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  1. Also enjoyed your talk at Surfcasters monthly meeting Tuesday night, Dennis. Thanks for joining us.
  2. Congrats on those beauties, Jamie, they won't last long. Forecast for Saturday is 50% rain, moderate winter temps. Big improvement from last year. Looking forward to seeing you at the show!
  3. Hi Dave, Great to hear from you. Honestly, you are one of a few people that I intended to connect with after the holidays because I didn't see your name on the list for this year's show. I'm still involved, but in a support role to our club president, Bruce Bain, who is taking over. Enough about that, though. Very sorry to hear about your Mom. Be assured she will be in our prayers. Life has its ways of presenting us with new challenges, some very exciting and positive, and some not so much. I wish you well as you work through this one, and best wishes to you and your family in 2023! PS - you will be missed at the show this year, but you're still on the list for the future!
  4. Thanks Paul, looking forward to it. For all the details, check out our website -
  5. We're back to doing the same old thing this year, Scott. We'll be serving up our clam chowder and clam cakes again! Of course, donuts and coffee will be available early. See you there!
  6. Thanks for the positive feedback, glad so many people enjoy the show every year. We're well on our way to finalizing another impressive lineup of vendors for 2023. We're going to have many of the same faces you're used to seeing every year, but we are also receiving table requests from some new guys that we think will add a lot to the show. More to come on this as we get closer to January 14th.
  7. The Narragansett Surfcasters have set January 14 as the date for Surf Day 2023. This will be the 9th Annual and we're anticipating it will be our biggest and best ever, utilizing two floors at the Narragansett Community Center with approximately 45 tables. As always, Marty Wencek will have one of his award-winning antique plug collections on display, and homemade clam chowder and clam cakes will return after a one-year hiatus. Doors will be open 9:00 am -1:00 pm. We'll keep you posted as we round out the lineup. Contact Bruce ( for more information, including vendor inquiries.
  8. Wtb, set of jaws for Renzetti Traveler 2000 Series vise. Seeking like-new condition - part #8044. Thanks.
  9. Books arrived today, thank you.

  10. I shoulda grabbed it 1st pass through, Dave. Definitely had my eye on 'em.
  11. Some fine fishermen right there, and even finer people!
  12. Yeah, we missed DIck this year. He wanted to be there, but he and a few others decided during the week that the surge of Covid cases made it a bit too risky. I'm sure he'll be back at his same spot next year. Now looking forward to the RISAA show in March.
  13. I should have thought of this sooner. The link below will take you to pics that cover most of the show. There is also a video from the show that includes interviews and some very nice close up pics of many of the plugs. You can find it on Mr. Poseidon's site on YouTube, it's about 35 minutes. Thanks very much for your interest in the show. Surf Day 2022 | Narragansett Surfcasters
  14. Definitely, I'm not sure of the limit of pics on SOL. For anyone who is on Instagram, go to @NarrSurf for some wonderful posts. There is one that includes every table in the show. Another, just prior to the show, includes the lineup of who was there. And there is also a great post of Anne tying a Kenny Abrames style flatwing. Come back at me here if you don't do Instagram and I'll get some pics up later today.