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  1. Dags
  2. Haha yeah, when I get into something I really get into it. I’ll post updates with the rig finished and in action, probably 2-3 weeks from now when I may get the time to do it.
  3. So as I’ve been reading my focus has shifted a bit to shotshell to start out. I think it will be a good stepping stone for me to enjoy while I learn and not get too crazy about the precision that’s needed in the rifle realm. I read and watched for a couple hours last night and found that the most expensive component of shotshell reloading is the lead shot. $2/lb. $2/lb!!! Crazy. So I did a little more digging and, well, today’s project was building the burner for the shot dripper rig I’m putting together. I’ll probably get the stuff together to weld the box this week and the dripper bolts should be in by next weekend.
  4. Blade
  5. That’s a nice setup and thanks for the info. I do like the idea of weighing out the powder vs a mechanical volume measuring. I’ve priced those nicer scales out though and I may have to wait on upgrading to that down the road. At this point I want to get into it and start learning the methods, primers, powders, projectiles, etc. What type of competition do you shoot?
  6. There’s still work that needs to be done
  7. I’ll admit I don’t get that one. And I haven’t had the flu since I was 6. I get a cold in the fall and a cold near the end of winter. Could even be allergies. But all the rest have been had in my household.
  8. I have a good recipe if anyone is interested
  9. So the state that just made the murder of babies legal to those that don’t want them is pushing to require injections to people who don’t want them? I get the whole herd health thing so let’s not go through that agam, but c’mon. Nature will always fight to keep a balance. In a place like NY... it probably needs to happen. The US may not be overpopulated, but some areas definitely are and fighting nature isn’t a way to improve anything. Where are the tree hugging fags that think animals are more important than humans on all this? Probably pissed off because they are afraid of dying and are now handed another way to impose their garbage illogical stupid on others that won’t have it. But they aren’t even in danger of dying from this stuff. Blast posted actual data on what the real threat level is of this stuff and it’s non-existent. If there’s something that should be pushed for its bringing Ellis island back and making all immigrants hang out there for a bit. If they aren’t ill, welcome to America. Now get a job and enjoy the beautiful struggle. If they are, treat them and if they make it, welcome to America. Now get a job and enjoy the beautiful struggle. If not send their remains home. Whats the next problem y’all are worried about?
  10. That’s good stuff right there
  11. I’m 1/4 guinea and do remember that side being fairly short, but everyone whose diet didn’t consist of a ton of milk and cold water fish was short throughout history. I got my height from the 1/4 Nordic/Viking blood
  12. Scortched earth. Been working for years
  13. Gmornin fellas!
  14. After paroosing the midway book catalog last night... wow. I spent at least an hour reading the descriptions and I think I’m going to develop a nasty habit with reloading. My job has always kept my attention because of the need for attention to detail and precision and I think this may end up replacing that space lol. Sierra 6th edition is out of stock, so I may end up getting either Hornadys 10th or Lyman’s 50th and Lyman’s Shotshell 5th to get me started.
  15. I’m hoping prices don’t skyrocket anytime soon because that will be the effects of a political climate change, but chance does indeed favor those prepared. That’s a nice reloading workspace as well. Is that a 27 hanging on the right side of your bench?