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  1. Looks like Occupy has gone from advertising fake concerts to green cards
  2. I heard a saying a little while back that if you’re not liberal by your 20s you don’t have a heart, if your not conservative by your 40s you don’t have a brain. I feel like I missed the whole heart part, but understand the sentiment and appreciate the statement.
  3. I appreciate your optimism, but I’ll be happy/surprised if the guy stands in front of a judge for the crime
  4. Gen Z is reported to be becoming the most conservative generation this nation has seen. He can play his flute all he wants, their ship is sinking.
  5. Or it could be part of a misinformation campaign. Hard to say. A little part of me does think that if there were no usage to something like this, it wouldn’t have gotten out. There has to be something other than virtue signaling as the reason for it. Or maybe the guy is just that dumb
  6. Leavenworth or bust!
  7. Considering they use innocent civilians to shield themselves, I think it’s definitely possible.
  8. That sounds like the song that was played as the titanic was sinking
  9. Districting
  10. I think this is one to really watch. The outcome will be telling of how political corruption will protect treason and how little grasp the intelligence community has on protecting our nation or not. His face should be added to the traitor posters if he did what he said he did. I wonder what his quote will be at the bottom of his caption... “I thought the left would back me up. I should have never done it.”
  11. So how do you like Joe in the White House? I think he’s the perfect example of the current leftist Democratic Party. If you want to defend how well he represents you, carry on.
  12. How dare you assume how the title of this thread identifies itself!
  13. I disagree. Tim nailed the lefts projection of the right being losers spot on
  14. Yes and yes
  15. Some of my fondest memories are of just that at my great grandparents apartment. The tray or red and tray of white, homemade meatballs, sausages and table red wine... great grandpa would make a puppet out of a green bean and bounce me on his knee, making the bean puppet sing in Italian... aunts, grandma and great grandma correcting each other in the kitchen... those were great times.