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  1. I am posting this because the results were surprising and unexpected. First off I'm in Nova Scotia, Canada. I had been pricing vehicles since last year and priced the identical vehicle at five dealers in the US and Canada. The US dealers were extremely close geographically to the plant in which the vehicle was being manufactured so I was expecting a lower price than shopping local to me. The two highest prices were the two dealers closest to the manufacturing facility. The cheapest price was from a dealer within walking distance to my house in Canada. I managed 6.5% off sticker plus ceramic coating and rustproofing at no charge. Taking possession tomorrow and dealer played NO games at final payment.
  2. I never made a cast with blurple. Solid black never left my bag with all in triplicate
  3. Everything that works at night works in daylight
  4. I had Do-It and Palmer molds in this style. The Do-It is especially easy to modify for oversize hook and relocation placement
  5. All black was certainly among the top three most productive colors for me. Possibly the most productive color for me ever.
  6. I've seen literally hundreds of plugs lost because of belt bags. Whatever works best for you is the best solution
  7. Not in my opinion. Whatever body of fish you're targeting is likely just responding to the main body of available bait in your area. You state "I knew the fish were there" - "were" is past tense although the fish may still be there but responding to a different bait that may require a different lure, tactic, tide or implementation.
  8. Seems the seasons have shifted to an earlier arrival of larger fish along with an earlier departure of larger fish based on a few spots I'm familiar with
  9. Start with a straight blank. I went thru all available and only picked straight blanks or I did without
  10. I wear a Kokatat rescue pfd for the following reason. My biggest fear when paddling with another paddler was should one paddler get separated from their kayak what would be the best course of action for the second paddler? Paddle to the stranded paddler as their kayak is taken away by the wind or tide, now there are two kayakers and one kayak?. Paddle to the runaway kayak for retrieval which means taking your eyes off the floating drifting paddler? Neither situation seemed good to me and also relates to you if alone...swim to a drifting kayak in the hopes you can catch up to it before depleting your energy or just drift in your pfd hoping for a rescue? The rescue pfd features a waist belt sewn into one side, a detachable solid ring directly in back and belt loops on the other side and a quick-release front buckle as well as extra flotation as it's typically used to rescue a second person. I clip one end of a 30' throw bag onto the rear ring of the pfd and the other end of the throw bag onto the rear loop of my kayak. In the event of being separated from my kayak the boat will only drift a maximum of 30' from me (length of the throw bag line) and can easily be pulled back towards you by pulling on the throw bag line. Should there be any kind of additional emergency and you now need to be separated from your boat a simple pull on the quick-release waist buckle will allow the pfd belt to slip thru the belt loops and allow the attachment ring to slide off. You are no longer tethered to the boat. Tested and practiced in non-emergency situations and worked as described.
  11. Yes as Roy stated. The purple in his pic is part of that same order
  12. I ordered that color as part of a custom order.
  13. I used a 12' Space Tube which held 6-8 rods/reels locked, out of sight and weather
  14. How would you explain some of the best fisherman being chain smokers, killing eels in tobacco and spraying their lures and bait with WD-40?
  15. Bread or open tin of Sardines