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  1. Looking to get a couple set ups for throwing large top water flies and large streamers. Any recommendations on a particular brand from a floating line to full sink.
  2. Just want to know if anybody has some experience with the Redington predator series rods. I was looking to purchase an 11 wt. For a smaller size tarp and basically under 100 pounds. I was also not trying to break the bank. Thanks guys.
  3. I am looking to purchase a new boat. I want a 20-21 ft aluminum Bass style boat with a full windshield. I dont want a fish and ski. I want the low profile of a bass boat but with a full windshield... does this exhist?
  4. Would anyone like to share some topwater fly photos. Was looking to tie some up for the spring run.
  5. Hello I am new to plug building. I am currently making through hole top water plugs. I was looking for information on vacuum sealing Alaska Yellow Cedar. What Vacuum Sealer, Sealer media and process is recommended. Sorry if I’m beating a dead horse. These are what I have made so far. Just sealed the inside by them by dipping in spar urethane. I appreciate your time!