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  1. Honestly they don't even have to see anything due to their lateral line. Even if they can't see the bait, they know it's there.
  2. Well honestly, striped bass.
  3. Beautiful plugs, thank you Tim S and SOL.
  4. If the water is fridgid, small midges or nymphs are your best bet. The #22 al's rat midge is perfect for these temps
  5. All I've ever worn is thick neoprene duck waders. Hot, yes, but they're usually tougher than fishing waders, good for jetty and rock fishing.
  6. Headed to the salmon river for the weekend, can't wait to wet a float.
  7. Knee Deep by the Zach Brown Band. It embodies the fishing mentality to me.
  8. Top is a searun, bottom is an Erie, you can see the difference.
  9. Rainbow and steelhead are technically the same fish, but steelhead are a strain of particularly large sea run rainbows that are native to the Pacific Northwest. These fish can reach sizes upwards of 50 lbs in saltwater, but any fish 20 lbs or over is considered world class. They were transplanted to the Great Lakes years ago, and are in my opinion, the most challenging and beautiful fish to catch.
  10. Yeah the eyelids freezing isn't much fun. Mine did in December, -13 degrees, what we do for fish.
  11. Can't say that I fly fish up there too often, I'm more of a float fisherman.
  12. Which lake will you be near?
  13. Steelhead are my true passion in fishing. One of the most difficult to entice.
  14. Does anyone else share love for my favorite fish? I'm looking forward to getting into saltwater, but I can't help but go back to preparing for these chromers that I obsess over.
  15. I got a penn pursuit 2. I was told after I got it that it was crap, but I'm just gonna have to roll with it now. I also already had a 9' rod that I bought cheap down in destin florida, gonna see how it all works out in the surf. I used the rod in the summer for fluke, it handled them way to easy, so I'll see how it handles these fish and go from there.