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  1. How do i delete it bud ?
  2. Look at the supreme 3 tube . It has a buck tail pouch built in and a pork rind holder . Ive had mine for years .
  3. Purchased 3 years back for a travel rod. Used lightly 2 or 3 times. Was impressed with parabolic action considering its a 4 piece. Casting is insane. Selling because i don't use it . Asking 170.00 .
  4. Purchased a few years back. Used a few times since . Previous owner did all what you see . Stripped paint / repainted . Drilled out spool housing . Power handle and arm . 10/10 mechanical. Paint is chipping . Local pick up . Would want you to see it in person.
  5. Looking for a penn slammer 3 / 4500 For a back bay set up . Let me known what you have . Thank you
  6. Looking for a slammer 4500 for a back bay application. Let me know what you have . Thank you
  7. Looking for a gokd condition slammer 4500 for a back bay set up . Will be put on a 8' mojo ml action
  8. The orange and black darter.... interested if not sold
  9. 2 tube short ( belt pouch )
  10. Like i posted, i bought the reel last week. I personally never used it . Its faded . Sat on a roof rack and wasnt fished often. No secrets here . All reciepts for the service that was performed.
  11. That's her.
  12. Your right ged . My apologies. Had a 200 serviced at the same time.wanted to see insides. Top pic is the 200.
  13. Uploaded more pics to clarify. All pics same reel .