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  1. Having some fun with my 3wt fly rod in small streams.
  2. As I mentioned, I like the 5500, so I'm not trying to selll it just for profit. But if I'm going to sell it, I'd like to replace it with a 4500 with line and break even. I did check internet prior to putting price out there and this seemed to be a fair asking price. Good deals have to work for all parties so if this does not work for you I'm fine with that. Thanks for the interest to create the discussion.
  3. Hadn't thought about selling because I like the reel, but the 4500 is a better fit for the majority of the fishing I do. With that, I would ship it with the 30lb braid, box & papers, 2nd handle for $225.
  4. Dave, Thanks for helping us to take pause the think about what really matters. It's so easy for us to selfishly complain about the lack of access to our fishing spots with the stripers heading into the neighborhood, but your message puts it all in proper perspective. Way to go dude!
  5. Just noticed ad from Costa for 30% off sale!!!
  6. Love to feel and see those 'bows jumping and leaping at the end of a tight line!
  7. I agree, especially if you can get the skin a little bit crispy. Yum!!!
  8. Hey Dave, A bunch of great suggestions on metal in this thread, all will work. For me, most important is your question here. RI opened 4/10 and I did pretty well. What I found after not getting any hits for about 15 minutes that a sloooowwww speed attracts them, and then they couldn't resist it "on the drop". So my suggestion is very slow for a bit, stop & let it drop, and be ready. Good luck! PS - was using a small gold spoon w/a few black dots. Can't recall what the name.
  9. Fond memories as a young man of Opening Day at the Hitchcock Chair Company, haven't been there in over 40 years. I remember guys lined up shoulder to shoulder on both sides of the stream and also up the middle waiting for 6am. Fish showing all over and trick was keeping your line from getting tangled with 3 or 4 other guys. Best fishing there was actually 1 to 2 weeks after Opening Day when it returned to sanity and one could fish in peace. Saw some HUGE fish taken out of there, though. Thanks for the memories!
  10. Not sure where you are located, but CT waters are stocked and open. Only downside is out of state will cost you $60 ($55 + $5 for trout/salmon stamp). Pretty steep but when I consider total annual cost of areas I can fish (as retiree in SoCo) it's not that much as a % of my total spend each year for surfcasting plus fly fishing salt and freshwater.
  11. I happened upon a RIDEM crew stocking a location in Wakefield about 10 days ago and they mentioned that they were in Burrillville the day before. Didn't ask specifics because I am not familiar with that location.
  12. Looking to trade like new Penn Slammer III 5500 for Slammer III 4500. The reel is in mint condition and loaded with 30lb braid. Box and papers included. Thanks for considering.
  13. Imagine what will happen to "social distancing" considerations when a blitz shows up within casting range from the beach!!!
  14. Speaking of anchovy, does anyone make pasta solely with anchovy sauce? Lightly brown some garlic in the oil from 2 cans of anchovies (flat) and then drop in and mash the anchovies. Add just a little bit of water and simmer for 1/2 hour. Just prior to draining pasta reserve a cup of the water. Drain pasta and mix in anchovy sauce. Use some of the water if it needs some, but this should be more dry than soupy (don't think of it as tomato sauce, it's more of a covering on the pasta for flavor). This will be our lunch on Good Friday, along with broccoli rabe, basket cheese and dandelion salad. One of my favorite meals of the year!
  15. Best striped bass artwork I've ever seen......makes me want to be even more proactive about protecting the species. Thanks for sharing!