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  1. Oh I didn’t realize that....I already bought enough vmc in-line hooks for the swap so using them up. I got the 4x and appear to be good strong hooks and not too bulking either. Went with the 4/0 for both belly/tail on the 6” and 5/0 for the 6 3/4 version Hydros Will see how they swim and hookup. If all good I might switch over some SPs as well. I really liked the look—sexy lure for short money...unless you buy like 6 like me..haha. ROB
  2. Thanks everyone for the info. I was thinking of going 4/0 for both tail and belly for the 6” SPs and Hydros. I second guessed myself when I put the 3/0 next to the plurple sp in my pic. Guess it does look a little small. Also thinking to go 5/0 for the 6 3/4 versions of the same lures. i really liked the way they swim with in-line hooks instead of trebles and easier to handle for me too.
  3. Hello all, I thought I’d swap out the treble hooks on my 6” SP minnows and 6” Hydro minnows to in-line hooks (vmc). What do you guys think on hook sizing as they both come with 2/0 trebles.....thinking 3/0 or 4/0 but wondering if anyone else has made a similar swap out and had good fish hookup success. I attached a few photos for comparison. The plurple has the 3/0 hooks and the cotton candy has 4/0. Want good hooksets but also want to maximize action of the lure. Going to do the same to my 6 3/4” versions of these same lures too. Thinking 4/0 on those lures or maybe 5/0? Thanks for any advice, Rob
  4. All I can say is: Tiralejo 9’6” 3/4-3...... Very nice moderate action but not a noodle. Rob
  5. Rwilhelm—I liked the Caddis deluxe bootfit breathable waders as well and they seem reasonable priced at about $200. They seem to only come in rubber cleat type tread instead of a felt bottom. I’ve always liked the grip on rocks of the felt while trout fishing , but you think the cleat bottom is fine in the surf with some rock climbing mixed in?? Frogg togg makes a similar wader with felt boot bottoms, but the Caddis deluxe just looks like a better wader and is 5 ply and think the frogg Togo’s are 4 ply for whatever that’s worth. Bottom line —is a rubber cleat bottom bootfit breathable wader for surf and general beach “do all wader” going to be better than the same wader with felt bottoms?
  6. Yes exactly what I did—Shimano Tiralejo 9’6” 1-3 oz. Went to Redtop and handled a bunch of rods and even a stock gsb 10’, 96 Saltx, BH cap codder—cool purple color,......all were nice, but the Tiralejo just felt perfect! Super lightweight, moderate but not too soft either.....should cast its range. Very nice!!
  7. Thank you everyone for all the kind and thoughtful information—great thread here and learned a lot! Thinking the “all around best” for me is a nice “breathable bootfoot wader”. The problem I’m having is actuallly finding a pair under $200....prefer good quality 3 layer breathable bootfoot for $150 if possible. Can anyone recommend a good boot-foot wader to these specs? Thanks so much for any leads on any deals. Rob
  8. Twilson—copy that and thinking same thing. The lighted neoprene boot foot is 3.5mm with min insulation boot is about 200 gram thinsulate.....think I’ll roast fishing early evenings in the summer months? Ya just a quick hour or two it’s nice to pull them on and just fuss
  9. Ps. Yes at the canal I just use 16” neoprene lacrosse boots—good ankle support and traction on those deadly rocks. No need for waders there unless you have a death wish lol! Rob
  10. Thanks for the input so far everyone! Good idea on bringing some gel inserts along when trying boot-foot waders on. Also, another good comments is that the boot-foot keep the sand out and I personally liked the 30 second slip on NO laces to deal with—especially no bending as I’m getting older/lazier be honest! Anyone else please feel free to chime in.... Rob
  11. Hey MartyK —your opinion matters more than you think....I can do without unnecessary bending as well myself and that was one reason for thinking boot foot might be easier....just pull them on and go. No fighting to get the neoprene bootie into the shoe...etc. Although admittedly the stocking foots are comfy once on. Dilema?
  12. Hello all, In an earlier thread you all helped me select an all around beach rod for fishing all around Cape Cod beaches and Massachusetts south shore areas (sand, gravel, and sometimes rocky areas—or mix). The Shimano Tiralejo 9’6”, 1-3 was the winner. Now looking at waders and wondering what you all recommend for the “above described fishing terrain” (fishing mostly May —early Sept). I currently have a 20 year old pair of Simms guide model gortex/breathable waders (very light use trout fishing and no leaks yet) and just need new wader boots. Was about to buy some Cabelas wader boots ($80), then saw a pair of Cabelas boot foot neoprene waders, 3.5mm, w 200 gram insulated boots (light insulation) for $140. I’m torn between just grabbing the boots and using my Simms waders or “switching to neoprene boot foot style waders.” Thinking the boot foot might be just easier/simpler on/off and may better seal out sand, pebbles and junk from getting inside shoes. Any opinions between stocking-foot breathable waders “versus” neoprene boots foot (all one piece) for saltwater beaches and rock use? Assuming felt bottom with either choice. Thanks in advance for any opinions!! Rob
  13. Sending prayers right now!
  14. Hey Aaron Thanks for responding to my thread regarding the Best Beach rod the Cape Cod area. Anyhow I was thinking of taking a ride to CMS and maybe to red top tomorrow to check out rods. That cut GSB 1201L is near the top of my list. Now just wondering what happens to the “Lamiglas GSB logo” when they “cut the 1201L” blank —-that is what happens the logo normally printed in silver on a typical factory rod. Do the CMS blanks even bear this logo?? I hope so because it looks cool to me and believe potential “resale” down the roadwould be much much better with the Lamiglas logo. Greatly appreciate it if you can let me know. Rob ill post this email in the thread too.
  15. Never threw 3 oz with the Ultegra 5500 so no idea how that will work out. I just bought a few ocean born poppers that weight 2.9 oz though. If it is a no go may look to a Van staal VR 150 or something. Thats as heavy as I’d go outside of the canal. Im really stumped over which of the 3 rods to get....was leaning GSB cut to 9’4” though. Stealth and Teralego still close by too R