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  1. I use a Slammer 3 HS 6500 at the canal with no problems. It casts well, the drag is smooth and it holds alot of line. It does feel slightly heavier than my other canal reels (Shimano's). I have no regrets purchasing this reel.
  2. I like your equipment choices.
  3. RR Bridge Fisher When you direct tie your mono leader to braid main line and work a pencil connected to a TA you may capture twists in the line on your spool as you reel in the lure. The swivel might allow the twists to work out as you reel in from a long cast. Just a thought.
  4. I haven't given up on the Gosa. I just have my newest reel, the HS Slammer 3, on my Jigster rod. I usually carry one set up when fishing the canal now that I bought a Jigster. If I bring (2) with me the second is the Gosa mounted on a 11' Tiralejo. Gotta keep the Shimano's together. I usually anticipate mostly jigging when I fish the canal. If there is good topwater fishing the Gosa/ Tiralejo is my first choice.
  5. Shark, that looks like a good idea to potentially elimiinate wind knots in line for those of us who direct tie leader to braid. It may releive the line twist hat develops in braid.
  6. I have been using the Slammer 3 6500 HS all season and love it so far. I also have a Gosa 10000 which I used all of last year. Both are great reels. The Penn can hold more line but is a little heavier than the Gosa. I would recommend either to canal fisherman.
  7. I used to use a pair of Timberlands with screws attached to the soles. They worked pretty well, but constantly replacing worn/ missing screws. I bought a set of corkers 4 years ago and find them much better. They grip better and the carbide steel studs last forever. The Korkers themselves are comfortable and can be worn in the salt water, .
  8. My last post was in error. I was trying to respond to Stowaway's comment on the reel not feeling smooth. I have been fishing with a new Slammer 3 HS 6500 this year. At first I thought it felt stiff compared to my Saragosa. As the season progressed most of the stiffness left the reel. I attribute this to the seals wearing in with use. I now really enjoy the Slammer 3 HS 6500.
  9. Recieved the reel today. Seems pretty sturdy but not nearly as smooth as my nasci 5000.
  10. I had CMS build an 11' Jigster for me this January. It is rated 4 - 10 oz and as the name implies, designed for jigging. The blank is manufactured overseas and distributed by ODM (Out Door Monkey) in New Jersey. Most of my trips to the canal I bring this one rod. I use it for jigging, throwing pencils, plastic swimmers and lures as small SP Minnows. If you are shopping in the $500 range, this rod may be something you may be interested. Glad you are alright.
  11. When I am fishing alone, I shut up as I remind myself, most everyone down there is carrying a knife. Nuff said.
  12. Troutworm I will try PMing you.
  13. Trout Is "Huff" Bob Langley, who was originally from Hyde Park. I grew up with a Bob Langley in Hyde Park who used to fish Houghton's Pond back in his elementary school days. Bob Langley had the nickname "Huff" way back in the 60's.
  14. Perhaps the existing clubs are like minded enough that they would support the ideas of a new Organization that is looking to control bad behavior at the canal. That would create a good base for FishRatz's idea to get off the ground.
  15. I bought a Sabiki rod at BSP and it works great. I use it with a Penn Squall reel. My primary use is jigging at a pier. It is a two piece and breaks down to 5' and 2' sections making it easy to store in my vehicle.