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  1. Exactly the reason why I am still considering one or would consider pretty much any Toyota product. Unfortunately it doesn't really pay to buy them used, better off buying new or leasing.
  2. I thought about building one but bought the sea striker cart. Then sold it because it doesn't fold up so transport in a car was an issue. Then I got the Berkley fold up cart.
  3. I was thinking one of the harbor freight Pelican case clones to house the reels. That should keep them from knocking around.
  4. The bazuka fits just the rods but no reels? Put the reels in a separate case?
  5. I looked at the new Ridgeline too and was amazed. It really is a great and nifty little truck. Really nice interior and cool features, like that tailgate.
  6. All good points, I was just passing this along. While drum brakes are fine, they are yesterdays technology. It's time they went away. I have a friend who has the new Tacoma and definitely complains about the transmission, after several months of ownership. He also says he has a leaking problem with the bed, something about the way the fenders seal against the bed. The new engine is an Atkinson cycle engine, it's different than the older versions. That's about all I know. I'm still considering the truck when my Ram lease expires or I'll just go into another Ram lease because they are so damn cheap. The Tacoma is one of the least expensive pickups to drive because it retains over 80% of its value after 3 years. Depreciation is the largest cost of ownership of any vehicle.
  7. Well since we can't post hyperlinks, it came from Outside magazine. Unfortunately I can't link the article.
  8. But Don’t Get a Tacoma Whatever truck you settle on will be a great choice, with the exception of the current Toyota Tacoma. Its V-6 engine was designed for the Camry, where it’s a surprisingly sporty option, but that means it makes its power only high in the rev range. In the heavier Tacoma, you have to work that engine incredibly hard to get anywhere, which would be frustrating on its own but which is further complicated by what’s probably the worst automatic gearbox on sale right now—it constantly hunts for gears, usually chooses the wrong one, and just generally gets in the way as you drive. And that terrible gearbox is made worse by unsuitable final-drive gearing, which doesn’t feel like it was even intended for this vehicle and must be changed before you can run even slightly upsized tires. As if all that wasn’t bad enough, the seats are horrendously uncomfortable, and the rear brakes are horrendously outdated and have inadequate drum designs. Considering all those objective failings, and the fact that the platform used in this truck dates all the way back to 2004, you’d figure the Tacoma would at least be cheap. But it’s not. With prices starting at $25,850 and running all the way up to a truly outrageous $52,804 (which again, still comes with drum brakes, in 2019), it’s actually more expensive than competition like the Chevy Colorado or Ford Ranger, which have better engines and transmissions, comfortable seats, and, yes, disc brakes on all four corners.
  9. So I've been reading bad things about the latest Tacoma. 1. 6 cylinder engine was really designed for the Camry, must rev it high into the power band for max torque. 2. Transmission is terrible, constantly hunting for the right gear, shifts often. 3. Rear drum brakes. 4. Bad seats. I'm a little bummed to hear that and may turn my attention towards the Colorado or Ranger.
  10. I run a fat bike with 100mm rims and a 4.8" tire aired down to 5 psi. That's the magic combo for me. The bike does fine in the soft sand but beware that you do have to pedal and it will put you into shape quickly. Best bet is to ride below the high tide mark. The sand is firm and you can cruise almost like you are on pavement. The North Shore below high tide is pretty much concrete. Cruising is very easy. Let's not forget, you are riding a bike on the beach!
  11. I'll be out there camping next weekend. I'll do some recon and report back. I'll take the fatty out to fish the breach and the backbay.
  12. Update: Called HVAC neighbor, complained about sparky not getting back to me. They got me in next week. As an aside, this is how I know a recession is coming because customer service is at an all time low. Business are too fat, too lazy, ignoring core principals. Nobody is hungry right now. When it hits the fan and it will in a big way and people are scrambling for work like it's January 2009, oh how things will change, and only the contractors that run a business properly will remain. Always remember, economic cycles run roughly in 10 year periods....
  13. I'd catch and release into that!
  14. Yes, breaker tested OK, panel was OK, the line had no continuity. There must be a break in the line somewhere. Really weird. Only one phase of 110 is coming in, that would explain why the fan spins slowly, not enough juice. I have to get an electrician to look at it, which is like herding cats. Guy I called is ghosting me so I'm going to move onto the next sparky.
  15. You could put a kayak in under the bridge or by the fishing pier, there is a small piece of beach there on the bay side. I would just be careful of the current, it can really move.