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  1. 125 shipped pp before it goes off
  2. Last price drop 150 shipped pp
  3. price drop 200 shipped pp
  4. Bump
  5. I would be interested in the 2 oz if you split
  6. Just found an album full of cards in the basement, don’t know how I can go about showing you pictures, it would be an awful lot to post here
  7. Will take reasonable offer as well.
  8. Will take reasonable offers as well
  9. I recently had a 9ft legend, hated it, times a million and sold it here on SOL without loosing a dime so don’t be disappointed I’m sure someone will take it or trade something equivalent, after that experience I’ve drifted so far away from st croix, the shimano tiralejo 9’6 is a great rod for the same price and extremely underestimated in my opinion. I only had that legend for a week I bought it used and never want anything close to another surf rod from st croix. When I started everyone told me to get a mojo and when I felt it I wanted nothing to do with it. I felt like a lot of the st croix’s have that broomstick effect
  10. Trust me I do it every other week lol
  11. I have the new tsunami trophy 2 in the 8’6 it’s rated 1/2 to 1 1/2 I think and it’s great in the back bays here, it casts a mile and sensitive enough for me to fluke with and strong enough for keeper bass, i have my 4000 Stradic on it with 15 or 20lb line and it’s great I highly recommend it. I’ve used the higher st croix stuff and sold them all, this plain and simple does a great job and for 90 bucks it’s an absolute steal
  12. Praying for your wife, you and your family.
  13. 8 tube van staal plug bag for 250$ pp shipped, used but not abused, needs to be cleaned but I wanted to throw the pictures up anyways thanks
  14. I’ll take both if you ever come by long island
  15. For sale is a brand new in box crack 200 never used with papers. $230 pp takes it made in France model