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  1. The place I stayed at in the DR was the Barcelo Bavaro Beach. Beach was nice, hotel room was OK, grounds were neat. Other patrons were all Europeans and they smoked everywhere. At breakfast, in the pool, on the beach, at dinner, in the bathrooms. Chain smokers. They didn't mind the food probably because they couldn't taste anything.
  2. I did my honeymoon there and it lived up to the hype. It was awesome. Would go back in a second. I stayed at some ****** all inclusive in the DR and the food was terrible. I'm not even a picky eater but all I could east was breakfast. Everything else was really bad. I think it was Bavaro Beach. It was really bad. If you can swing the Melia hotel chain, they are very good.
  3. Thank you, for the feedback thus far. I have used a snow blower to do it before and it was a little much for that machine. I'd rather sit in the nice warm truck and blast heavy metal while pushing snow. I think I'm going to go the personal plow route. I called 6 different snow removal companies, only one showed up to do a quote. Just sounds too unreliable for something so important. The $275 for a small storm 4-6" doesn't include the salt/sand which is $125. He insists on spreading the salt/sand for insurance reasons. So even a small storm is $400.
  4. I have a small parking lot that I need to plow over the winter. 11 spaces to give you an idea. The quotes are a little nuts. $275 min.--> $500+ per push for a big storm and then $125 for salt/sand. While I totally understand that professional snow moving needs to be heavily insured, we're not talking about a strip mall parking lot. IS this the usual rate? 5-6 storms and I'm easily into 3K plus. I have a Ram 1500, V6. I was thinking of attaching a small personal plow to the front and just doing it myself. They attach via a class III front receiver hitch. Am I crazy? Plows cost between 1-2K so one season and it pays itself off. I'm not looking to plow professionally, just need to get the snow moved off and I'll spread salt/sand with a spreader. Most storms we either close early or stay closed for the day so plenty of time to get things in order before business is open again. After I'm done with the Ram (lease, hee hee). I'm thinking of going into a Tacoma. Still plow worthy? Here's an example. https://www.realtruck.com/meyer-home-plow/
  5. Make a PennStall, rattle can paint it gold. Poof, instant pole jewelry. Mount it to the most absurdly priced graphene/phite/****ite stick of the moment, black hole, ODM, Century, Lamiglas = instant street cred and promotion to pro staff.
  6. The first paragraph is exactly why a passive investor should consider some equities tilting to small cap, value, and growth. To offset the overweighting in large cap. That additional risk should be offset by increasing bond holdings by 10%. Just my 2 cents, a la Coffee House portfolio.
  7. That's brilliant. Thank you.
  8. Yes, I have mono backing. Probably a little more than I should. I think I'll peel it off add some electrical tape or cotton tape, respool and should get it close to full again, that's a good idea. I don't like the idea of putting a knot and doing a top shot. I suppose I could try that though. Any reccomendations on a spooling station? Something similar to what they would use in a shop?
  9. My reel sneezed off a braid booger and Iost a decent amount of line. Now it's underspooled. Can I tie braid to braid to refill the spool? What would be the best knot to use so that it smoothly passes through the guides?
  10. Artichoke Basille's pizza. I used to work in Union square and the freaking line went down 14th, around the corner onto first avenue. I've never seen anything like it. https://artichokepizza.com/
  11. Yes, that is it. I love looking, holding Zbass and Van Staal but they are way overkill for my fishing needs. I do not swim, I do not dunk the reel. No need for me to go beyond some basic sealing to keep salt water out. I get it, some need a reel like this but that's so few fisherman, maybe 1%. It's pole jewelry for most.
  12. Is it me or is the line roller on backwards? Is it because it's a right hand crank? I have to check but I'm nearly positive I have my line roller on the other way and a left hand crank.
  13. One thing I noticed at a show with the ZB was that there are these really small ball bearings on the shaft guide (?) not sure what they are called but that to me is a good example of an extreme attention to detail. It essentially eliminates a friction bearing wear point, and with good maintenance should run for nearly ever, or at least the life of a fisherman. I have an old Mitchell 300 with a similar guide setup that runs the same way but with friction on the guide. I wish I could explain it better.
  14. I have 3 fat bikes. One set up for the beach, one full rigid for training, and one full suspension bike. Don't ask me how many bikes I have total. But, that being said, I spend my money on bikes and fishing mostly and some firearms stuff. No coke, no hookers, no classic cars. Once you start riding a fat bike you don't even want to go back to a regular mtb. Being able to combine biking and fishing is awesome. Easily allows me to cruise to isolated spots that would take much longer to walk to. I'm mostly catch and release, but you may wish to bring a small cooler attached to a rack if you intend on keeping a fish. Check out www.fat-bike.com
  15. I strap the waders to the rear rack. Too hard to ride in them. Thule makes a fat bike conversion kit for it's tray type racks.