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  1. How crazy is the topwater? We went 2 years ago and caught some under 10lb but nothing wicked.
  2. Good report. We were out this Saturday above the bay bridge and caught nothing. We usually get them coming through mid March.
  3. Anyone want to hit up the white perch run when it happens?
  4. 2019 was a bad year for blues in the DMV area. 2017 was excellent and 2018 wasn't as bad. This one was 2017. Kept one but c/r over 50 citations during the peak season
  5. What is striper day?
  6. You do alot of shore fishing? We get some decent ones around March/april but nothing like that in January
  7. Haven't been out in the bay but excellent seabass fishing on the coastal side of Delaware. I live/fish closer to Annapolis and striped bass are aren't feeding as heavy as last year.
  8. Good to see this side of the forum light up. I wish I could post some reports, but getting married in December and losing some fishing time. Been fishing on party boats in the Delaware area out of convenience.
  9. Offer 650
  10. Was there this past Saturday and the mosquito are killer right now. Not many catching anything at all and spending alot of time untangling.
  11. Ready for sure. Seems like the full migration has not happened. I've seen reports that they are still lingering up north. Went to Delaware this past week for gator blues. Plenty of citations but still weaker than the class of fish from two years ago
  12. Way too early for croaker
  13. Maryland is a tough place to fish considering most of the land is private. I would highly consider the Dam/Flats/Turkey Point.
  14. It's possible they can be around the flats if plenty of freshwater is available. Considering their tolerance to saltwater being low, I doubt that they would consistently be at the flats. Your best bet is higher up into the flats closer to the dam. 10 years ago I was catching them at the point of inception in Bowie Crofton right behind the post office. DNR would pay me by the lb to harvest for them. Parents told me that they eat snakeheads in Asia and they are delicious. So I started to give them out for ppl to eat. Sadly they posioned the pond. They are aggressive but I wouldn't say they are invasive as DNR states. Their adaptability makes them a threat to the ecosystem obviously.
  15. James, March to April is a good bet for the spring bass run. Croaker's will wait til the water temps get warmer around July. Don't know any specific places but that's half the fun in fishing, unlocking the secrets of your area. Tight lines!