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  1. Bait tail Fishing by Al Reinfelder and Thru the Fishes Eye by Mark Sosin are two of the best "technical" application books I ever read.
  2. Redfins have outfished many plugs for many guys for many years
  3. Not cheap but if you are looking for total protection and enclosure look up SpaceTube by SpaceKap. Had one since 02 on my SpaceKap and comes in multiple lengths, still looks new. Certainly not for everyone but doubt many know it exists.
  4. Actually I assumed the line up was in the surf and answered accordingly.
  5. I have found that most guys entering a line up tend to gravitate towards the center of the line up and attempt to "squeeze in", I assume their reasoning is "they can't be far off" from the action if they're in the center. My reasoning was usually the exact opposite, I found either end of a line up allows far more flexibility in presentation and retrieve and therefore a tremendous advantage in most circumstances and is a much more welcomed (by others) approach too.
  6. Both, have used rubbercore sinkers, split shot, BB's, pebbles
  7. I used to put the weight inside the eel, much better distance and no tangles
  8. I was guessing that if a frost heave can lift heavy rocks or an asphalt road it could lift the concrete supporting your fence post. Of course I don't know what happened to your fence but I do know the frost heave has created the issues I mentioned and saw. They even reduce allowable weight on secondary roads up here every spring because of the frost heave. I would contact a local fencing company and ask if this is a possibility in your area given the symptoms you've experienced. Good luck with it..
  9. Frost heave occasionally brings rocks that weigh hundreds of pounds to the surface in spring on my dirt road. I've seen it lift sections of roadway too
  10. Same idea but I tied off a couple of "tag ends" from my swivel protruding sideways in opposite directions to pre-catch the weed
  11. Top white I think is Lupo, Rainbow I can't really see in detail and the 40 style yellow I made in 76.
  12. People have been "timing" their reels since forever using a variety of techniques depending on reel brand and type for exactly that reason. I have no knowledge of that specific model or what would be necessary to do so on that model.
  13. They float
  14. Danny gave me the exact plug (that was hanging) only mine had swivels