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  1. Never claimed to be from Brooklyn, just lived there. What claims am I making exactly that have your knickers twisted?
  2. Do you really have a viable business model if you can’t beat unemployment wages? It’s like Kroger in LA shutting a couple stores down rather than paying its workers an extra $5 an hour. They’ll eat the lost revenue and put 250 people out of work. Meanwhile the CEO Rodney McMullen made $14,167,163 in total compensation. Of this total $1,311,849 was received as a salary, $2,006,450 was received as a bonus, $2,100,170 was received in stock options, $8,400,002 was awarded as stock and $348,692 came from other types of compensation. That doesn’t jive with me. I was in a large local fishing/hunting/outdoors store the other day and they had a kiosk set up taking applications. For **** and giggles I asked what the hours and starting pay were. $13.50/32 hrs a week. $432 a week before taxes and no benefits? No thanks. Under normal circumstances I make more than that weekly pay in an hour.
  3. I moved less than a year ago after 10 years in Brooklyn. So I do actually have a clue.
  4. Maine Guide X, that’s a lot of words to say you’ve never lived in NYC. Why’d you get run out of so many smaller cities by the way? Couldn’t hack it or was it your winning/whining personality? I lived in the South for 30+ years before moving to NYC, us southern progressives class up the place.
  5. You sure do talk a lot of smack for someone who never lived in the City. NYC has always had its issues, current times are no different. It’s not some new phenomenon, so why u so mad bro? Too dumb for NYC, too ugly for LA?
  6. Presiident Trump

    Seriously, @Mokes help MG out, he needs your style and creativity, his attempt at tossing insults is 1 start at best.
  7. Presiident Trump

    Man you guys are really off your game with the insults today. 10 demerits.
  8. Presiident Trump

    You should take lessons from @Mokes, he’s way better at this than you. Grab your My Pillow and scream your little heart out, it’s good that you are letting your emotions out, not good to keep that stuff bottled up.
  9. Presiident Trump

    Translation: don’t be mean to my Daddy!!! You got it for him bad, this might be the worst case of unrequited love I’ve ever seen.
  10. Bad photo technique, it’s lens distortion from an ultra wide angle lens, in addition to poor positioning of the subjects. The Carters have probably shrunk a bit in their old age, but definitely not a great photo and strange that the pr folks would let this one slip through.