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  1. He can flex that thing as hard as he wants, it won’t help him. That thing is going to look like a blow hole in no time.
  2. Code is : POPUPSAVINGS
  3. It’s definitely in rhythm with the reel handle, but it generates the same movement on any rod I mount it on.
  4. It doesn’t matter what spinning rod I try, there’s a very rhythmic bounce up and down. The bounce has to be caused by the oscillation gear, I can’t think of anything else.
  5. Look at the above information. Watch the video at 29 minutes and it will all make sense.
  6. Is Trump aware of this? I guarantee he’s been there and will have this immediately revoked.
  7. That totally makes sense. Thank You Has anyone tried adding an o ring to the oscillation gear like other manufacturers have or are the tolerances too tight for one?
  8. Jon when you put the lure on did it also cause an obvious bounce in your rod while retrieving?
  9. Joey did you notice a rhythmic bounce in your rod?
  10. Will it come back? I mean it put a bounce in my rod?!
  11. Is there a solution to this? Two of my brand new reels are doing the same thing.
  12. HKJonathon, I’m in disbelief, you’re correct. Just printed a return label for both of them. Now my question is, does Penn know these reels were part of a defective batch, hence the great deal from Amazon? Very disappointed
  13. Seriously?!?! I will go check before I can’t return them. WTF
  14. I took advantage of the deal as well and ordered two 4500’s. One was butter smooth and the other had an obvious clunk. I returned it and received a replacement, which is smooth and knock free.