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  1. Nice flies. I’m in. Thanks for the chance.
  2. Hi all - with the deep freeze upon us I thought you all might need a little thought of warmer weather. I came across this video from C1 Films and wanted to share. Sorry, I don’t know how to post the video in. https://c1films.com/waterwolf/ Happy Holidays! PS: apologies if this violates site rules, I have no commercial involvement with the video company.
  3. Never used one but am also going to give it a try. Seems like it would be useful fishing the inlet in swift current and not require the use of an OPST tip like I’ve been using.
  4. Thank you TGS and Mike. Happy Holidays.
  5. I don’t work for Orvis but think their customer service is good. They will do a price adjustment if you bought within 14 days of the item going on sale. Worth checking if you are in the window. You get a gift card but hey it’s something.
  6. Lots of good advice there Mike. Thank you.
  7. Searched around but didn’t see much info. I’m making it a point to give the TH thing a try this coming year, got a casting lesson lined up but had some general questions about TH rod use I wanted to bounce off this group: Hoping someone can help me understand a few things: 1. With the added rod length it would seem very difficult to bring a larger fish, in current, to you without putting heavy strain on the rod tip. How do you get a big fish in surf to you without breaking the rod? Any different approach if you’re wading and don’t have a beach to back up onto? 2. What tips or details about the fishing aspect of TH fly fishing do you wish you knew when you started? Any tips and tricks worth sharing? Thanks in advance, trying to visualize how this all works once the casting is done.
  8. This sounds good. Next project for me. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Thank you sir(s). I think the gold appeals as a classic color, however the silver to me looks nice and modern. I like that matte finish just hard to see in online pictures. Appreciate the insight on selling price. Though I’m not sure I’m getting one but I have been looking at them quite a bit since the weather turned colder. Going to be a long and probably expensive winter.
  10. Anyone know what the actual difference is between the satin and frost finishes on Tibor’s standard reels? Looked around and can’t find much info but assume it must be somewhat different to justify a price diff of $100 dollars when new. Anyone have any experience with black vs gold and how they show wear? Is there a preference amongst you purists out there?
  11. Orvis may be able to get you the saltwater traveler. Worth a call I would say.
  12. Adding a bike tune up to my spring pre-season prep. You guys are right on the money with this thinking.
  13. NVM, found it.
  14. Thanks BG. Would you be able to share the link for that page?
  15. So, the NYSDEC freshwater regs clearly state that an angler may not fish for a given species - even C&R - while the season is closed. The marine regs have closed seasons but don’t make the same “no fishing, not even C&R” statement. Seems odd to have 2 standards. Anyone know of this is right or why this is the way it is? What do all you striper maniacs do on Dec 16th?