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  1. We were there about 10 years ago for our son's wedding. There was a nice school of snook residing in the trough about 75 feet from the shore.
  2. I wonder what happened about 20 years ago that caused so many of us to stop partaking of the Hendrickson hatch? I too was planning a return (to the Au Sable) this Maya after a looong break.
  3. Last week I caught 1 ladyfish and 1lizardfish at Bird Key Park just across the Ringling Bridge--woohoo!
  4. This guy was maybe 6"--that's a #4 clouser it ate
  5. About terminology: a SURGEON'S KNOT uses two overhand turns, so a DOUBLE SURGEON'S knot should use FOUR overhand turns, and a TRIPLE SURGEON'S should use SIX overhand turns. A surgeon's knot tied with three turns should be called a THREE-TURN SURGEON'S KNOT, which has no ambiguity. When I hear someone say triple surgeons, I usually can assume they mean three-turn because no one is going to use six turns. However, when I hear someone say double surgeon's, since some people do use four turns, I have to clarify whether they really mean that or are they talking about a regular surgeon's knot, which happens to use two turns. A two-turn surgeon's knot is redundant; it's just a surgeon's knot.
  6. Hard to imagine, huh? and this all happened BEFORE Parkinson's robbed me of my dopamine. THey're just such nice reels.
  7. I stubbornly use pretty much only Litespeeds. Great if you don't get them wet, especially while fighting a fish or otherwise rotating the spool under tension. O-ring apparently pulls away from metal it's supposed to be sealing against and lets water in, which then oh so slowly evaporates and diffuses out, leaving salt behind. A casual rinsing off after use is of no help. This is only a problem on the very first day of your first trip of the season--after the reel has had a long time to "work." Another issue if you reel right handed (the way God intended right-handers to) is the reel somehow unscrews itself and comes off in your hand, the boat, or the drink, but in my experience (three times) this only happens during the heat of battle with the biggest fish you've ever hooked, so, again, usually it's of no concern. The second photo is an early non-stainless bearing after having the worst of corrosion wiped off. In my experience, neither bearing can be rescued. Once a little salt gets in the new ones, they are as toast as the ones that look like they're toast!
  8. Well, that's not exactly the ringing endorsement I was hoping for. I really like clear intermediates but haven't been able to find a CLEAR clear intermediate since Cortland's SL 444 line. Rio's clear tip are milky white.
  9. I wonder what you guys think of the airflo clear delta line. Has an even longer head - 46 ft.
  10. Thanks for the kind offer, but the deal is, I need nothing but my wife needs something she can buy for me, if you know what I mean. So, some commercial product that can be ordered ... I'v e decided on the fiskar variation on the Linekurv. Thanks all for the input!
  11. I have a Christmas present opportunity. The price is about right and with my new bionics maybe I will be more compliant. Which one do I want? (Wading for stripers. I've got a Hipshooter for boat use, and have sworn off - and at - collapsibles.)
  12. Boy, I thought I was prone to get off on tangents.
  13. Well said, Mike. I don't feel superior to gear fishers or that fly fishing is reliably better than gear--sometimes it is; sometimes it's not, although fly fishing IS generally more difficult/challenging. If my life depended on catching fish, I would dust off my old Heddon Sonics (actually, Herter's knockoffs thereof) and hang an utralight spinning reel on my Berkeley Parametric fly rod. But, it doesn't. I don't even like to eat fish. I don't begin to understand it. I got to a point where it was like a switch flipped in my brain, and I was just not interested in gear fishing any more. I still love the gear. I like playing with the gear, getting out my old tackle box and inspecting all my swell plugs and spinners, etc. For me, it's kind of like sex. Once you've tried it, you just sort of lose interest in the old way, even if it is a bit more reliable
  14. Don't even own a spinning rod. Never have. Went directly from cane poles, to casting rods, to fly rod, to fly rod with spinning reel, back to fly rod for good after a friend bought a place on the Au Sable and I discovered what it really was all about. I'd rather not catch fly fishing than catch fish not fly fishing.
  15. Yes, I don't doubt that every once in a while a mullet will take a #4 clouser, but in my experience, I would never think of suggesting mullet fishing that way. I think it's happened to me three times with pink/white clousers, probably because that's all I use, Local66, Do you have a sense that mullet are particularly attracted to BLACK clousers?