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  1. Respectfully offer $130 shipped for this stradic to Toms River NJ, unless you come out this way?
  2. Hello, I'm interested in the stradic 2500HG-K, do you have a pic? ty
  3. Respectfully, can you do $180. i can pay asap ty
  4. Not a bad move if he is a backup
  5. Respectfully, can you do $180.  i can pay asap  ty

  6. Still available?  where located for pickup?

  7. april may fresh bunker
  8. Also summer of 2017, my parents had a house on a lagoon in silverton right off the barnegat bay and we noticed large amounts of peanut bunker hung around all season. We were out there all summer pulling in decent size stripers right off our dock. Incredible as we have not seen that activity in the years growing up here....
  9. My best success has always been the Bl for fluke and occasional stripers, then right outside the Bl near the flats or bay side of IBSP you can catch the right tide and weather if on foot or kayak... Luck of the draw!
  10. I haven't heard a peep of activity this year along Seaside and IBSP NJ this year...
  11. Anyone know how this show compares to the one in Toms River few weeks back in terms of venders etc..? TY
  12. I'm in ty
  13. Mine has about 220 yards of 20lb suffix
  14. Haha I realize now I only go there for the bar!
  15. After a long day at IBSP, go to Bum Rodgers or Crabs Claw Inn!