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  1. Very easy to fix. Should you choose to not rewire the plug just wrap rod winding / jig tying thread and super glue the thread. This will put tension on the wire so make sure it doesn't alter the vertical orientation of the metal lip if there is space between the metal lip and plug body which will change swimming action.
  2. They look very similar to the "Stingsilver" from Scandinavia that has been around forever. I used those as a kid for snappers, mackerel and schoolies
  3. Condolences at this very difficult time.
  4. Since you paid with PP G&S I would open a dispute and let them handle the situation.
  5. Used medical Gauztex for many years
  6. Exactly, there was a real mish-mash of plug styles and hardware combinations
  7. Not positive but believe the "C" denotes bearings
  8. Doubt you were the first to make a cast or catch a fish anywhere you have done so.
  9. I have used a dual action Split-Fire as well as several single action splitters. The Split-Fire is faster no doubt but in my opinion the difference in speed is almost negated if working alone as you, the operator, become the weak link in the chain.
  10. Applying tension on line, either steadily or intermittently, as plug drifts out in a current
  11. Generally it has been my observation that jointed plugs, the ones I have used, do not swim even close to the same depth as their non-jointed counterparts.
  12. The larger radius of the shank will bend way before the tiny radius of the eye.
  13. You are 100% incorrect. I absolutely did and returned with what was left in my cooler still cold on top of that. My starting ice was homemade blocks and chips and my replacement ice mid-trip was commercial fisherman's shaved ice from a fish plant. I stated I pre-chilled the cooler and food. Buy a Pelican cooler and see for yourself.
  14. Red and yellow were the two popular colors I used to hear about when i was younger. I have no experience with it myself but do remember those colors being popular with others
  15. I can only speak of my own experience. I own the Pelican 65 for 3 years now. I only use it on extended trips of more than 4 days otherwise the lighter Igloo is fine. I have used the Pelican on 2 separate month long trips and various shorter trips with the temperature at 100 degrees plus for most of one month long trip and half of the other long trip. I only needed to "ice up" once during each month long trip. I do pre-chill the cooler and food and cover cooler with one of those foil car windshield reflectors designed to keep your car cool in hot temps. no complaints whatsoever and would buy another in a second. Heavy when empty and smaller inside than you would think judging on overall size due to the insulation. I wouldn't want to move any size over the 65 when loaded without help but the 65 is fine. Heavy duty locking tab so cooler can be secured when out of sight.