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  1. pretty simple: take the space you need > take all the space you can get if only people could keep it in mind
  2. I think it looks pretty nice but I prefer the old version. Bought myself a Riptide last year as a gift and think it's great. Wanted one since I saw Flip on TV with them growing up. Yes, not the fanciest or the most high tech but I like it for that reason. I'm yet to put a big fish on it and get that drag singing.
  3. FIFY - this is the fly fishing forum
  4. No problem, couldn’t figure out which head shape that was. Pointing me to the web gave me the answer. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for sharing, it sounds good and I’ll give it a try. I’ll share my blackening spice recipe is below, I don’t measure strictly when cooking so may need some tweaks to get it where you like it: 2-3 parts paprika 1 part each: onion powder garlic powder oregano dried thyme (crush it to powder with your fingertips) black pepper 1/2 part cayenne pepper (or to your taste) salt to your taste I mix this up right when I’m going to use it since I find it tends to taste flat after a few days in a jar.
  6. Thanks - I usually mix up my own with thyme oregano paprika garlic cayenne salt and pepper. Was curious if someone had a good home brew recipe. Thanks for sharing, prudhommes stuff is great but was looking for a DIY recipe. Prudomes pork and veal magic is a favorite of mine.
  7. Thanks, I’ve bought from Dan before. Paddle tail swim baits was what I was looking for.
  8. I know they are two completely different things but my dinner can go either way tonight. I’ve got some shrimp and chicken thighs and a well seasoned cast iron pan. Just looking for a new spice mixture to try. Anyone out there have a good recipe they care to share?
  9. Can't seem to find those in the BST, what are they called please?
  10. Who cares what you call it, sounds good. Like a saucy deconstructed meatloaf sandwich. Have to admit I almost stopped reading the original post at the word "bucket." For me bucket is only appealing when talking about cold beer or peel and eat shrimp - never anything hot.
  11. No payments means more dough for gear! Smart guy! Who wants to get fish gunk and gulp juice all over the Lexus?
  12. Well to disagree agreeably is a lost thing in our culture and I think it’s sad. Let’s talk fishing!
  13. This ^^^ Add in just a little more listening to understand rather than waiting for a chance to talk and we’ll be off to a good start. Well said.
  14. Careful now....isn’t “head” a bad word too? In case you’re not sure, I’m just busting chops...
  15. Spring can’t get here fast enough. Let’s all get some fresh air. We can ALL agree on that, can’t we?