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  1. That's definitely part of it. It'll be interesting to see what is said about Russia interfering in the election in the report.
  2. Narcissists are easily manipulated when it comes to things like this. Stroke the ego and they will do anything for you. Did he not just block sanctions on NK because he likes Kim?
  3. Absolutely. If there’s something in the report that warrants impeachment bring the charges. The investigation has been tighter than a duck’s ass so again I’ll wait to see what happens once details are available. The investigation needed to happen, it was done and now we wait and see. Till then it’s a lot of squishy pants emtoting about the possible outcomes.
  4. Until the report is made public, I'll reserve my judgment. As much as I don't like Trump, I would be relieved to know that he's not an agent of a foreign nation. For the record, I don't think he knowingly worked for Russia, I think if anything they worked him without him even realizing it.
  5. Isn't there that little thing where sitting presidents can't be indicted? Don't count your chickens before they hatch fellas.
  6. A lot of gloating and goading going on considering no one has read the damn thing yet. I'm all for transparency, so let it see the light of day and we'll see where the chips fall. If it exonerates Trump great, if it exposes illegal activity prosecute it and hold those responsible accountable. Not that hard a concept.
  7. Site is back up bait plastics, have had really good results and is priced quite affordably.
  8. This whole narrative is pretty funny, coming from the right, I don't recall any liberal marches where folks chanted Jews will not replace us. American Jews are not a single voting block and have varying opinions on Israel and its state policies. Some support a two state solution, others do not. AIPAC is a lobbying organization, and does not speak for the entirety of Jewish people, to disagree with their positions or not attend is not anti semitic in and of itself.
  9. I've had good luck with lurecraft, but their premium is expensive. I was getting another brand, but just checked the site and it appears to be down, hope they didn't go out of business.
  10. This is such a tired and disingenuous paradigm. Its not a difficult concept that one can disagree with Israeli politics and also not be anti Semitic.
  11. What's the chances some of the major communications conglomerates had a foot on the scale in this one?
  12. That is a fine line, and what Congress is investigating no? Wouldn't those communications be easily intercepted? Isn't Trump himself still using an unsecured phone?
  13. A little wet sanding goes a long way on the paint as well. I haven't run into any issues with baits getting oily or breaking down unless they come into contact with certain types of epoxy and those zman type baits. Could be that you aren't reaching proper temp for the chemical reaction to take place as well.
  14. Sounds like a case of the squishy pants to me.