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  1. Hello All, I am looking for a bunch of super strike poppers in the 2 3/8 black eye. Condition, color and usage doesn’t matter. As long as the swivel has life in it. Looking for about 5-10 not looking to pay retail. thank you
  2. Pencils are available for $90 shipped
  3. $90 shipped for those three
  4. Best I could do is 115 for the 4 shipped brother
  5. 7.5 inches and about 3oz unrigged
  6. Trying to keep this at a lot. $200 PayPal f&f shipped Thank you.
  7. Sounds good thank you
  8. Not sure on the middle two, the top is a creek chub and the bottom is a Blonde terror
  9. Looking to get 85 pp shipped for everything. f&f please I will include a few freebies as well.
  10. Sounds good sending pm thanks!
  11. $50 PayPal shipped. F&F the dee is new the surfster is used.
  12. Thanks! I’ll take the top three
  13. Looking for all types in the block island green color way. Metal lips, darters and needles. thank you!
  14. Jointed giant please
  15. Sounds good