So your moral high ground argument is null. The main difference here is that you and your kind want to control women, where as the rest of us feel that a woman is able to make the choice for herself in what she does with her own body.
  13. That was a big reason I left the Democratic party.
  14. And now we have Pompeo and Bolton trying to start a war with Iran. Think the gov't is going to roll back any of the Patriot Act overreach? That genie isn't going back in the bottle. Cheney, Bush, and Rumsfeld shredded the constitution for greed and grudges.