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  1. Not looking to start stuff with you, but who taught you how to tog man? Immediate bites are not the norm - you have to be patient with these fish!!! Sometimes you have to build the bite up around you, especially if you're on a headboat, so as long as you have good bottom around you (by bouncing the sinker or jig you'll feel hard bottom) just be patient and wait it out. Tog move around the pieces, and they will find you. Moving to another part of the boat moments after the anchors come tight will only A) piss off other anglers on the boat, and B) really take you out of the game because again, with blackfish, you need to be patient!!!!!!!
  2. First light Saturday had a bite or a fish on every cast in OCO for about 15 minutes on black needlefish and a teaser then it basically died. Picked up one more dink on a metal teaser combo after that but that was it. Off the beach at 8. First light Sunday was slower. Had a bite right at my feet, then a couple more on the black needle and teaser, then another fish on a white zoom and teaser combo but that was it. 4 bites, 4 fish. I actually had 2 today that would probably qualify as slot fish at about 24". Both days, once the sun got up, it was OVER. ....Fat lady warming up!
  3. Had 5 fish this morning 4 were in the dark on black needlefish. 1 on the jig + teaser combo later in the morning. Biggest was barely 20". A lot slower today but I heard the bite picked up again at dark with guys getting fish on plugs with a couple of keepers plus many more rats. @BrianZ you made me a believer in the dark again man we went out extra early, right tide, and caught fish in the pitch black lol
  4. Brian first and foremost it's good to hear from you. Been a long time! Re: me I stopped posting here regularly approximately 14 years ago but still lurked and posted here and there. The charter business was/is great to me and I started that up full bore in 04 and went into this year still doing it, on my 3rd boat, but sold it at the start of the summer looking to downsize a bit (last boat was a 35' henriques maine coaster). Most of that stuff was bass and bluefish in the spring, followed by seabass then fluke, and again bass and bluefish in the fall; mixed in with mid range trips for mahi bluefins etc - it was great but I found little reason to post here lol and just posted in other spots to promote the business. And that 35#er that I wall mounted (in 2003 - thinking it was a true unicorn lmao) I've bested it about 20 times since lol with several well over that into the 40's but still haven't had a legit 50. My biggest is somewhere between 42-44 haha I moved down here full time right after Sandy and have continued my teaching career in North Jersey. Like you I have one 7 year old at home and yes I know how it is - nights sometimes work out well and I find myself fishing a lot more in the dark now. I'm lucky enough to fish at least 3-5 days a week in the fall and the spring, and I'm lucky to have a wife that lets me do that. Not having the charter business the last 6 months has enabled me to really get back into surf fishing here locally, and I had a great summer with fluke, cocktails blues, spanish macks, bonito, and now with the bass. We were able to pick bass all summer long, albeit rats, in a few spots down in IBSP but it was consistent and fun. I also did a lot of night time eeling in the usual land based spots and had some very good nights with fish to almost 20#. So these fish down here in my area at least appeared to be a daytime thing, that's why I posted that. I've tried in the dark here and there since all these schoolies arrived and have literally had no action but as soon as that sun comes up, or in the afternoon, on the onset of darkness, I haven't caught. It's definitely been weird with all the life early but not so much later on. Maybe you came across something, and maybe a night bite will develop again consistently down here. I sure hope it does!
  5. This is strictly becoming a daytime bite guys, don't waste your time in the dark as everything has been shutting down when the sun sets and it doesn't get going until dawn.
  6. This is 100% accurate man. Just gotta be in the right place. If you aren't catching, take a ride and go find the fish!!!!
  7. Fishing is ridiculous anywhere in ocean county N of LBI and in southern monmouth county, especially in low light conditions. Had fish literally all day long, lost count but had well over 20 bass with loads of jumbo hickory shad mixed in on a teaser/ava combo... Most of the fish were 16-20", but had a couple right about 24" and I was lucky enough to get one that taped out right at 28" on a redgill teaser.... For you guys not catching, you better start looking elsewhere as there are TONS of fish around!!!!
  8. There are fish around, and there was a load of fish caught yesterday with keepers caught. Not sure why some people here have "hung it up" or are talking about winter projects! Fish as long as you can and don't dream about April in November!!!!
  9. waste of time water is basically river water (MUD) and there were obviously no fish caught... IBSP had water right up to the dunes.... Some gannets working out of range but that's the only sign of life I saw in 2.5 hours up there... Yesterday was decent today NG... Gonna need a day or a few tides to cleanse things
  10. heading out shortly.... For those that remember me and those that I remember, it's good to see many of you again!
  11. shad? Fishing from hotel windows again HCW? LOL Gotta get you out man for old times sake - if KOQ and John D are still alive it'd be a freakin riot. Been trying to get gottog brian billy and the crew out but it never works out. Brian's neck, Billy's basketball, etc. LOL
  12. you're out of your mind nice job keeping the beast alive thouh
  13. 1) It's scary that this post was from 10 years ago. 2) And, it's even more scary to read this thinking about how much winter flounder fishing has declined in the last decade. Sad state of affairs!
  14. Jesus. I just saw this 6 months late I'm in shock. RIP Vin - great guy who truly had a big heart and was a good man. Spent many days fishing w/ him years ago when this site first came about on the Sea Hunter, Sea Pigeon, etc. when we had our gatherings. 2013 was not a good year for this community!! Again RIP Vin!
  15. You're speaking of NY Regs right? NJ's bag is 20 but the season is split into 3 separate parts. Most here will agree with your sentiments, gotta talk to the legislators and keep on them. Things are not going in our favor!