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  1. I would defiantly have a nice big stainless steel backing plate made up or else you'll most likely have the rod holder ripped out of your boat if you get a good fish hooked up
  2. I would say to set your drag for around 10# for first hook up and adjust from there well you are fighting the fish.
  3. It all depends when they get around to opening the gate it is usually opened around sun rise.
  4. I agree with everyone that has suggested the st croix mojo inshore it has become one of my go to rods and I keep it in the car basically all the time. However if you want a rod that breaks down pretty small st croix makes a tide master travel rod that is a pretty awesome rod as well, it is a 3 piece.
  5. Where are you located? Can you show a better picture of the tip of the rod?
  6. Hoping for some help here, I would like to go out of the Portsmouth NH area to catch some Haddock. I know people don't like to share secret sports but would appreciate being pointed in the right direction! Thanks in advanced!
  7. I have a St Croix tidemaster travel rod (TIS76HFS). I have gone on a number of trips with it and I love the rod definently can handle some good size fish. I will also use it fishing for striped bass. I have caught a 50lb striper on it.
  8. I usually jig with it. Use a buck tail and tip it with an artificial plastic or a chunk of bait.
  9. This setup might be a little out of your price range but it is my favorite rod when fishing for fluke on the kayak. I use a 7’ MH tidemaster. If you partner that with a stradic it would be a nice setup. One of my favorite things about the rod is how light it is you can use it all day without getting tired.
  10. I have a similar setup but with a tidemaster and have a smaller Stradic on it. The reel works great and is nice and smooth. These reels can handle a lot.
  11. Black is a good color to use when it is dark out. I tend to throw a lot of black lures around dawn, dust, and st night.
  12. During the hering run I like to use a little jig head 1/2oz to 1oz with a swimming tail either bone white color or clear with silver sparkles. I have found these to be pretty affective.
  13. Completely normal for penn reels. You just need to make sure to spin the bail past this area before you flip it open to lock it open. It is sort of annoying at first but you will get used to it the more you use the reel.
  14. I like to do my own maintenance on all my reels. But for any big issues, broken parts, etc. I like to use Surfland on Plum Island. They are great when in comes to reel repairs and maintenance.
  15. I prefer eyes on my jig heads. I feel like I have had more productive days when using jig heads with eyes then ones without. I also feel like if there’s a school feeding / blitzing they will basically take anything.