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    I'm very active, and love challenges, and adventures.
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    I Love Reading, Fishing, and hanging out in the parks if not the ocean.
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    I'm enjoying the Father role.

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  1. Thanks Ted! Will do.
  2. Thank you kind sir. PM sent to you.
  3. Jason, thank you! I have one small little request my friend, can I instead do the 1.Unknown builder-wood blurple 2.SS Littleneck Yellow Note: I would like to exclude the Roberts Ranger RH
  4. Hi I would like to take up on your offer. If possible I would like to take up on the Roberts Ranger RH, Unknown builder-wood blurple. You can see a picture of him (Jasen) as my avatar with his suit on. I truly appreciate all your good deeds kind sir, and yes I will absolutely share his catch here on SOL.
  5. Hey would you split the parrot? How much? Please include weight and size first?
  6. Hey I'll take it.
  7. Hi I might be interested in Lot 1. What are the spec on Lot 1? (size, and weight). Thanks
  8. Hi I'm interested in Lot 2, can you confirm the spec / details for both items. 1. Lot 2- NewTA Darter - (Size, and weight). 2.New SS herring Darter - (Size, and weight). Thanks!
  9. What kind of jig heads are those? Name brand and size please.
  10. How is this setup? I'm planning on going this same route. Is it comfortable, and light?
  11. Where did you pick it up on sale, if you dont mind me asking?
  12. My son would like to get back into Tog fishing for this upcoming season. I would loved to join him on his adventure. Currently, I'm looking for a Lami Triflex 7030CT, without the trigger, and am hoping to find one in great shape for a decent price. I live in NY. Anyone out there with special offers interested in helping a mate out? I truly appreciate all of the respective offers. Thank you!
  13. Hey Slacker, Can you give me some options on some star drag reels I can pair with it? Note, I'll be using this setup for fluke and togs from 50-80ft deep. Spending range 250-350.
  14. Hi all, Happy Holidays! I've received an early present tfx7030ct rod, for fluke, and tog fishing. I'm now looking for a conventional star drag reel to pair with this rod. My spending limit is 250-350 and will be fish ij ng of charter party boat within 50-80 ft water. Any suggestions? Would truly appreciate and respect all of the great comments. Thank you!
  15. Do you think its wise to get the 7650 over the 7030ct? What are the differences? Here I am thinking I should get the 7030?