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  1. I always answer Bob's house of whores, what'll be your flavor, Chinese, Japanese, Brunette's, Blondes, we got em all" in a gravely southern accent. They usually bust out laughing and hang up.
  2. I saw them at a show, very impressive for the $$$.
  3. The correct term is a modern sporting rifle.
  4. I fished the north shore yesterday, nothing. Just one tap. Guys on either side of me were soaking bait, nothing.
  5. Why did I do this to myself?
  6. Why did I do this to myself?
  7. Do not tell the wife!
  8. More. Should I repaint these? Re-seal and keep as is? I fish mainly stripers, blues, weaks.
  9. I purchased the entire collection of vintage plugs from someone. There are about 35 lures in the collection. About half are Creek Chub. Other's are Lucky Strike and Masterlure, and Hanson. I'm looking for some help in identifying if any of these are of any value, collectible, rare, from the master builders etc. The collector sought after unusual plugs and there are items here that I've never seen before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This will be posted in about four parts. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you, one man's lifetime collection. All plugs are for sale as I really don't have much use for most of these.
  10. Sorry, you are correct. If I won the lotto, I would buy a Land Cruiser. Those trucks are awesome. You're looking at about 80K for one. They depreciate very slowly.
  11. The new ones are glorified lifted wagons. They are not the Land Rover of yesteryear. They have gotten so far away from off road use that they are planning on releasing a new off road luxury model. It will of course be extremely overpriced, ride like a dump truck, and break down every week. I'd possibly consider one of the original Discovery or Discovery II's but they all blow head gaskets and have all sorts of electrical issues. Then it's difficult to find parts for them. Better off getting a Wrangler and putting a Safari top on it.
  12. A new well equipped Land Cruiser is around 100K. But if you want one, you should buy two since one will always be in the shop and waiting for parts.
  13. My understanding is that the answer is yes, and you can use a truck camper but the slide outs must not be deployed which is nuts!
  14. No I don't like where I live. Central Long Island, Suffolk County. Way too overpopulated at 1.6 million people crammed into this craphole, that's more people than about 20 states. Awful traffic. Ridiculous taxes (I'm at almost 20K and I won two grievances). Mile high electric rates. People are just walking around here either feeling they are entitled or obnoxious. There is no courtesy. No manners. The island and city look like third world countries and roads/bridges are falling apart. Garbage everywhere. The good, schools are great, awesome libraries. Close to the University and I am an alum so I go to some alum lectures. High income area, supports my business well. Generally well educated population with a very stable economic base. Decent town beaches, can be on the south shore in about 20 mins for fishing, beach combing. Once the kids are finished with school, I'm out of here. Probably coastal Delaware, North, or South Carolina for better weather or maybe out west somewhere and winters in Florida. Not staying here for sure, taxes are way too high and state taxes take a sizeable chomp.
  15. Should I buy up the freshwater lot as well? Are those worth anything?