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  1. Buggy
  2. The gummit buys cube farmers the nice desks that will raise to standing height at the push of a button. They’re pretty slick. I installed a monitoring station on a big one and I got to play with the buttons for a while to make sure the cabling would be ok when the next person started playing with the buttons. PT kept them from getting fat.
  3. For a while now. Here’s an article ILA published in 2017 about it He did and they came for a magazine he had registered to comply as well. I read something about that. Some 200+ “assault weapons” (I can’t stand that term) were registered and when they went to get them, like you said, most weren’t in the residence. I’m sure it won’t be long before they put regulations in place that require the same ridiculous standards as a class 3 stamp.
  4. This is a pretty common thing that happens to some friends of mine. A couple of them were lucky enough to hunt down some coupons that the manufacturer offers for people to get them free. Not sure if you’ve looked yet, but it’s worth some googling if not.
  5. Good. I hope the FBI does their job and finds who put him (used loosely) up to it.
  6. That’s the orphan drug world. Like mako said, it ain’t cheap to develop, get through the fda phases then manufacture. What did people do before they made cures for everything?
  7. I can remember being in one of those kids fishing tournaments when I was 5 or 6. Ran out of worms and went to bread crust, then to banana when that was gone. Those Sunny’s never stopped biting.
  8. I came across this video in my bookface feed and it has me thinking about the people on here that live in NY. It seems to be shifting toward the Cali of the east and, for the gun owners, that can be bad. The guy in this video modified his AR-15s to comply with the “ghost gun” laws that the brilliant admirers of California put in place and, because he followed the law to a T, police show up in an unmarked vehicle to confiscate. I wonder how the people who put up and pass the legislation in California are seen with any authority on the subject when they obviously know nothing about weapons systems and how certain regulations make a firearm more accurate or easier to conceal. One example would be Maryland’s regulation where ARs have to be equipped with bull barrels. Thank you, I am now required to have a weapon with less barrel whip which is in turn more accurate. That’s one of many stupid laws. Anyways, here it is.
  9. Yep, about an inch an hour now, 3 maybe 4 and steady
  10. I may change my plan of moving to NEPA to be closer to family and just have them come here. That’s too close to the stupid for me. Have they defined discriminating? Because some loose social justice warriors may see that as someone smirking at them and I see it as they get no food because they look like an idiot.