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  1. I’ll take it
  2. Sounds good
  3. Meet in the middle at 110?
  4. bump orange bm lot left
  5. Price drop to 40 pp shipped
  6. I’m sorry I do not I wish I could help!
  7. Sorry I’m pretty tight on the price thank you
  8. You got it sending pm thanks
  9. Gas wadd 45 shipped Bm orange lot 115 shipped Ccw darter 60 shipped Fixter metal lip 55 shipped PayPal thanks
  10. Honestly haven’t thrown them much trying to thin the herd, I have too many bottles
  11. Please see attached thank you!
  12. Brightwaters lures
  13. Looking to sell below lot 50 shipped pp
  14. Offer retracted thank you
  15. I’ll take number 4 down please the gold