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  1. Good to know Thank You.
  2. Ok Great, Just be aware of the potential to corrode. I'm still happy with mine, if a little wiser, and will probably buy another of the same size later in the year so I can have a perfect reel with a spare spool, ready for if and when this one expires...
  3. So finally getting back with some details of the strip down. I ordered this set of (Cheap) Draper Cir Clip Pliers from Amazon.co.uk which turned out to be quite good and ok I would say for occasional use https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0001K9QR2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 but disaster struck when, attempting to extract the tough looking Cir Clip - I managed to break it !! So back onto Amazon for a set of Cir Clips one of which appeared to be the correct size https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08JHQS418/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 From here on the information I can give and photos I have are limited as I was a bit panicked by the breakage but I was able to get the drag washers out from behind the plate held in place by the deceased Cir Clip that were thankfully corrosion free! I also worked in from the drag knob side and found no internal corrosion. Both clicker devices (Tiny spring loaded pins, one for the drag knob and one for the drag itself) needed cleaning and oiling which I did and waited for the Cir Clip set to arrive... On arrival the set of 15 different sizes had managed to mix during transit so the first job was to separate these and I was pleased to find the correct size amongst the set which I duly installed with no problems So the reel is back together with grease or oil as needed and spins smoothly good as new in fact. The drag is a little stiff but works ok. Sorry if this is all very vague and the photos lacking, next time I strip it, hopefully in a more relaxed state of mind, I'll take a full set of photos. Thanks again for the responses and suggestions at the beginning of this thread. Regards - David Norman (Ireland)
  4. Yes I do
  5. Ok Thanks
  6. BST meaning? Thanks
  7. Mine is for sale as I can't see myself travelling to fish any time soon! (As new condition)
  8. Ah yes, know it well ;-)
  9. I've now stripped and partly reassembled the troubled Behemoth with some ups and downs but it's now back working reasonably well Will give more details shortly! David Norman
  10. Sandwich boardwalk?
  11. Thanks Mike
  12. Thanks Guys, Any thought out there on the Airflo V2 9/10? https://www.fishingmegastore.com/fly-reels/airflo-special-edition-vivid-black-v2-large-arbour-fly-reel~56872.html Thanks - David Norman (Ireland)
  13. Thanks for all the helpful Suggestions Guys. I did manage to free up the drag somewhat with a few drops of oil and the clicker now works, just waiting for the cir clip pliers to arrive so I can strip it fully, probably won't be pretty! I think the cause of all this is the way I've been transporting it on the kayak but as I say it's been rinsed the same as all my fixed spools that even suffered full submersion during a flip in the surf (I wasn't on board at the time) but none are showing signs of corrosion like the Redington. One other question, what do you all think of the Airflo V2 9/10 ? I already have one but haven't used it much, buying a 2nd would make sense with regards to swapping spools etc... Thanks - David Norman (Ireland)
  14. Thanks Guys, Purchase was only in May of 2020 but I doubt Redington will entertain me for what is clearly Saltwater corrosion. Have to say I am amazed at how quickly this has happened, as I say it gets rinsed, the same as my numerous fixed spools and I've never seen anything like this before on the externals of any reel before we even get into the drag issue. I've ordered a set of Cir clip pliers and will report back on what I find, with photos. On the way forward I can actually manage without the drag for the deepwater Pollock that it's used for but I will need a reel of this size with a working clutch for a SW trip next year so my dilema is, do I spend another £150 and have one 100% functioning reel with two spools or start again with another brand/model. Any thoughts or recommendations appreciated. Thanks - David Norman (Ireland)