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  1. I use a 7ft on the north shore till late summer, then switch to 9ft for the fall. I keep an 8ft 2 piece in the car at all times just in case. On the south shore I fish 9, 10, 11 ft. depending on factors. Reel size, 4K for N.shore- 6K, south shore. I do not bait, I hunt with SP minnows, bucktails, bombers, poppers and my new favorite Shimano colt snipers. Tackle bag is limited to three tubes only. I travel fast and light. If I could only have one, it would be a St. Croix Mojo. Be fast, thin, lithe, like your prey.
  2. If you're handy buy a LMTV off of govplanet. Not sure if they can go on the beach though because of the wheel size and you have to soundproof the cabin or risk hearing loss.
  3. Mojo is a great rod, for Reel, a 5000 size Daiwa BG or Shimano.
  4. I'm taking up golf with my 10 y.o. daughter. We tried lacrosse and soccer with her but she just isn't a contact sports kid. I'm thinking golf is going to be a good game for her to try. She's very intelligent (reading on an 11th grade level) and for sure moves at her own pace through the world so this seems to be a good fit. I'm looking forward to it and hoping we can get some lessons together this summer when things open up. At worst we spend some really good quality time together, at best maybe she excels and plays in college. We shall see. So far it's been fun hitting shag balls together in the back yard. This weekend we are going to try a par 3 course together.
  5. That's more or less what I'm doing except I'm leasing. They lease so cheap, it doesn't pay to buy it.
  6. When it comes to bike components my understanding is that the shimano pricing is all over the place and very unfair to bricks and mortar retailers. My friend owns a bike shop and complains about them all the time.
  7. You're going to laugh at this until you climb into it, but look at the new Honda Ridgeline. If you can get over the el camino look, it's probably the perfect truck for about 90% of people that drive pick up trucks.
  8. I'm currently researching this as well and am leaning towards the Frontier. A used Taco is just too expensive. The ranger comes with a Turbo 4 cylinder. Why in the hell they put that engine in there is a mystery, it has no towing power. I'd also look into the Chevy Canyon.
  9. Truck Camper magazine is a good resource. I have a class C now but when the kids stop going I am going to downsize to a slide in.
  10. Long Island Lolita is a good one too. She's still a milf despite the herps.
  11. There's also records that he called Shannon. So he had enough of a connection to have her number and call her. Then there's the missing video surveillance footage that he was in charge of.
  12. The movie seems to implore that Dr. Hackett was somehow involved. Which we know he was to some degree, yet the police cleared him and Brewer.
  13. I would have dropped a lot of f bombs with this project.
  14. Central north shore, fished two sessions, skunked both times.
  15. All of those swap outs puts you in striking distance of the cheapest framedbikes.com or bikesdirect. The walgoose had to be about $250 and you put close to $150 in? For another $150 you get into a better bike. I hear you on the proof of concept idea. I've done that too. When the goose dies, you'll get something better if you can justify the cost in your mind. On a related note, I am just starting taking up golf. I cannot believe the price of an "entry" level set of clubs. I can barely hit the *******g ball. No way that set will make me better....