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  1. Yup. I’d rather have long positions and give the least amount of money to the govt as possible. That and I’m a dividend hound. That tends to only work when you hold stuff for a bit. Drip drip.
  2. No matter your tactic, in order for someone to make a dollar in the market someone else has to lose that dollar and if you never sell you never lost, but you never gained either.
  3. Was I just supposed to kneel or something? I got out of the elevator, the whole hospital lobby is on one knee. Had to catch the next elevator. No time for Tom foolery
  4. That could be considered racially insensitive. The last guy who could pull it off without stoking any fires was Napoleon dynamite. But he was beyond the pale.
  5. This thing is so bad it has the richest televangelist getting into the rap game
  6. It’s interesting that you think there is any way to place money in any type of investments and it not be speculation. If you don’t want to speculate, bury it in your backyard. And if confidence in US fiat goes away, you can kiss everything goodbye.
  7. What’s helped me is every time I transfer cash into my broker account I mentally light it on fire. I actually imagine that it is strapped cash and I’m lighting it with a Bic lighter and watching it burn. It only exists as numbers that mean nothing but data to me. Not clothes, food, movie tickets, a new car... numbers. They can change all they want and as long as they are green and growing, I have less work to do. Snagged it at 12.90
  8. I’m not the one complaining about violence. To use Reds analogy, if you order a pizza, don’t get mad when it’s delivered.
  9. So are the protestors. Are you trying to convince me that with the video you shared this guy was just at the wrong place at the wrong time? If you see a line of cops in riot gear approaching you and what you have to say is more important than you not getting hurt, you got what you got.
  10. Tell us why he was there. You have to know if you’re so upset by this
  11. Not enough information to logically come to that conclusion or any. What I did see are cops in riot gear, I hear people being insubordinate and then there’s a guy on the ground. My point was I tend to stay away from crowds of stupid, especially when there are LEOs in riot gear trying to control them. You’ll find me on a rooftop with popcorn annoying the show until I need to worry about it.
  12. There was rioting in Baltimore. I’m fine
  13. The same sentiment was held by a vast majority after 9/11. Talks of war had stuff pretty volatile. We bounced back from it bigly. With this war, it’s not defense contractor investing, it’s bio fill-finish manufacturing. The worse things get, the better the entry points will be. It will always bounce back. Otherwise, the money I put into the market will by my last concern.
  14. Anyone else pick up AAL recently?
  15. And congrats saco it’ll be a story to tell the grandkids