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  1. inline 6 Jeeps or 4runners and Tacomas in your price range, I would sacrifice mpg for reliability, they aren't too far off from what you're looking for
  2. I go out with a 7ft 10-20lb rod with a 3000 series reel. some 15 lb braid 1/2 to 1oz jigheads with 4-5 inch soft plastics depending where I'm at, sometimes a 9ft odm genesis with a vs150 jigheads soft plastics jigheads soft plastics its early in the season keep it simple
  3. Thank you gentlemen. I’m narrowing it down to Yakima or Thule. Trying to see what’ll fit the truck best. Hal mentioned having to drill small holes with one route which I kinda wanna avoid. Your roof looks great JPO.
  4. I ordered a 2 rod RacARod roof rack for my 4Runner. Spoke with Hal he told me there's a few different ways to mount it. I haven't bought crossbars yet so before buying anything does anyone have any experience for the sturdiest install?