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  1. Hi, what's the size, and weight for the the larger one?
  2. Thread closed. Got what I need. Thanks SOL!
  3. I was interested in the middle one because of the color yellow. Hot color in my area.
  4. Please disregard. Didn't know these were used.
  5. What are the size and weight of the other two? I might be potentially interested.
  6. Very useful information here. I second this.
  7. HT, Well noted w/tks. Keep you posted.
  8. Im interested in the needle if you change your mind to split. Offer 25$ if meets my criteria.. What is the size and weight?
  9. Assuming I were to take the 2nd route and purchase the Solarez thick, how many surf candy do you think I can get out of the 2 oz?
  10. Hi HT, Thank you for sharing this supportive video. It explains and helps alot. I enjoyed watching a few times. Assuming I do not have a drill, is this possible to be done on just my vise?
  11. I appreciate your response. But these are a bit to big,
  12. What are the size and weight for # 10 & 31?
  13. Wow! That's a huge plug right there. Beauty at it's work.
  14. Hi is the top one a Troller?
  15. Are you going to get more in the future? Assuming yes, please keep my enquiry in mind