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  1. Thanks Mike! Thanks! There were no other fish in contention with mine. My fish wasn't weighed. I just won. As far a TBM goes....the boat is called The Big Mohawk, not Big Mo Hawk. I think differently. That's why I wasn't sure if he was serious or not (especially since the sign was over my head).
  2. Thank you.
  3. Thanks guys. mybeach if you're serious asking because I cant tell when you guys are joking...The Big Mohawk. Look above me in the picture
  4. Pete and I went on TBM today and we both limited out on seabass & got several ling. Pete also got a small whiting, tog and a squirrel hake. I won the pool....yay
  5. Let's clarify this just a bit. I out-fished him catfishing big time. Pete's a good teacher
  6. Thanks Mike.
  7. Thanks guys.
  8. Happy birthday to me!!! We went catfishing today. This was my biggest catch today and last on my last piece of bait. Pete did manage to catch a dozen of nice minnows in his trap. Adria 5 Pete 0
  9. I didn't see or hear the commercial but I'm gonna say no it's not ok.
  10. FYI guys.....Women don't want dick pics sent to them unless they ask for one. I've never asked for one.
  11. Pete smoked us a chicken tonight and crisper it up in the over.
  12. I'll be 52 next week but since I can't do anything or go anywhere can I stay 51 for another year?
  13. This Jersey girl never heard of that one either.