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  1. In my opinion strictly speaking of using a flag in lieu of a hook on a plug that was designed to carry a rear hook the most obvious disadvantage is not being able to catch a fish on the rear hook as there is none. Should the real intention of a flag is to remove a hook I would remove the rear belly hook instead of removing one of the two primary attack points of the lure. I have caught too many fish on only the rear hook to ever remove it -------------without the weight of the rear hook the plug won't cast as far as the weight of the hook helps keep the plug on a straighter trajectory without tumbling - during a cast the additional drag of the hook is more than offset by the additional weight being carried at the very end of the plug------------ the action will be faster with more tail movement with a flag, if this is the desired result there are other ways to achieve it. I honestly believe the flag phenomenon is an internet fueled "in" thing like so much that I see. Rear flags in old days were used in conjunction with a hook not in instead of one.
  2. In my opinion I feel the disadvantages far outweigh any perceived improvement.
  3. I am not positive but think they did make a clear/transparent blue head Big O
  4. There is an overlapping vague "grey area" between "folk art" and "fishing lures" that previously did not exist in my opinion. "Art" costs more than "tools" hence the pricing. Many do not seem to realize that the plug is only part of the equation and equate price with effectiveness, that is where the problem begins
  5. The tail hook is a Mustad #9175 which is the same model used by Danny after his switch from treble to single rear bucktailed hooks. Maybe this plug was made when Donny and Danny were partners? The blue bottle shown above is how I recall they have always looked since 77 when I first saw one. The Danny rear hook switch was a few years after that but the plug looks earlier than 77 for sure.
  6. That is stock
  7. Whopper Stopper, the original Hellcat manufacturer, was acquired by Pradco. Rebel and Cordell were as well as were other brands. I assume after the acquisition they were dropped as now the competition was all under one "brand" (Pradco). The original 7" Hellcats had 6 or 7 internal compartments while the newer ones only had a single internal compartment. Plugs were the same in name only and required different approaches as far as loading is concerned.
  8. Recently on the internet I have seen Slopeheads referred to as Trollers, Pikies referred to as Trollers, Surfsters referred to as Trollers, There is a huge difference between the "original" versions of the Troller and the "any plug with a cut head" version of the Troller.
  9. VS 300 replaced Crack 300
  10. As great a reel as it was, the roller ended it for me at first spin
  11. What I believe is that the fish swirls near the plug, you can "feel" the plug go "dead" for a millisecond as the turbulence of the underwater swirl interrupts the ongoing rhythm of the plug. Likely in my opinion, your example of the dorsal caught caught fish is a perfect example, in support of this theory.
  12. exactly, I've always referred to this as a "pre-hit" when turbulence is felt, without an actual strike, with sub-surface lures. I made up the term as I have never seen it mentioned or written about. Many times you can feel the fish when in proximity of your lure without any actual contact. I believe the more fish interested the more likely a "pre-hit will be followed by an actual strike. More fish mean more competition and a better chance at one fish committing before another fish commits first. Not any different than a blitz philosophy but in a much smaller scale. Single fish, when not in competition with others for the same meal, can take their time before fully committing to a strike.
  13. You can't load them traditionally, they are solid, not hollow
  14. That may be a S-40 . Mine had 2 lead balls, 1 forward of the belly hanger and 1 behind. That looks a lot newer than mine. Just put it in water and see if it sinks or floats
  15. The reason that the mineral oil WILL leak is that it seeps thru the vertical seam of the Redfin. I have never held a mineral oil loaded plug that didn't feel "greasy". The toothpick will also draw the oil out as it acts like a wick due to the capillary action of the wood fibers. I know people "say" they don't leak but if they lay their Redfin upside down on a clean paper towel on a hot day they will be surprised. I threw out every plug that ever touched any oil of any type.