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  1. To me, every batch of PP is a bad batch haha. The only good thing about PP is it's cheap- and you get what you pay for.
  2. If you could also sell bacon cheeseburgers I’m in!
  3. I always wear a condom when I’m fishing the canal
  4. First time I’ve seen one in the wild. My friend whose cabin I was staying at has only seen one there in all his 50-something years. Sorry for the terrible pic, it was all I could get, but he was in the waves for some time and even ran up on the beach. Extreme south coast MA.
  5. Another vote for a 9” Dexter from me. I love the commercial grip knives and they’re all I use both for bait and for cleaning.
  6. I’d be pushing hard for more knives from your brother if I were you! Those are SICK! My my brother worked in a facility that produced finely milled titanium and other exotic metal parts for insanely expensive things. One of them was TAD Dauntless knives which are really expensive. He ended up building one from factory production line parts, and it’s the only one I’ve ever seen w/o a serial number. I received it when he passed away and I still have it.
  7. Shop at WalMart, get what you pay for. Every time.
  8. Dang I was thinking you were looking for enablers. This kind of sense talking just doesn’t sit well with me!
  9. I say this every time he pliers issue comes up- These are the only pliers I will ever buy again aside from a small pair of needle noses for trout and panfishing. Cheap, could pry the mean off a Wolverine and last for years & years given decent care. Heck even beating them they last and I use mine in a metal shop when they aren’t on a boat. The side cutters pop a 4x no problem too. Don’t ask me how I know that. The square nose pliers stay in my shop, they’re super beefy.
  10. Lol st croix WOULD make a legend sabiki stick haha
  11. I almost sold my Pixy R to move to an Alde when they came out and lust level was high, but for what I use it for it would have been a waste. I have the PXLR on my NRX 852c and use it for t-rigged plastics and finesse frogs. I’d need a dedicated bfs rod to justify an alde IMO. Have you you tried any Major Craft rods yet? I am a Megabass guy but was blown away at what you can get for the money with MC. Their bfs line is pretty extensive.
  12. I mostly use a Dewalt tanto-point folding work knife because when it gets ruined using it as a prybar etc. in a pinch I can replace it on the work account. Otherwise my EDC is a byrd Cara Cara II. Clean, sturdy piece that holds a good edge and isn't obtrusive in the pocket when reaching in for cash etc. and a fraction of the price of a Spyderco.
  13. The real crazy part is how light of baits you can throw with it. We're talking spinning reel performance. On top of that unbelievable stock performance you can buy finesse spools and mirco bearings etc too. I imagine you can cast dry flies at that point if you can find a rod to load the weight, it's pretty insane what can be done nowadays. I hope someday they can cmoe up with a finesse friendly version of the DC braking system to apply to this platform, because while I love my Anteres DC, it can't do that small of math and wind gets to be quite the issue at bait weights that low.
  14. Aw yeah! Joe's Flies are awesome vibe baits for light water also. Unweighted T-rigged slug-gos absolutely SLAY in the rivers and streams near me. Trout, smallies, rock bass you name it, you're catching everything with those little 3.5" (iirc) ones along with their matching Texposer hooks. Just let the current take it, give a few twitches as it flutterrs past calm or deep rocks and WHAM. That and the Slurpies from Northland Tackle are a lot of fun- basically a tiny fry tube. Super easy and almost always produces for me.
  15. Aldebaran. Killer reel!! Pressos and Pixies are about an ounce heavier, give or take.