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  1. I'll do 40 shipped pp, respectively
  2. As an avid birder and former employee of the National Audubon Society I believe we should be taking precautions to protect these birds and other shorebirds within reason however. Educating the public and closing off actual breeding areas such as dunes and certain sections not just entire spans of the beach should be enough. No need for around the clock paid babysitters and such. However, the world has entirely gone to **** and will continue to. Tax dollars, red light cameras and all other absurd revenue and what not just go to peoples pockets and other self interest ventures. Sad but true, no sense getting upset about it or trying to change anything. I'll stick to fishing.
  3. watch Fishaholic and EliasV on youtube they do a decent amount of trolling on the yak and its simply 6'6-7' rods with 3000/4000 class reels, pitching a lure back and working it around structure or bait or rips or whatever, but yea just make sure the rod is secure.
  4. If I'm having trouble keeping bottom, not catching or just feel I'm drifting too fast over 2kt I'll deploy
  5. What he said
  6. Love these videos.
  7. Tying another line to the swivel doesn't get twisted up?
  8. Definitely. Like everyone has stated buy from a reputable seller. I got an Avet MXL G2 factory blemish (2 colors) and an additional 15% off from eBay. Steal. Also have gotten Penn senator for the boat at a great price.
  9. Awesome. I’ll send you a pm.
  10. They are the Sr. size 5", 1 1/4oz. New in box never thrown. Primarily interested in any SS bullet or will consider SS darters or needle fish in colors I don't already have.
  11. I have a spare loaded 7" smokey joe
  12. I wouldn't have moved, told him his request is unreasonable and then ignored him.
  13. either one will work. I've been using my ODM Genesis 10' 1-4oz out in MTK love it so far.
  14. Snappers are in at least at Freeport docks, which means they're everywhere
  15. I have 2 new in package Stillwater Smack-its (one white & one chartreuse). Looking for an SS bullet or darter/needle fish.