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  1. Depends on the weight your casting and where youre fishing. A 10-11ft rod rated anywhere from 3-6oz (take into consideration the weight of sinker and weight of bait) is all you need. And again as mentioned above you cast a clam into the wash, you can catch fish, doesn't have to be far. Start cheap $100-$150 and you'll get bored and start throwing plugs and chasing fish. Bait does however out fish plugs in certain months, weeks, of seasons. Personal preference.
  2. Theres just not enough officers to enforce sh*t, I've been chased off a jetty at knife point calling out someone with a short fish, officer said he was a couple hours away, not enough funding, care, or effort. They're stretched too far thin and it's not their problem. States, funding, BS, whatever else. They all mean well and want to do the job right, 5 guys can't cover a state.
  3. I've caught a 3 inch fluke before, not impressed. Hence my avatar.
  4. Damn no but I have gotten my slammer 3 repaired twice, currently waiting on my replacement from Penn
  5. Did well with Orvis waders for about 2 years on one pair, last fall I switched to Dryft, been fishing them hard, they have been holding up perfectly so far. $250 definitely worth it
  6. Sorry for the delay, take it, offer retracted
  7. 100% there is no end game, its just, its just it, its everything
  8. Sure bud.
  9. absolutely. My main rod is a genesis 10" almost 3 years old, no problems, I broke the tip off in Montauk thus past fall and that was my fault, got a cap on it and is still my main stick. Anything ODM is the move.
  10. Check Saltwaters Edge in Rhode island, they ship and also Grumpys tackle in NJ they have a good ODM stock usually, they would ship if you call
  11. ODM DNA thats it. 9ft or 10ft price $250, cannot go wrong. Wont fish any other rod, even though Im sure they are other great rods, but thats just me.
  12. Could not agree more, I greatly appreciate your words, thank you. Also, she would most definitely take 3/4 of our gear haha!
  13. Buddy of mine manages a West Marine, they seem to have a good stock of Atoms
  14. Terrible, am so sorry. You have a community here for your family
  15. amen. Literally peace. Its an alignment. Got skunked, saw a shooting star, isn't all about fishing.