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  1. Fishin Technician, Thanks for the post above....clear explanation of differences in capabilities and applications of various types of rods very helpful to those of us who are just getting started. So much to learn but, oh boy, anticipating so much enjoyment ahead!
  2. Yeah, that's him. He was so frustrating if u were a NYY fan. Sweetest left hand swing u ever saw, great glove ... always on DL.
  3. NYY had a first basemen in the past very similar to him ........ sweet left handed swing, excellent glove, but more time on DL than active roster. Eventually was traded, ability to stay on field improved, but never great. Can't remember his name????
  4. Never been, but it sounds like a lot of fun and maybe something to plan for next year. Looking forward to your report back ........ pics please, and good luck!
  5. Boy, you really bring back some very fond memories of summer evenings waiting in long lines to get into Pepe's ... but oh so worth it. When I finally got in and spotted those ovens in the back, the adrenalin would begin to flow in anticipation of that delicious thin crust pie! Interestingly, a couple of weeks ago I ran into a You Tube video - Emeril Eats the World (or something like that) segment on "Best Pizza in the World". He flies to the Amalfi coast and meets up with a chef friend of his who takes him to Franco Pepe's for what she calls the best pizza she's ever tasted. Great 1/2 hour segment if you like anchovies, colatura, buffalo mozzarella, dough-making and touring very scenic Amalfi coast. I actually was born / raised in Seymour (from Shelton, through Derby and Ansonia). Never really spent much time in BPT, but fondly remember Seymour/Shelton football games (Wildcats vs Gaels). Thanks for the post.
  6. Behind and north of the factory it was elbow to elbow on both sides and up the middle (shallow and narrow there). As I said earlier, we spent more time untangling lines than fishing. I actually went back a 2nd year, but never again after that. Always waited until early-mid week start fishing there.
  7. Cool ....... did you ever participate in the Opening Day madness at the Hitchcock Chair factory?
  8. Growing ups, that's all we used (except occasionally a gold or silver phoebe). The only question was size and how many split shots to put on the line. Trips to Farmington, Pomperaug, Cornwall, etc in the Fall were always productive because we would also search for mushrooms and usually bring back 1 or 2 large grocery store brown bags full of them. Haha, fond memories of great times with my dad and uncles!
  9. Thanks very much and yeah, the willingness to offer their expertise, opinions, etc is pretty impressive by folks on this board. If not careful, one can find him or her self absorbed in the vairous threads and posts.. Give those fish a boot and send them up the coast a bit, we're itching to get at them!
  10. In today's game, when good pitchers have their stuff, they tend to carve up a good offense pretty well. If they're not on, the offense has a field day................Yogi had a great saying about pitching, wish I could remember it right now.
  11. The only good answer I have for all of them if they go on strike is for the fans to go on strike when games start back up. I wonder how they will feel playing in front of crickets!
  12. Here's a few suggestions for the dreamers who are coming up with these new rules ... 1. (my favorite) why not have mandatory benching of a player who makes an error that allows for a baserunner to be safe instead of out. The need to pitch to extra batters surely makes for a longer game. In fact, if a fielder does this more than 3 times during a season, BAN HIM FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON! 2. (just as outrageous as #1) Little league is six innings, largely to appease parents who want to get home. If it works in Little League, why not try six inning games in MLB. Not only would we have shorter games, we might find more pitchers registering COMPLETE GAMES! Sorry, I think I'm losing it. This last change requiring pitchers MUST face at least 3 batters is going WAY TOO FAR.
  13. Collinsville def nice little town ..... Bridge St Live also great venue for some very good local/not so local entertainment. Good food there also!
  14. I have very fond memories of Pomperaug, Shepaug and Housatonic (Cornwall) Rivers. Also, summer early evenings trolling around perimeter of Lake Quassapaug was always good for a few trout. Lake Candlewood used to hold some nice trout, but heard it has turned into a cesspool (not sure, just hearsay) and that's too bad. And, depending on where you lived and how old you are, some of us recall Jimmies' and stock car racing at Savin Rock ... tasty food and a lot of fun (before they turned it into condos)...........don't get me wrong, though, SoCo is close to heaven!