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  1. I have a Tundra and several years ago made a rod carrier for the bed. I took 2 boards (cedar) and mounted 5 PVC pieces that hangs behind drivers side in the bed. The 2 boards are 1"thick x 18"long x 6"wide. The PVC rod holders mounted on one board are about 12" long---spaced equal distance apart. Took 2 brass hinges and attaches the boards together. Mounted 2 hanging brackets to hang the boards on the bed behind drivers side rear window, a small chain running thru the boards so as to allow for adjustment for the board holding the rod holders to set at an angle for the rods to ride about the height of the cab. When I unload, I just lift up the rod holder and lock up in truck. Very light weight and can carry 5 rods for surf fishing for wife and I. Simple to make, just few dollars in supplies. The rod holders have the rubber caps that you see on the Fish Mate carts they use on the beach. Rods ride at just the right height to not catch all the wind.
  2. That fish weighs 5.011...give or take couple ozs.
  3. Another game where refs missed a call that took a sure win from a team. How does anyone miss a double dribble like the Virginia guy made...right there for the whole world to see. Seems to me that something needs to be done like the coaches in the NFL throwing a flag when something happens that is so obvious. Shame for Auburn to lose in such a way and nothing can be done to correct the mistake that was made, and if a rule was in place to review such a play it could be corrected.
  4. Scales do not look like a LMB....species of Black Bass (Red Eye Bass) as Old Hunter stated.
  5. You might take a proper size nut and carefully start it and re-cut the first threads that may be stripped...then see if your knob will thread. At this stage, you have nothing to lose and would try, rather than sending reel back and all that hassle.
  6. MattinSELA, there is a guy Bob's Reel Service...3945 Rollingwood Dr. North west...Cedar Rapids IA 52405...319 362 7692...that has all the older Quick parts. Give him a call...he will ask you for the model and the part # right up front. The part # for a 1401 is 910-3344, and I think the # is the same for your 1400. Also, many of the bail springs of that design will work if the ends of the spring will line up with the hole they go in....check some of the reel repair guys and they probably can match it up. Great reel, I have the 1001, 1202, and the 1400....German made and of Mercedes quality....would put them up against any thing produced today with the pot metal parts costing hundreds of dollars. They on Ebay for few dollars and can be bought for a song.
  7. Just go on Ebay and google DAM Quick reels, and you can find them in your price range. Not made like the older ones anymore. You need to check out Allen Hawks review on the 5001 DAM Quick and see what he had to say about the quality. That reel made in a 1001 up to the larger 5001, all the same great quality....brass worm gear system. For a 6' rod I would recommend the 1001, and there is one on Ebay now for sale. I have several of these reels and would put them up against any spinner today. Got the 1001, 1202, and a 1400...all same quality worm gear drive. My favorite ultra light is the 1001.
  8. ccb, got the anti reverse pin, a new lever, and the clip...so good to go. Thanks.
  9. R.R. does the bail trip by turning the handle nor can it be tripped by using off hand? If only by turning the handle, you can make it to trip manually by doing this: Take out the screw that holds the bail spring and place a small washer right behind that screw and place it back....this will raise the device that holds the line roller enough to cause the spring to not function at all, just tighten the screw enough that you can manually operate the bail upon casting and close it manually for retrive. I have done this on several of my older spinners...just eliminate that spring and never have to worry about broken bail spring again. Think there is a post on the Main Forum under tricks and tweaks on how to do this.
  10. I fish the Chesapeake for fluke out of 18 foot Parker and my setup for dropping 2 oz is a 7' Finwick Med. paired with a 2500 size. Now if using over 2 oz need to up it to at least a Med. heavy in deep water. Just make the tip is sensitive to feel that bite and a Fenwick HMG is my go to rod for that.
  11. KnewBee, your post on Feb 8 the crappie you caught...what color, size, of the micro spinner bait if you don't mind me asking? Thanks.

    1. KnewBee


      Any color seems to work.  I like the white skirt, but the blue/white  or white/chartreuse mix works well.   Think it is more about the vibrating spinning spoon.   Beetle Spins are just as good and I usually troll one about two feet under a bobber and they slam em right about dark.    With the beetle spins, I will use a white or black trailer (little plastic that comes with em).  Some days they will only hit white, some days only black, think it depends on water clarity?



  12. Was about to post the ratchet in backwards...glad you figured it out.
  13. Been using Interstate reconditioned batteries for years and they are around $50-$60 I believe...year warranty....just carry your old battery in and will match it up to what you need. If you want more CCA they can get a larger one to match. Usually get 4-5 years out of them and beats paying $100 and up. There is a Interstate store near by and they sell more batteries than anyone I know. Can check your old battery and determine if bad cell, etc. Like others have said, just match up size, post, etc. and GTG.
  14. ccb, have read all the posts on here about freshwater bait casters, and decided to chim in. I am an old large mouth bass fisher, and been around baitcasters all my life. You will never find a better baitcaster than the older Lews, I have a couple that are my favorite...the BB1N and the BB1NH which I would recommend. It is practically impossible to backlash one of these reels if you try real hard LOL. Nothing about them that will not stand the test of time....all alum. frames, light, side plate looks like a piece of leather ( but is not) and made in many sizes, speeds, etc. Handles braid just as good as mono, and will cast with any of the China plastics of today. Lew Childress started this business in Alabama back in 70's I believe and believe me, nothing any better. The newer ones made today I know nothing about, only have the older ones which can still be bought on Ebay for $50 to $100 and many look new. You owe it to your self to check them out on Ebay, and if you need help in choosing one let me know, will be glad to help.
  15. Now it would take a bad coyote to turn that down, maby when he gets a good look, he would have second thoughts.