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  1. That south wind is gonna be honking. Ocean will be a mess and it will be dirty once it gets going. And believe me, it will be significantly cooler along the beach b/c that "S" wind is always a true SE along our beaches and the temps around here will be significantly cooler than they will be inland! Only way it warms along the beach is if it's SW and most wind forecasts have it coming straight south. Be warned!
  2. Finally slowing down...
  3. Last few outings down here in Northern and Central OCO have been much slower. Just a handful of fish caught between the handful of guys fishing. Maybe those fish from up north move down the beach? We'll see.
  4. Still catching consistently. Basically no one around. Thanks to all that packed up their stuff and threw the towel in!
  5. I've had the little rats on top rolling usually at first light the last few trips and have been able to pick a few every morning. Not over yet!
  6. Last 2 mornings have been very slow. Had a couple real small fish each morning as the sun was cracking the horizon on mag darters but that was it. Birds and boats were everywhere but not many fish with them. Central OCO.
  7. Herring or hickory shad???
  8. Caught fish Sunday in the snot and NE to 27" on metal and teasers. Wasn't that great but landed a handful of fish. Took off till Wednesday - yesterday was very good again and found an all day bite but with smaller fish, biggest was about 24". Landed about 20 dropped a bunch more and missed quite a few. Best thing to do was go to a spot, pick a few, then move on, and keep doing that. All fish in N and C OCO.
  9. Had fish on almost every cast, during 3 different sessions yesterday morning (545-615AM, 645-730, 815-915) right in central OCO. Beached about 25 bass, 3 of which were keepers + a few hickory shad and a dogfish. Had fish on bone SP's - skinny metal sandeel imitation - AVA 017 with red or green tail + teaser. Fishing was almost off the charts. Also had a couple doubles again. By noon things were dead - evening went back up and it was very slow but there was a fish here and there.
  10. Had a great morning with my buddy in the snot and rain in OCO this morning between us we had over 30 fish, multiple double headers and we each had one right at 28" -- released everything -- fishing was very good!
  11. Yesterday was the best day of the fall for me and many others in my area of OC
  12. These "loons" you speak of are cormorants. They show when the bait shows. There's nothing wrong with them being here. It's actually a good thing. Only time you don't really see them is when the adult bunker show up!
  13. If there were multiple 10-15#ers you know most of you guys would be out there. Give me a break.
  14. Been fishing my ass off all week at night locally in my backyard (N Ocean County), under the moon, and had a few bites from micros Weds & Thurs but last night finally found a few more "slot" sized fish right in the wash, late, as the tide was just flipping around on SP's and sandeel teasers. Not many bites, but it was definitely an improvement from earlier in the week. Next 2-3 weeks are prime!
  15. Z, Hammer - I stand corrected. Definitely a gizzard shad. I get those 2 species confused myself! Hickory's look completely different than most of those shad-like fish that run together... They're easy to identify.