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  1. Mine is the size of a lima bean. LOL
  2. I just watched the finale. I didn't think it sucked, but it could've been a lot better. I think it was stupid they made Bran king. He's creepy.
  3. I said the same thing! LOL
  4. So my nephew likes to doodle and draw. I got my B'day card a little late from him and look what he doodled. It says "Hope your birthday was as lit as King's Landing". LOL I'm bummed I won't be able to see the finale until Monday. Pete doesn't have HBO.
  5. I'm really glad I didn't hear any screaming.
  6. I think you mean Ozzy
  7. They are also little arseholes!!! I love mine to death, but he's a PITA.
  8. Who's your favorite bass player? I had a Rottie named Sting. My ex-husband was a HUGE Police/Sting fan.
  9. Hahaha!!! I haven't heard the owls since late fall early winter. When they are around, I can hear them with the tv on and the windows closed. I think cat. I didn't know they were such murderous little F'rs. I never had an outdoor cat so I wasn't aware of their outdoor behavior. I knew they would kill a bird or mouse and bring them as a gift to their owner. I would never have thought they will kill 4 bunnies and eat the heads off of 2 of them.
  10. A lawnmower didn't get them. If that was the case, what killed the two that still had heads?
  11. Oh boy! I have never seen a weasel in my neighborhood. They sound pretty nasty.
  12. Awwww they are so cute (especially alive with their heads attached).
  13. You guys are too funny and very entertaining.
  14. Wouldn't an owl just fly away with a whole bunny? I do have owls in the area. I haven't heard them since late fall early winter.
  15. I have never seen a weasel or a fisher in Maple Shade. I've lived here my whole life. Then again I've never seen fox until recently.