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  1. I'm also thinking of buying this same BH Striped Bass rod in the10' 3/4 to 4 oz rating. Also looking very closely at the ODM DNA the 10' 3/4 to 4 oz rating. Tough call between the BH Striped Bass and ODM DNA, but still thinking and greatly value actual use reviews from you, so please post after using the rod. So far based on Mbrody, the BH striped bass sounds like it has the edge. -R
  2. Congrats mbrody on the new striped bass special. I suspect all of us are dying to hear your assessment especially at 1oz and 3+. Good luck with it and hope you catch plenty Rob
  3. I wanted to thank everyone for the great replies and information. Appears that Van Staal has made another great bail-less reel in the VR 150....just may need a few shims for setting the timing. Rob
  4. Thanks for the reply and pics. That’s very interesting—the shims seat inside the handle reducing the depth of the threads so the handle ends up at a different orientation with each added shim. Very simple but clever. Also thanks for the clarification on best handle position when casting I.e., downward pointing handle. Guess you use the shims to set the timing of handle and spool positions. Would this work on the VR 150 you think? Also wondering if the shims prevent the handle from screwing down and “seating” flush with the reel side plate Rob
  5. Hi Everyone, I've been thinking of getting a Van Staal VR 150 and trying it with the bail-less conversion kit. I have always used bailed reels, but thinking it would be fun to try a bail-less reel. I handled this exact reel at a local shop and while I have no experience with a bail-less reel, my common sense tells me there may be a design flaw with this reel. Specifically, my understanding is that to cast this type of reel, you want the line spool extended outward and the crank handle stopped and extending toward you. In this arrangement, you can power cast hard without the handle rotating forward through centrifugal force and transposing rotation to the line spool (line pick-up could snag line pouring off of the spool--bad!). Also with the spool extending outward, it's easier to "catch the line" with your index finger and pull it back onto the pick up roller. The problem on the VR 150 is that when the spool is extended outward the handle position is "not pointing at the caster" but rather is almost straight upward and can easily move forward on a hard cast and rotate the spool. Is this a problem? There's no way that I'm smarter than Van Staal, so what am I missing here...maybe I'm over thinking or just don't have enough experience with bail-less reels. It would be great if anyone with first hand experience with the Van Staal VR 150 can chime in here---does this specific reel work fine as a bail-less reel or not??? Thinking hard about buying one and it would be nice to know if it's really meant a regular bailed reel. Thanks to all in advance that reply. Rob
  6. Ksong mentioned earlier that the 10' Black Hole Striped Bass Special 3/4 oz - 4 oz rod weighs 9.7 oz. This rod has my interest....can’t wait until they arrive
  7. I support catch an release. Really mean it too! thanks, Rob
  8. Hi Ksong--sounds great! Good luck out there fishing the new Striped Bass 10" 3/4-4oz rod....give it a good work out. Will wait to hear your field testing results. Rob
  9. Hi Ksong, Many kind thanks in advance. I am very interested to hear your review of this rod with lighter lures. If possible, please test cast 3/4 to 1 to 1 1/4 oz lures as this will be the most interesting since we already know the heavier lures are fine. Again thank you Rob
  10. Hi Ksong —thank you so very much for answering all of my questions. That was very helpful. Rob
  11. Hi Ksong and Lureman, I have been following this thread carefully and am very interested in the ---10' 3/4--4oz Striped Bass rod---. Maybe others have the same questions as myself, so I'll list them below and maybe it will help myself and others in deciding whether to order one. a. What does this rod weigh exactly in ounces? b. Can the rod handle the full weight range? For example, can it cast a 6" SP minnows (1 oz) and also can it cast a metal lip swimmer (3--4oz) ---while properly loading the rod at both ends of the weight spectrum to minimize user effort (is it easy to cast with min effort)? c. Do you rate the action of this rod as "fast," mod fast," "mod to mod fast" or "moderate"? [I put 4 different levels here for you to select] d. How does the blank flex: 1. tip flex, 2. tip to mid blank flex, or 3. parabolic/full flex. e. Would this rod balance nicely with a Van Staal VR 150 sized reel? Other reels as well like: Shimano Saragosa 6000SW, Penn Spinfisher 5500...etc.? Thank you so very much in advance for any information as this will be very helpful. I may have to buy this sight unseen, so every bit of info. helps me. -Rob
  12. Hi short cast, Thank you for coming up a Tad to $155 total to help out with shipping--you're a true gentlemen. Let me think it over a bit and I will get back to you most likely by tomorrow the latest (going to be tied up at work most of today). -Rob
  13. Thanks but not looking for any trades--but will make you a nice deal. Reel only came out of plastic wrap/box for pictures then put right back. -Rob
  14. Penn Conflict II 5000 Long Cast Spinning Reel---BRAND NEW in BOX! Line capacity: approx. 300 yards Power Pro braid Weight: 16.8 oz Lightweight, smooth, and very durable, the PENN® Conflict® II Long Cast Spinning Reel was designed for the technical inshore angler. It sports a tough, super-light Rigid Resin RR30 body and rotor; the large, gasketed superline spool features line capacity rings for at-a-glance reference. The internals are driven by Penn's powerful CNC Gear® Technology and supported by a 7+1 system featuring high-quality stainless steel ball bearings. Powerful, extra smooth HT-100® drag with carbon fiber washers. Great for salt- or freshwater. •Rigid Resin RR30 body and rotor •Superline spool with gasket and line capacity rings •Powerful CNC Gear Technology •7+1 stainless steel bearing system •HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers Purchased at Basspro and paid $200 plus tax ($214 total), but will sell for $165.00 plus $5 shipping