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  1. Anyone want to label their lures message me
  2. What do I use to thin it ?
  3. I want to try Spar Urathane to seal some plugs Do I use gloss or flat and how do you thin it ?
  4. What system 3 should I use?
  5. I heard many good things about system 3 products. Which prouct is the clearest and hardest finish? What is everyone using ? Mirror Cast?
  6. Inused to use an auto finish butt it stunk so bad and I had to wea a coverall and resp !!
  7. Got em ! Thank you !!!!
  8. Anything out there use something other than Etex to finish your lures ? I do allot of lures not just 4 or 6 !!!! Any recomendations that are not too dangerous !
  9. Anyone know a good set of wire bending pliers ?????
  10. My grandfather used to make them like that back in the 30s in Hartford CT and Bridgeport ,
  11. Anyone have Southport Lure Pics ? They are being built again in FL
  12. Can I ask where you got it? Connecticut? Rhode Island?
  13. Anyone know where I can get thinner wire than the 308l 1/16 ? I make smaller lures too qnd need some thinner wire !
  14. I have a batch that will be finished in a few days. Maybe I can actually fish one this time. Any trades out there maybe we can do something
  15. Ive been on this site for years but forgot the PW and sign on ! I am Mike L. from Southport Lure. Im in FL now making lures for a few TV shows and some tournements and TV props. Thank you fort the comp !!!