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  1. Ya 15 foot swells, just like my 15 inch hammer.
  2. Let me throw a couple buckets of water or whatever is in my bucket on you. I bet you would be on the phone with 911 in seconds.
  3. How does one know it’s not acid or some type of biological agent?
  4. It just came out in print.
  5. Treat the fishery like we have with Bluefin. Set a slot size for keepers at say 28”-32” and setup a database in which each angler pays for a striped bass license and can only harvest one trophy fish per year over 40”. Charter and party boat patrons will not be required to purchase a striped bass license but have to adhere to the 28”-32” slot size and unless a customer has purchased a striped bass license he/she cannot retain a trophy fish. There’s no reason that six pack charter boats should do three trips a day where they retain eight 30-50 pound stripers, all of which are female and our big breeders. These are the genetics we want passed on and should not be slaughtered during their migratory paths. We all know these size fish don’t eat as well and no party of six can possibly consume all that fish. Unfortunately I’m sure a lot of it gets thrown away. Stocking sounds like a great idea but all the studies have shown it doesn’t work. Ban all commercial striped bass fishing other than rod and hook. It absolutely sickens me to see acres of breeders floating dead between Montauk and Block.
  6. It was this specific incident that put it to an end in North Carolina:
  7. MakoMike I can assure you that as seine boats begin to haul their load and vacuum up the menhaden they’re targeting, few if any predatory bycatch are released alive. That’s why so many states have recently banned purse seining in state waters. The issue is once the menhaden get outside of three nautical miles into Federal waters Omega doesn’t have to follow the state regulations.
  8. Personally I think the bluefish stocks have collapsed due to the commercial harvesting of menhaden. It’s impossible for them to set their nets and not catch bluefish as bycatch. We all know bluefish are always within a short distance of menhaden schools. We also know how oily bluefish are. What makes you think Omega isn’t just crushing them down along with the menhaden? There’s no way they could safely release them.
  9. Nice job Scoob, total let down Tsunami. You were on the verge of greatness with this reel concept.
  10. Does anyone have any first hand experience or disassembled one yet?
  11. Throw a set of carbon drag washers in:
  12. He can flex that thing as hard as he wants, it won’t help him. That thing is going to look like a blow hole in no time.
  13. Code is : POPUPSAVINGS