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  1. Spoons are the deadliest lures hands down. I will always start with spoon and work my way from there. I like to stay simple and focus the movement more than constantly swapping out lures. Just make sure that the color is matching the time of day and lighting 1. Spoon 2. Z-Man or Gulp if fish are suspended (been having some crazy good fishing with the gulp eel) 3. Jerk bait if fish are bottom 4. Spook pencil popper for top water 5. I always hold a 7-9'' swim shad on days like rocktober. I find bigger fish stacked under smaller fish so I use something larger. This way only the bigger ones are able to hook up.
  2. Wilson Point was good fishing last week. Caught 2 citation pickerel in the 2-3 foot shallows on a 1/4oz half inch jig. Plenty of yellow perch but no keepers.
  3. Thanks for the report. I hit the mahogany from shore in my waders. Used live minnow and had 2 keepers. Released one and took one home for dinner. Both were in the 10-12 inch range. They had a huge crowd in this one particular bank which appears to be a Hotspot right near Beachwood park.
  4. Anyone having luck with yellow perch? Thinking of going to the LR Dam or Beachwood park
  5. Great shore action!! Sounds like a great time and nice dinner
  6. Appreciate the offer. Unfortunately I will have to pass up on this.
  7. I have one sxj mc cast in nearly mint condition. The only reason I say nearly mint is that there is one small nick. What's your offer?
  8. I can chip in for fuel costs. LETS GO!!!
  9. I have VS200 black in great condition. From MD but visiting cape cod at the moment. Going back to MD this Wednesday and can meet in NY.. Asking $520 firm
  10. Subbed! Great info. I didn't get much footage from my trip because I burned through 3 batteries at Roman.
  11. Here is a simple diagram of how I was casting. I found that the fish were stacked on the third/fourth piling. It is quite a cast and would have to be able to lure out the bass under the bridge. Water is still looking rough with all the debris floating down.
  12. Unfortunately I could not book the two-day trip. Luckily I got the Nantucket fluke trip individually. I appreciate all the information. Never heard of the popcorn rig but I will most likely lean towards this to prevent any tangles.
  13. What kind of bait do they provide? Anyone using bucktails?
  14. Great. Appreciate the info. Managed to squeeze into the fluke trip on 08/13 - 08/14. Just bought some 4oz spros . hopefully it holds up
  15. Got a PM for a recommendation for Helen H. Booked. Any ideas on what oz bucktail I should be taking with me?