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  1. My opinion is everything works but one way always will be "better" than the other. I believe that a "random" decision is a decision that has not been made based on observation, likewise a decision without reason is exactly that. I had two equally important "reasons", real or imagined, as to why I preferred single point up 100% of the time. The first has to do with getting a hit in the first place while the second has to do with landing the fish afterwards. So in my opinion the decision was important, to me, at all times and I would never deviate from what I believed to be the better choice. Over the years, from what I noticed, the vast majority of fisherman and builders orient their rear trebles single point down.
  2. What does not make sense to you makes cents for them
  3. I just remember I tried one and wasn't a fan of the vertical line tie or deeper running action (compared to a 1 3/4 oz Junior)
  4. I don't think they're Danny's although anything is possible. I saw dozens of his first? ones that varied in most every way imaginable except for the weighting system and the fact that all the larger ones had 3 hooks
  5. You can usually tighten the wire wire without rewiring
  6. I can tell that there are a couple of construction similarities to my first couple of bags such as stainless rings (went to plastic after first couple of bags) and the yellow webbing. I suspect YJ (Yellow Jacket) made the bag but that is an educated guess.
  7. 100% how I recall it too
  8. Yes, I remember the red arbor too. Been a long time but I think they had a slit and were removeable. I know I removed mine.
  9. I know I had that plug at one time. I don't remember the brand or model, several companies made a similar bait but I'd guess Cordell
  10. Why not chose the method that you think affords the best opportunity of landing the biggest fish you may ever have on?
  11. My opinion is the weight of the head will have nothing to do with the orientation of the hook upon retrieval since the hook is attached to a swivel. Dead eels float belly up so if there is enough "keel" in the hook shank to offset the buoyancy of the eel's belly the eel may ride upright. I would just drop a hooked dead eel in your toilet tank and observe the natural orientation. This is why traditionally rigged eels have the hooks at the bottom.
  12. "Backswimming", most everyone's done it but nobody has done it 300 yards out
  13. Yes, S40 is the sinking version
  14. Yes I fished them quite a bit. The original Golden Eye Mavericks were hollow and screw-eyed construction, the later Gaines were solid. They were sold under a couple of different brands as well as blanks. I think Heddon sold a version of the original as well in two sizes, Tiger and Big Tiger if I remember correctly.