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  1. I'm sure it does!!
  2. I just watched S2 E2 last night. Holy crap that show is good!!! The only thing I don't like about it is Wendy. I was never a Laura Linney fan. I'm trying to watch a couple shows every night. I did read there will be a season 4 starting late this year or early next.
  3. Congratulations on the birth of your Great niece.
  4. Thanks everyone. I'm so excited to meet her. My niece's husband's mother and grandmother both are recovering from Covid. Grandmas and great grandmas should meet the baby before the Great Aunt does. I get it but I'm so excited to meet her. My Mom got to spend a few hours with her on Tues. She's a very happy Babcia.
  5. Isla pronounced Eye-la was born the day after my mother's 80th birthday. She was a week late and she's big. 9lbs 22". Mom and baby are good. The entire family is ecstatic.
  6. It's Steven King. It probably starts really good and ends poorly like all his movies/series. I always preferred his books. Let me know how it is when you're done.
  7. I would try catnip. It may mellow him out a bit. I looked into those nail caps and thought they'd be more trouble than what they are worth. I definitely wouldn't declaw. The last time I did that to a cat I felt so bad. I will never do that again. I just clip off the tips with nail cutters once in a while because my cat shredded the **** out of the front of my couch just below the arm rest. My brown couch now has brown duct tape on it to hide how bad he tore it up. I bought a cat scratching house for him from Aldi. He loves it and it's super cute and it's fishing themed to boot. They have them for all seasons and holidays. I also got him one of those scratching discs that had a ball that goes around the thing also bought from Aldi but you can get those anywhere. Good luck. I love the picture of him sleeping. He looks really sweet. By the way I had a cat that used to fetch. I lived in a second story condo. I'd throw a ball against the wall and it would go downstairs. The cat would run down the steps and bring it back. He would also growl when someone came to the door.
  8. 13 packs to be exact and I can't wait until we use them.
  9. I'm two episodes in on Ozark. So far so good.
  10. Menage-a-trois and throuple are two different things. A throuple is 3 people in a relationship. A menage-a-trois is 3 people having fun together.
  11. I'm so sorry for your loss. Ollie was a very handsome fella. Just know you have him the greatest gift you could give him and that was peace. Rest in peace Oliver.
  12. I'm a happy girl. My neighbor Keith got out his snowblower and did my sidewalks & driveway and did several of my neighbors snow removal too. I hooked him up with some venison goodies and some cash. He's happy too.
  13. Check this out. I know some of you guys aren't a fan of Jeremy Wade, but this episode amazes me every time I see it. He catches an arapaima on a fly.
  14. I have a few inches in Burlington County. Its a heavy wet snow. When I went to shovel it was freezing rain. I did one pass with the shovel. F it!! I'm hoping my neighbor will get out his snow blower later. It's a mix of fat snowflakes and freezing rain now. Its too much for me to handle being on a corner property, 4 knee surgeries and a torn rotator cuff.
  15. I agree!!