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  1. Just looked around online and also thinking a Shimano Saragosa 6000 would be the perfect reel for the least on paper. More $ though. Will check it out at the RI show. The gosa 6000 weighs 16.2oz and holds 290 yards of 30lb. Thinking this would balance well w the 120L. Like balance slightly tip up if possible.
  2. Thanks for the great thread here!! You guys have pretty much convinced that the 120-1L will be the best choice for my described fishing plans, e.g., beaches and flats...etc. using SP minnows, redfins, soft plastics....up to SS poppers and Gibbs dannnys to 2.5 ozs. However sounds like I need to rethink my plan for using my old penn 710 greenie as a fun rememberence thing. I didn’t realize the line lay on that reel would cause wind knot problems. I plan to use 30lb J braid and sense this would be a problem with this reel. Someone mentioned fireline as the fix but I hated that stuff. Anyone have a recomendation for the “perfect” light weight performance reel that balances welll with this rod? Thinking DIAwa BG 4000, 14 oz and can get 300 yards of 30lb. Any others around this size and weight?
  3. DZ--That's a good idea! As to reels right now, I have a Penn 710 (old green from the 80s) that I received as a teenager. Thought it might be fun to get a bailess conversion kit and put that on it. The reel is in like new condition too ...not so much as a nick in it. The only down side is I remember someone sat on it a few years after getting it so it has a "gold" replacement handle instead of the frosted silver. I wished I could order a new frosted silver handle somewhere but can't find one. I'm going to hunt for the "perfect reel" but will use the greenie for kicks to start out. Just checked out Diawa--liked their Saltist Back Bay LT4000. Diawa's are always sized bigger that their rating so thinking this might be like a Penn Spinfisher 5500, which would make a nice light set up. All speculation at this point though....need to see one in person. Sexy black color looks cool too. R
  4. Hi Michael--funny you mentioned ODM. I was also thinking of an ODM Nex1 10' one piece. I'm not an expert here at all but heard great things about these rods and definitely want a sanded smooth blank. Again not sure, but also believe you can only get blanks for these rods so they have to be custom built. Wonder is they'll be at the RI show? Also risky in my mind to get this one built for me without holding the final product in hand before paying and/or getting first hand opinions (super valuable).
  5. Thanks to all so far for chiming in. So to summarize and to make sure I have it correct--The GSB 120-1L standard factory rod (leaning hard towards now) will definitely be "very efficient at throwing 1/2 to 3 ozs." If I have this correct--it will be perfect to through everything from SP minnows to SS poppers (2 3/8) to 6" metal lip swimmers (dannys 2.25 to 3 oz). That's a huge range for efficiently throwing lures without folding--- so hoping I summarized this correctly. Please anyone who has this rod, let me know if I got this right. Thanks again--these rods a not cheap so want to just get it right the first time. Rob
  6. Thanks everyone for the info so far. One more question--"critical actually"--what is the "Real World" no kidding lure weight handling capability of the 120-1L? It's rated for 1-3oz, but most rods do not handle well at all near the top of their ratings. Is it reasonable to say this rod can fire out lures 1oz to 2.5oz? .....or can it really fire out up to 3oz as it's rated. Also same question for the lower end--how does it do with 1 oz. BTW--I'll be spooled with 30lb J-braid 8x Thanks.
  7. Hi VanStaalSteve, Thanks for the reply and great info. I'm leaning towards the stock 120-1L because I looked at the Skinner 9'-2" 120-1L rod and noticed it comes with old fashioned guides (instead of nicer K-guides) and I also liked the shrink wrap grip much better than cork tape like on the skinner rod. If they made a skinner rod with K-guides and a shrink wrap grip that might be the ticket. -Rob
  8. Hello all, I'm going to the RI saltwater sportsman show next weekend and planning to purchase either a Lamiglass GSB 120-1L (1-3 oz) or bump up one size to the GSB 120-1M (2-5 oz) and wondering which to pick--keep going back and forth, as I've never actually held one in hand. Wondering if anyone can provide any "first hand experience" from actual use with either of these two rods. Might even consider a GSB 9' one piece in the either power L or M. I'm planning to use the rod fishing beaches, jetties, flats...etc. around Falmouth, Massachusetts. I might even venture to other spots around the cape, such as Dennis, Barnstable, Sandwich...etc.. I mostly like "light weight outfits" that are more fun to cast as opposed to being a chore to lug around. Also. most of the lures that I throw tend to be from 1.25 oz SP minnows to needlefish (1.5--1.75 oz); and poppers, swimmers (2--2.5 oz). Also like to use soft plastics 7"--9" hogy or Sluggos types...etc. Haven't even given a thought yet to a reel....but do have an "old Green Penn 710 spinning reel" that I've had since I was a kid (long time ago--haha) and may put that on just for fun (hardly used it--still like new). Open to opinions on a super light weight reel that might be nice on this rod as well. Thought of Van Staal, but they're a lot of money and hard to reel...and will not be swimming with it....maybe some splash or "accidental fast dunk" (but will try not to). Many kind thanks to all who reply in advance. Rob
  9. Thanks again for all the great Info —even first hand experience info! In summary it sounds like the GSB132-1m would be ok at the canal as long as I keep it beteen 1.25–4oz. I’m going to guess the MH version would handle realistically 1.75–5 oz ? Best guess. I actually weighted my Sebile stick shads at 3.70oz for the 7” floating and the 9” magic swimmer is 4.53oz. This might push the M a little too hard. Thus thinking maybe GSB 132 1MH. Does anyone actually have the GSB 132 1MH and can give “real world lure weight rating” —was my guess of 1.75–5 oz correct..?? Need someone with actual use experience for the one. Rob
  10. Thanks again to all who replied. I’ll report back once I think this over a little. Tight lines, Rob
  11. Thanks so far for the very helpful opinions! As I suspected, it seems that I really need 2 separate rods—1 for the canal and 1 for all around everywhere else. Now you guys have me leaning towards the GSB111OS (aka GSB132-1MH) as a canal rod for plugging and light jigging (3-5 oz paddle tails/Spro jigs). Later if funds are there maybe I’ll go for the GSB120-1m for all around beaches—other than canal. i looked at the XRA rods which I’m sure are fine rods just wasn’t crazy about cosmetics (silly I admit it). Any other opinions please chime in. Thanks again, Rob
  12. Hey GED, thanks for the reply. You think the Lamiglas XRA 1205 which is a 10’ 1-4 oz would be a better all around rod? Not sure I’m tracking but I do like the idea of a 10’ rod. How do you think the new GSB 10’ MH 3-7oz would work at the canal and general area beaches? I really like the cosmetics of the new GSB rods (k frame guides...shrink wrap grip—just looks nice overall). Thoughts? Thx, Rob
  13. Hello all, I was pretty much dead set on getting a new Lamiglas GSB111MS (aka GSB132-1M) which is an 11’ 2-5oz 1 piece rod. I plan to fish the rod 50% of the time at the Cape Cod Canal and the other 50% of the time around local Falmouth/Vineyard sound area beaches and rocky areas (Nobska light house area). Maybe some other area beaches too. I was asking around some tackle shops near the Canal and they think I should be getting the GSB111OS (aka GSB132-1MH) which is an 11’ 3-7oz 1 piece rod —-instead of the 2-5oz medium. When fishing the canal I’ll be throwing 9” magic swimmers (4.35oz), 7” magic swimmers (3.20oz), Stick shads (3.70oz); pencil poppers 2—4oz and some paddle tail soft plastic...etc. 2–4 oz. When fishing the general area beaches, I’ll throw the same pencil poppers, super strike little necks (2 3/8), Danny swimmmers 2–3oz, needlefish and soft plastics 1, 2 or 3 oz. Any opinions on which rod would be the “best fit” based on the above information. Many kind thanks for any opinions or especially anyone with first hand experience with either of these rods. Thanks to all who reply, Rob
  14. Just this morning I was thinking the same thing in that the spool shape on the VS appears a bit old school and not particularly designed to cast distance. I’m starting to lean towards the Diawa. I have no plan to swim with it but might take an occasional splash wave so maybe the Saltist 5000 would be the ticket. Another thought would be to dial the rod back to the GSB 10’ 1 piece 2-5 and consider the shimano Saragossa 60 as an option or stick with the DIAwa but drop to a 4500 size. Still thinking....
  15. Yes Lamiglas has tossed a curve ball on the model numbering system just to make sure we’re paying attention. I really did like the 11’ 2-5 medium 1 piece though. The guys at Lamiglas at the RI show bent the tip to the floor from the normal lure reeling position of about 45 degrees wo breaking it! Tough blank no doubt. Back now to the reel dilemma—which is the best for this rod—VR200; VR175; Saltist 5000; BG5000? Other ideas? Thanks to all for any advice, Rob