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  1. Sounds good sending PM
  2. No thank you
  3. Sounds good
  4. Sounds good thanks. Sending PM
  5. Slightly used about 3 oz and 6.5 inches. 60 for the pair. PayPal f&f shipped
  6. I would do 100 for both.
  7. I will post some pictures in a bit thanks
  8. I have one black and gold would do 35 shipped.
  9. Bump
  10. 100 shipped for the lot. PP f&f Danny in package is signed. Both are new.
  11. Sounds good, sending PM now.
  12. Two used beachmaster darters. 55 shipped for the pair. PP f&f
  13. Sorry forgot I posted here. I have it listed in the WTS with another shark RM.
  14. Hello, I’m looking to build a 12ft Blackhole East coast special rated 2-6oz for roosters and other travel species south of the northeast. I would like to use 30-50lb braid. Need some help figuring out the guide set up. I am only familiar with the KWAG guides(double foot Fuji K guides) I am open to other suggestions. Long casts are definitely important. I am currently thinking the following in the KWAG guides will be a good starting point. 40-30-20-16-12–10-10 plus tip. This is only my second build so any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. I plan on using the new VS2 300. Thank you.
  15. Got it thanks, wanted to be sure there wasn’t another option available. Already ordered and should be receiving everything this week. Last thing to order is a tip. Do you guys have a preferred tip? There are a million options online. thank you!
  16. Are 30H a different guide than the regular 30? In the KWs?
  17. Great to hear, thanks. I am excited to follow suit and I think it will be a great rod for this application. I think after all is said and done I will be under 350 for this build. At this point I am ordering the following KW guides. 30-25-20-12-8-8-8-Tip. I will order a few extra 8s and 10s just Incase I want to add or switch. very thankful for all the input from the guys here.
  18. Yes, will use the 30, it is the east coast special. Thank you for the input. Have you built on this blank before?
  19. Thank you! I will do my research. I think I will change airlines rather then loose a foot off my rod lol. I appreciate the help.
  20. Thank you for the insight. I saw the new vs300 has a 50 inch retrieve so I went that way as I like vs in general. As far as guides and best layout, this is my second build and is a bit daunting because it’s 12 feet and I want to make sure it is fit for the task without getting to another country or state to realize it. I’m sure this rod will be able to throw the range of surface lures, the guide spacing and layout is what I’m reading up on now. What I have gathered from all the guys here is a smaller stripper guide at 30 should be sufficient tagged with a NGC or 27x layout and 10 or maybe 8 size running guides should be fine. My 11 ft rod built by Lou has 7 guides and a tip so I figured I would need at least that with the 12ft. It all seems simple until the details are taken into consideration Haha. I want the most performance but I realize I’m still a rookie with building. I will need to test cast a bunch to make sure I hear the sounds and don’t experience any slapping. From what I gather, it’s preferable to have the stripper guide as far from the reel as possible without slap?
  21. I guess the problem on my end is a lack of knowledge on guides and placement. I am only familiar with the KWAG and to keep it simple was thinking 30-25-20-16-12-10-10-tip using the NGC layout.
  22. Thanks, I understand I think will do the 30 for this build given that information. Would you use the NGC layout for best casting distance without compromising strength?
  23. Thank you for the help! I don’t plan on ever using mono with this rod. But it would be nice to be able to also use a lighter braid if desired. I will start with the 40. I believe they have two 40 sizes the low and the regular height. thank you