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  1. Dibs on the Blue Pike if you
  2. Red glitter chin dot was Mikes signature. May be the scumbag that ripped Mike off and passed his plugs off as mikes, but they look legit @Mike Fixter?
  3. reach out, talk to DA and see. If you already know the answer, the question isn't worth asking...but personally, I think the guy has to be dead for a while for me to copy his **** exactly and try and sell it and even then it still feels weird to me. take it as inspiration and improve on it, but don't sell it without permission from the builder if he's still living. imho
  4. @Moocks- I laugh out loud every time I read your tag, "two things in life".... ****ing classic
  5. The best thing about this thread is, it's the history of the Modern Pikie. The names of some of today's best builders are scattered throughout. Gary, Talon, Voorhes, Winch, and countless others. Offering thoughts and maybe some prayers. LOL But this is the best thing, and it's what makes SOL such a historical treasure, especially in winter! Best to all for a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Tom
  6. Winter 20/21 Pikie Project? What you new builders got? Let's see em'!
  7. Winch - I started tinkering with ideas about 5 years ago. I made all the typical plugs, darter, needle, popper, metal lips. But i wanted to make something different. I came up with this idea and ran with it. It is out of the box but it works. Catches big fish too. My goal was to achieve that metal lip type connection from rod to plug, you know, the one that lets you know exactly what the plug is doing by the way the rod tip is pulsing. I really enjoy that part of fishing lures like that as opposed to say a needlefish which gives you no idea what it is doing. So I incorporated the darter type lip but I made the surface area larger and squared to provide maximum resistance. I thought that the resistance of water flow over the plug would load and release nicely if i made the upper portion of the lip above the tie point taller and wider. Water flows up the lip towards the tie, meets the load point of the upper lip and releases over the back and sides of the plug causing it to swash and sway. It worked. I had big dreams of being a plug builder and getting them out to use, but in 18', my daughter started going through really bad depression and anxiety at the end of 8th grade and all was shelved to focus on her, her health and well being. She has made a 180* about face and has put most of what she has been dealing with in the history books. Thank God! I just came across a box of blanks I made but didn't finish in the shop, so I have been getting them ready with all this time I have to mess around. I originally designed the plug as a diver for the deep water and heavy current of inlets like Shinnecock on LI where I grew up. But it didn't really work for the sandy beach breaks we have here. The plug really digs in and grabs once you get connection, with that classic metal lip roll. I am tinkering with weight placement to get these new ones to swim up top. I look forward to showing you some one day. Until then, stay safe. Tom
  8. Maybe the first "BottleDarter" proto? anyone else seen one before 2006?
  9. This is the acrylic color shift paint from Micheals thinned to a milk consistency. Black basecoat 3 coats color shift and 3 coats of clear IMG_3513.mp4