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  1. Thanks to everyone above for your kind words. We enjoy putting the show on every year. The reel was won by Al Clay from Charlestown.
  2. Thank you, first time we exanded to two floors. We think almost everyone who came visited both floors, which is what we were hoping would happen. Scott does beautiful work!
  3. Assuming this means you went to the show. If so, thanks for coming and hope it worked out for you.
  4. Happy New Year Everybody, We have been asked to provide an update on Surf Day 2022 and we are happy to announce that the show is on. In fact, two floors of vendor tables are sold out with a great mix of new and quality used fishing gear...and, maybe a few surprises! If you are planning on attending, please make note of the following controls that will be in place: 1. Masks must be worn at all times while indoors. 2. No food will be allowed or served indoors (this one hurt; no chowder and clam cakes!) 3. The number or persons allowed indoors at the same time will be carefully monitored. Interest for the show remains extremely high, from both vendors and from guests. We hope to see you there...Saturday, January 15th!
  5. I'll bet Nick enjoyed himself, just the same!
  6. Save The Date! Surf Day 2022 (used and new fishing gear sale) The Narragansett Surfcasters will hold its annual Surf Day on Saturday, January 15, 2022 from 9:00am - 1:00pm at the Narragansett Community Center, 53 Mumford Road, Narragansett. Due to the tremendous interest already for this event, we'll be expanding our offerings of great used and new equipment to at least thirty-five vendors on two floors. In addition, as always, Marty Wencek will have one of his award-winning antique plug collections on display, and we'll have our homemade chowder and clam cakes, and much more delicious food. The $5 contribution at the door helps to support the club's community events including Kid's Fishing Day, Disabled Veterans Fishing Outing and Holiday Gift Cards to needy families. Great way to kick off the winter season!
  7. My experience confirms the comments in this thread about the importance of "fit". I've had inexpensive waders that fit a bit loose and lasted 3+ years while premium brands with slimmer fit last <1 year. This year, I decided the best strategy for me is to stick with the inexpensive brands and make a new purchase (~ $100) almost every year and stay dry. This eliminates the frustration over getting wet while in the water, and then patching and re-patching never ending leaks.
  8. Taking a ticket to be next in line for the Mojo.
  9. I'm in need of a trailer that will transport at least 1, but preferably 2, 13' kayaks. Thanks for considering.
  10. Interested in Orvis Hydros IV reel to replace one I lost last year. Must be in at least VG condition.
  11. 3 or 4 months ago, I was in the market for a new 4 or 5wt. I read about Bob on SOL so decided to shoot him an email. I remember it was on a Sunday, and was hoping he'd respond fairly early the following day when he got to work because I was anxious to finalize my purchase. Well, I don't think the ink was even dry on the email when I saw a response from him in my inbox (on a Sunday!). We communicated back and forth a bit, and I made a decision. He took personal responsiblity to oversee my order and get it out to me in record time. But my positive impression about Colton is not only because of Bob, I'm very pleased with my 4wt rod/CRG reel.
  12. Congratulations, what a beauty. Looks like you had a great day out there!