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  1. Ready for sure. Seems like the full migration has not happened. I've seen reports that they are still lingering up north. Went to Delaware this past week for gator blues. Plenty of citations but still weaker than the class of fish from two years ago
  2. Way too early for croaker
  3. Maryland is a tough place to fish considering most of the land is private. I would highly consider the Dam/Flats/Turkey Point.
  4. It's possible they can be around the flats if plenty of freshwater is available. Considering their tolerance to saltwater being low, I doubt that they would consistently be at the flats. Your best bet is higher up into the flats closer to the dam. 10 years ago I was catching them at the point of inception in Bowie Crofton right behind the post office. DNR would pay me by the lb to harvest for them. Parents told me that they eat snakeheads in Asia and they are delicious. So I started to give them out for ppl to eat. Sadly they posioned the pond. They are aggressive but I wouldn't say they are invasive as DNR states. Their adaptability makes them a threat to the ecosystem obviously.
  5. James, March to April is a good bet for the spring bass run. Croaker's will wait til the water temps get warmer around July. Don't know any specific places but that's half the fun in fishing, unlocking the secrets of your area. Tight lines!
  6. Went out with my friend to Chesterwood and c/r 4-5 citation pickerel
  7. Very nice report! I was hoping to get on the trout train but never done any trout fishing in my life! Sadly I only have heavy tackle. I plan to visit the stocked areas to simply watch and learn the trade
  8. Spoons are the deadliest lures hands down. I will always start with spoon and work my way from there. I like to stay simple and focus the movement more than constantly swapping out lures. Just make sure that the color is matching the time of day and lighting 1. Spoon 2. Z-Man or Gulp if fish are suspended (been having some crazy good fishing with the gulp eel) 3. Jerk bait if fish are bottom 4. Spook pencil popper for top water 5. I always hold a 7-9'' swim shad on days like rocktober. I find bigger fish stacked under smaller fish so I use something larger. This way only the bigger ones are able to hook up.
  9. Wilson Point was good fishing last week. Caught 2 citation pickerel in the 2-3 foot shallows on a 1/4oz half inch jig. Plenty of yellow perch but no keepers.
  10. Thanks for the report. I hit the mahogany from shore in my waders. Used live minnow and had 2 keepers. Released one and took one home for dinner. Both were in the 10-12 inch range. They had a huge crowd in this one particular bank which appears to be a Hotspot right near Beachwood park.
  11. Anyone having luck with yellow perch? Thinking of going to the LR Dam or Beachwood park
  12. Great shore action!! Sounds like a great time and nice dinner
  13. Appreciate the offer. Unfortunately I will have to pass up on this.
  14. I have one sxj mc cast in nearly mint condition. The only reason I say nearly mint is that there is one small nick. What's your offer?
  15. I can chip in for fuel costs. LETS GO!!!