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  1. OK, gotcha, did not see that. Good man.
  2. Wow! I didn't even think there would be anything around! That's good news. I'm going to try next weekend.
  3. Whoa, we have to talk about the way you are mounting it to the rack. You must use both of the rubber lugs on the arms of the rack to secure the bike. Even if the bike doesn't fit on the lug, rotate it around so that it contacts the top of the top tube and wrap the rubber band around the bottom.
  4. I knew after the last election when the state senate went to Democratic control, the state was doomed. I figured it would take at least a year, maybe two for the now wide open and unchecked left controlled power to destroy whatever hope NY had left. I was wrong, it took about 2 months. Stunning. It's game over for NYS. The state is in a death spiral. I have some money invested in NY state muni bonds. I'm pulling it all out (at a loss) before it gets downgraded to junk status. The governor thinks it's the weather.
  5. Yes, can easily be lifted 2" without mods and 23" tires will fit on most of them. Beyond that and you are into custom fabrication. These things are pretty burly. Keep in mind they've been in service for 25 years. Show me a domestic car or anything else that has survived that long. True testament to the durability of Japanese made products.
  6. I will join at the wmhs show. Please keep access at hither hills!
  7. I've heard they aren't sealed well.
  8. Smokers have a lower success rate. It's not an absolute reason not to do implants but the risk should be discussed.
  9. The mini truck weighs 1500 lbs. They can do 75 mph, must be exciting.
  10. Is there a Kbb guide to boats? How do you determine worth?
  11. Going through that now. He's not moving around as easily as he used to. Complains about his hips, his knee. It's my turn to take care of him and things. Spend as much time with him as I can while I still have him.
  12. I agree, not sure how well it would do on the beach, for comparison though, a Jeep Grand Cherokee stock has about 6" of ground clearance.
  13. I went last year. It was OK but I'm trying to trim down on the amount of shows that I attend because of redundancy. I felt the show was more geared towards the boat owner than the surfcaster. I'm more interested in surfcasting, the art, the culture, the lore, etc. I'm skipping it this year although I'd love to see Darcizzle. I'd like to see more female anglers in the sport. Edit: Looks like this year they did add some surfcasting speakers so that is an improvement.
  14. Most are 3 cylinder and some are a small 4. It's basically a motorcycle engine. About 45 horse. Ground clearance is not great, about 4"