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  1. Yes, sorry, I consider it more of a gun shop but you are correct, I have bought diamond jigs and bait from them in the past. In my mind I'm thinking full fledged fishing paradise like J and H, Whitewaters, Captree, Cow Harbor, etc.
  2. Oh no, another one gone! Ugh. I live and work in Smithtown, I don't know of a tackle shop on main st. I think you are thinking of Terminal tackle.
  3. Thank you. I don't do this now but am looking to do it in the future. I'll continue to support MSA and hopefully they will allow us to retain the right to do so.
  4. Should also mention that the next closest tackle shops are Swaines in St. James (never been there) and Cow Harbor in Northport. Ugh, so bummed about this, sorry to hear that even the online business is closing. Really upsetting.
  5. My understanding is that the online shop will continue. Everything was 50% off last weekend, tons of SP minnows on the wall. Lots of mustad hooks, bucktail supplies. It just sucks but times change. Now I have to go to J and H or Whitewaters which is a bit of a drive. The good thing about J and H, you can pick up fishing supplies, ammo, and porn all in one trip. Just add a BBQ sandwich shop and a cigar/whiskey store and I'll never come home.
  6. Adios Terminal Tackle, my local tackle shop. Their last day was yesterday. It's just a sad day in fishing and for the scene. I'd like to know why some shops are killing it and others are closing but I'd rather not go into it, still grieving. I'm gonna miss the smell the most.
  7. Awesome, thank you for the insight. Gonna skip it for now. I priced out doing the library printer and it would cost about 5 bucks, but then you have to add in hook hardware and the time spent finishing the plug and I decided its not worth it unless there's a really rare pattern you need, ex. the hellcat.
  8. Are you allowed to camp or ahem "park" on the beach or is it only the lower lot? I was thinking the beach on the north side would be a great place to weekend.
  9. Our local library has a 3D printer that you can use for a small fee. The cost of these printers has come way down. You can get one for about $100 from monoprice. Now, if anyone can print me a Hellcat lure, I'm all in because you can't find them anymore.
  10. I too have the aquaskinz belt. When it dies, I'm going to buy a tiderunner belt. For 44 bucks, you can't go wrong. I would post the link but its prohibited. So google search tiderunner.
  11. You scored a BG 3000 for less than 40 bucks? That is a deal and a half. Do you remember where you bought it?
  12. Pretty much what was said above.
  13. Just the opposite, now you have more room for fishing gear.
  14. Totally going to get heat for this but...Ugly Stick Inshore 6'6" 40 bucks from wally world. Cheap enough to just keep in the car. I splurged a bit on the reel and went with a Penn Fierce II 3K size, 60 bucks, so about 100 all in.