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  1. The 4 HS is also black-gold and they indicate bad spec.(maybe braid capacity as lll....or retrieve). Yes, Slammer IV DX with extra bearing, where? and ss pinion and drive gear for +30$...but up to 8500 and not hs ratio models.
  2. Official!,20 July. The Shimano SPHEROS SW-A comes with 7 models and with the expected FAST ratios as A.H. said, like Saragosa...(the bad if you need 6k pg: new in JDM or old model).
  3. but it seems that it has few changes...and the exclusive of the IV was already several months ago:)
  4. hahahaaa here we say MC POLLO!-chicken, now it seems that his bones have corrosion". Let him do like Khabib!. Scoobydoo, I have a Slammer 7500 2nd hand for the kayak(something heavy), should I add new grease or check the pick up roller? (the one on a BG was clogged with salt).
  5. Exclusive!, on the day of the latest sunset, the SPHEROS SW-A is here!!!, and 14k&18k added, but HG?!. BOOM!....If you were thinking of a Saragosa you are interested in this, it will surely be the best value.
  6. Steg, according to the diagrams....I published it here that only changed n° handle (80mm as xg st and twp) and 18k used a strange drag system. I just saw that twp 8k uses a smaller rotor(as st). Ok, I'm going to have something for dinner!!.
  7. Yess of course!, same drag system. And if it were the other way around also because they share a rotor size. ....but sw vs sw-a?
  8. ok...and how many shims do you have left to put? try to put the maximum number of them!. These medium sizes 8000-14k work with pe4-5-6 for 300m...pe3 is something in the limit (rather it is for 6k)...New saragosa has a more aggressive criss-cross pattern, less line digging than stella!.
  9. I don't know....what if I remember something new. You can change it for a new one of these bg mq ARK, but for Asia!.
  10. I would choose the Saragosa (but SW-A) because you can repair it, not magsealed....the minimum advantage of the BG is 1.8oz lighter, 6%.
  11. Well, the Saragosa you can not get it on time....And 2nd the Slammer is contrasted, I have the 7500 for bottom fishing and ok.....the bad thing is that the lower part of the pinion supports directly with the reel frame!.
  12. ...this is what is used on the BG or even the old Expedition (A.H. says it was mix).
  13. The final testing is here!. Saragosa SW-A . This has significant improvements and several surpass the flagship Stella, and even it is ranked higher!. Appears on both the golden table (top nº2) and the best budget offshore one. By Alan Hawk: " In my opinion the new Saragosa delivers more winding power than the 19' Stella, it's built with a sturdier mechanism, it's better matched to heavier fish due to reduced line digging, I found it to be better put together, it's better sealed thanks to the novel shaft protection, and the upgraded clutch mounting in mid sizes partially addresses one of my biggest criticisms of the 19' Stella. The Stella has only three advantages; it's lighter, more notably so in larger sizes. It has a hardened spool lip with superior resistance to scratches and dents. And its rigid metal rotor allows for a highly responsive drag across the full range...". "....I believe that what we have here is Shimano's actual flagship reel. Yes, I just said that the 2020 Saragosa SW-A is in my book superior to the 2019 Stella SW. Don't take this as a statement that the Saragosa SW-A is a high-end reel. It's not, but neither is the 19' Stella SW which in my view took a step back to become an upper mid-range reel, and thus it competed directly with the new Saragosa SW-A in its own class, and I have to say unfavourably so." SOME BEERS!!.
  14. Or go to small spheros 4000 hg/xg...16oz and low ratio?spheros 6k! and fast gosa sw/sw-a (or cheaper BG, +seal spf VI).
  15. For this I say that Spheros is not inferior to Saragosa....Rather it has other applications, almost 1/5 slower and +powerful. 4.6 ratio vs 5.7 (or 6.2 sw-a 5000).