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  1. Do you like olive green in a wb?
  2. Thanks for your thoughts and, after thinking it through, I'll do the different types of activity in separate areas as you suggest. Today, in fact, another task surfaced when I decided to paint (spray paint) some kastmasters where silver chrome finish has deteriorated.
  3. Found this one in group of flies left by my Dad, it's at least 50 years old.
  4. A lot of good ones out there, but all come in 2nd to Saugy Dogs .... slightly charred on the grill, snap when you bite into them, a very fresh bun .......... and oh so good with whatever tickles your fancy for a topping.
  5. Hope Valley gets my vote, well worth the ride. They're all about freshwater, being right there on Wood River.
  6. What's the deal with German and Loaisaga ...... are they stud pitchers in the making, or waste of time? They show flashes of both. Figuring NYY must see potential, sure would be great for at least one of them to show like he belongs in rotation. Honestly, bullpen is great (although showing some early season cracks) but I'm kind of getting tired of seeing 6th inning being start of a new guy every inning. I prefer the days when Whitey went 7-8 innings and Luis came in to close it out.
  7. There's nothing better than a dandelion salad on Good Friday on a plate with pasta w/anchovies, farmer's cheese, and broccoli rabe. A modest feast I look forward to every year! (Sorry to get off topic but couldn't resist)
  8. Ottavino lights out tonight, 4 batters/3 K's/1 groundout. Great job by Cash landing him .... `
  9. From someone who is relatively new to this forum, and also a non-participant in this transaction, I appreciate the way those involved handled this conversation. When people have different views, but are able to have an intelligent, mature discussion to clarify and end up in agreement, it allows people like me to learn how things are supposed to work here. Sooooo much better than listening to emotional rants that end up nowhere and solve nothing. Congrats and thank you to everyone involved in the posts on this thread.
  10. Looking for spare spool for my grey Ross CLA 5
  11. Count me in on this one ..... brings back memories of the golden my son caught in late 80's at the town pond. He was ecstatic when he saw it jump and realized it was "the golden"!!!
  12. Posts heating up a bit ...................must be getting close to Opening Day. Going to be a fun year!!!
  13. mmm......I may be interested also. Looking forward to pics and details if more are available.
  14. ARod decision was worse than Ellsbury decision. I don't recall the details, but I'm pretty sure he was set to go to Boston except Commissioner blocked it. ARod with the BoSox would have been a so much better outcome for NYY fans. Why would NYY bring in a guy who was bragging that he was better than NY2, and also never liked by any of his teammates? IMHO that move was the first step in creating the tension between NYY and NY2. I don't think the pinstripes had the same meaning to NY2 after he saw ARod in them..........