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  1. Looking for flatlander 2 tube w/ duo locks and possibly any attachments if you have some.
  2. Looks up David Riina fine art. Picked it up at surf day last year. Great stuff he sells originals and giclee prints
  3. Welcome!!!
  4. Simms Freestone. Great waders for under 300 bucks
  5. Ziebart in north jersey did a great job on my 4Runner (not too too far from the GWB)
  6. I wasn’t allowed to display this beautiful print in any common space at home. Up to my finished attic “man cave”
  7. Toyota all the way. I have a 18 4Runner and a 15 corolla as a commuter car. Never had any problems with the brand and I’ve owned everything else including a grand Cherokee (nightmare)
  8. Titans Pack 49ers KC. 4 game parlay with the spread
  9. Hope he learned something from Belichick
  10. nice, I’m in forked river. All I get is a variety of small bait fish late spring into summer Wish I could catch some schoolies in the backyard.
  11. They should consider a bigger space. Gets a little toightttt the first couple hours after opening
  12. RH makes a killer 8ft rod in 1-3oz and a .25-1.5oz. Lots of back bone and light
  13. 500 bucks for some plugs, enter some raffles and some other random stuff.
  14. inline 6 Jeeps or 4runners and Tacomas in your price range, I would sacrifice mpg for reliability, they aren't too far off from what you're looking for
  15. I go out with a 7ft 10-20lb rod with a 3000 series reel. some 15 lb braid 1/2 to 1oz jigheads with 4-5 inch soft plastics depending where I'm at, sometimes a 9ft odm genesis with a vs150 jigheads soft plastics jigheads soft plastics its early in the season keep it simple