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  1. The current state of affairs given, we still had it and have it pretty good comparing to the rest of the world. What decade would you say things started getting bad here?
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  3. Ditz
  4. Clown
  5. Ha gotcha
  6. Captain
  7. Pecorino Romano?
  8. Looks good. What’s microplaning?
  9. Rod
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  11. I was being facetious, but those are great books and I’m actually starting the hobbit with my son. Their meaning is a really great one.
  12. There is a live trivalent and a live quadrivalent according to the CDC. I wouldn’t know which is a nasal spray, sub-q or intravenous because I don’t get it and never have. You mention giving vaccines... are you a licensed medical professional or a tech that administers? I’m not trying to play down your role, just curious. I was nat cert FF2 years ago and rode the ding ding and bandaid box for a while. Got to learn what died when and how, but was almost restricted from riding because I refused to get the flu shot and had to sign saying it was for religious reasons and held no one liable for anything that I contracted to get around it. A real pain. I accepted the other cocktails and had ethical debates on efficacy and what not with a couple of the Ps I pulled duty with. It didn’t help that they had God complexes which many of them do, but it didn’t stop us from working together and well.
  13. Books are a horrible source of information. Do you know how many books have ruined people’s lives? People that read books are idiots.
  14. Considering the source should pretty much be standard whether it’s the Internet you’re using or not