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  1. If he sneezes he may fall out his butthole and hang himself. Fingers crossed!
  2. Check your local game management sites... the lotteries are opening up
  3. Can’t forget Dick Turban
  4. He must be Union
  5. New shouldn’t be more than $40/ea. That’s what they were the last time I bought mopar rotors (Jeep)
  6. Hey now, he “knows” how to fix them, just gets too distracted by the effects of alcohol to be bothered with finishing. He’s gonna finish them tomorrow
  7. ^this guy is the king of broken vehicles. He’d know
  8. We’ll be a dbag about it why don’t ya. (Psst... it can still be a warped rotor. Especially if you were turning it with your girly arms)
  9. Also... before you put the car up on the jack to start, check what the caliper is bolted on with. I’ve seen some funky sized star/torx bolts and had to find one before I could get started.
  10. That’s awesome man. You’re one of the lucky ones. If it’s down near the Chesapeake, let a guy know
  11. I’m thinking caliper as well. And pads worn/rotor damaged. Put a jack under it and pop the wheels off. If you see grooves worn in the rotor you can get a new one or if that one still has some meat on it, you can get it resurfaced. Sometimes thats cheaper, sometimes it’s just faster to get a new rotor. Grab a set of new pads while you’re at the shop getting a new rotor or resurfacing. You’ll see how the caliper is bolted on... unbolt it and use a C clamp to compress the caliper piston, just enough so you can get new pads on there and fit it all around the rotor. Bolt that bad boy and the wheel back on there, start the car and put in reverse, while rolling down your driveway pump the brakes and you should feel everything stiffen back up better than it was before. If that does the trick, you’re golden and I’ll be up some time in August for another trip out on the hook I take payment in beers
  12. Early congrats! Keep updating on the journey and the trip, wherever you go. I think it would be an easy time for you to slide in a destination fishing anniversary trip. I’d at least try lol
  13. Lol well I’m glad to hear that it’s all been positive for you and your family. Hearing that news, regardless of the type has to be scary. Enjoy the rest of your unplanned vaca and I hope you get the chance to have some sort of celebration or getaway for after the last treatment and before life goes back to the norm.