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  1. RM just went on sale at 10am, weavers, still some available on the website
  2. My Genesis cap came off on a rock in last summer MTK, went to Paulies he epoxied a new one on
  3. Bottom one is speaking to me, ill take it
  4. depending on length and weight ill take the bottom one, venmo
  5. I got a 2011 Jeep Liberty with a 2" lift and bigger AT tires and I love it. Second the Lexus GX though guy is selling one around the block from me, so sweet.
  6. They are still around, tough to get for some reason. Given out by NYS DEC. Two years ago at a state park youth fishing clinch they were giving them out. Not sure why they don't sell them, sure could use the revenue and maybe get a couple more officers on the frontline...
  7. Hmm super interested. Only thing I’m on Long Island. Would have to drive and grab them
  8. where are you located
  9. Gave the bay a rest and my girlfriend and I fished a south shore beach today, fished hard all the way to a jetty and back, not a tap. Only one other angler, saw in the distance he had something small. One osprey and one dying bunker in the wash
  10. Tuesday after 5 works perfect. thank you.
  11. Okay keep me posted, when are you available?
  12. Are you available tomorrow morning or Tuesday morning? I am in Nassau county and would like to come and check it out and see it in person.
  13. Possibly interested, there is definitely some work that will have to be done and be factored into the cost. Are you flexible on the price?
  14. I agree with you in some aspects, however if you work a lot like most of us do, a log will help you dial in windows, obviously being out there regardless will bring some peace and enjoyment, if you fish often enough sometimes buying higher end gear will be more cost effective in the long run (not worried about getting it wet/sandy/serviced every 6 months. The "most expensive braid" is usually your average braid, the expensive lures are sometimes collectibles which is another passion on its own or people fish them. I usually fish stuff under $30 tops, some people play lotto or some cigarettes. It is what is is, its all a matter of how serious you take your fishing or what you expect to get out of it. Fishing to me is fun and can get frustrating, but what else doesn't? There are just different tier of fisherman and thats fine
  15. Gator blue reported by Grumpy's, pic to prove it
  16. Hear that, just got back from an outing and a toll, one slot between the girl and I no other taps or hits, back at it tomorrow
  17. My girlfriend just picked up a VR125 for her 9' evolution, it is an insane combo. I held the VR50, anyone who would put that on a rod over 7'6? It is so small, not my style, just my opinion. Go into a shop and handle a bunch of them. But the VR125 on anything over 9 is pretty perfect.
  18. I throw the 5" 80% of the time, has saved countless skunks on the beach. In April I will use the largest most of the time and have caught solid fish, other nights nothing and I'll switch and catch on the smaller one. Definitely good to have both
  19. then she drops it flat in the water and has to chase it and then hold it still for a while wondering why its not kicking off.
  20. Marco, builds are nasty, 2-3 week turn around depending on how busy he is. Had an evolution built last fall, great guy.
  21. its nice that everyone clears off at midnight, been out the past 3 nights 11p-3am, bed at 5am. Slow pick, most fish 26" and over, will find the bite I'm looking for
  22. Boots are definitely sized to be worn with waders. I'm a 11.5/12 in shoes and wear size 12 korkers. Fits perfect.
  23. Tsunami airwave elite 7' 1-4oz under $100
  24. Definitely fish around, ran into so much bunker the other night and put in time an ended up with a couple fish. Hoping the next 3-4 nights on the backside of this moon will turn it on.