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  1. North Country gas, bait and tackle. Can't post the link because of forum rules. It's on 25A
  2. The old man and lady were grumbly, the son was cool. Agree, Cow harbor and JnH are light years better shops. JnH is always a fun stop because you can get porn, ammo, and fishing supplies in one stop.
  3. Ah, good ole skunky meadow. Went fat biking on the eastern tip startled an old dude giving the banana a tan. Nuthin like skinnin it on a Friday I guess.
  4. Well, there's a new place in St. James that sells bait, tackle and ethanol free gas. Otherwise Cow harbor is the next closest shop.
  5. Can I make one suggestion, can you have a place for us to sit and eat something from the food trucks? Just a couple of tables would be great. I know space is tight. Thanks.
  6. I live in Smithtown and am down in that area a lot. The water moves so fast on the flood or ebb, it looks like a freaking white water river rapids. I know they just dredged it so it should be somewhat better towards the mouth but it can get dicey the closer you get to the marina. Once they build the new marina they hopefully will keep the channel dredged and open. Good luck.
  7. Try rubber swim shads or tsunami holographic swim baits. Single hook and the rubber should bounce you out of most snaggy situations.
  8. I'm in.
  9. I participate. The goodie bag from the entry fee is net neutral. The shirt is very nice, the pin, tape measure, lure and other items generally add up to the entry fee. Last year the boat drawing was virtual. One year I did go up to the cape (from eastern Long Island) stayed for the drawing and drove back. I won't do it again, too much time in the car. I hope they keep the boat drawing virtual. I agree the festival was kind of a wasted day. I wanted to make a weekend out of it and stay at my buddy's fishing shack in Chatham but the wife couldn't take off to go. Edit: Just checked, the fee is the same as last year. It did not go up.
  10. That's the best shopping center on Long Island. You can buy fishing supplies, ammo, and porn all in one trip.
  11. Hooked up
  12. Jeep update: Water pump failed. They noticed oil and coolant mixed but pressure tested the engine and it checks out. 68K miles. Fixing it and dumping it. Cutting my losses now.
  13. Well, I'm having my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee repaired right now. 68K on the clock, the oil filter housing is plastic, it cracked and jizzed oil all over the engine bay. Also, at the same time the thermostat housing cracked and in a fit of Jeep ecstasy spewed coolant all over the engine bay. The dealer "fixed" it, $1500 later, and it started leaking again 2 days later. So back to the idiotship to be fixed yet again! I'm dumping it when I get it back. No need to stick around and find out what fails next. The car was well maintained so it wasn't maintenance, just cheap plastic engine components. Severely disappointed in this car. What does the wife want next? A Volvo of course! Because she can't make my life any worse than it already is.
  14. .50 cal casing at Smith Point. They used surplus WW II ammo for target practice back in the day. The shell casings fell to the bottom only to be brought back to the beach during replenishment.
  15. Yes, smithtown resident. Usually creepin around the area from callahans to Nissequogue.