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  1. Mackerel havent been in the area for a while form my understanding. Spanish mackerel do show up during the hot summer months. I use 2x 5'6'' Shimano trevala with one extra heavy and another medium heavy. I will check the current and wind to determine which one to take. As for weight, I like to to as light as possible with the weight but it really depends on how picky the fish are and if the boat is drifiting/anchored. Somedays fish will like the bait sitting and not moving at all. Other days they want the bait jigged. I will always use heavier weight if drifting to not tangle or fish with the drift if possible (most people shouldn't mind fishing next to each other if both parties understand a tangle is not worth it. Limiting fishing time is not desirable). I only use gulp for flounder/seabass fishing. It generally produces the biggest seabass and flounder. Tog fishing, I always go medium heavy to "feel" the bottom better as tog are pickier in general. You'll have to have a strong mental as the colder months historically have the worst weather and wave condition. In addition to the brutally cold days, trips are extremely limited as captains don't want to deal with the elements.
  2. I use a Shimano tranx with a Shimano trevala s jigging
  3. You know what happened? Rumor has it that hd didn't pay them for a bit. Guess hd got done financial issue
  4. So Aaron got a new job as a park ranger and Chris is back in school. They were great mates.
  5. Came back from Thelma Dale (fisherman wharf in Lewes). Caught a nice 24 inch flounder, 2x 17inch seabass, ribbon fish, and 6x nice sized cods. Jigged my ass off until the last cast using a high low with tsunami teasers and 6" gulp grubs. I also saw the Judy 5 briefly which launches from IRI. They had a nice full boat and disappeared to a new site for a couple hours. Themla dale on the other hand seems to be losing alot of regulars from the past 2-3 years. New captain seems more punch in and out type of guy. Left dock at 730 when it's should leave at 7. Arrived to the site at 10. Mate and captain said we were going towards cape may, when we ended up going 30 miles off Rehoboth (the usual place). First couple drops were on fire. Captain didn't like to anchor or re-drift. Stayed in the same area the whole time. There were some people that limited out on seabass, but flounder fishing didn't seem promising with the new captain. Don't know if he had a sense of where the ledges were, but fishing would pick up only when we passed the ledges. He got triggered when people asked him redrift or if captain mark was mentioned (his archnemsis?). He says he has 20 years of experience as a captain and he's learning the new process, but I call bull as I don't see the effort to get people on the fish actively. Mates didn't have anything ready when we got to the fishing site. Bait not cut......nets not on each side......the basics...... TLDR: don't think it's worth unless it's your only option. I have a few more trips I prepurchased so I'll keep y'all posted in a month or so.
  6. It's just the drive for me. Price point and the work they put in is fantastic.
  7. I called captain mark and he charters the syvannah lynn out of Lewes. He also told me he does miss ocean city on a per diem basis. I'm checking out Thelma Dale tomorrow and will report back. I enjoy anglers out of ocean city but don't think it's worth it
  8. I used to go out from Thelma Dale (fisherman's wharf) in Lewes with captain mark. He was great and consistently got everyone on the fish. Mates were tipped well so it was always a win win. But I agree that it should be if you got good service. Sadly he switched over to a charter boat so it is tough to find 6-7 people to charter out with.
  9. I can see that perspective. Which one's did you go on?
  10. Thank you! I was looking to go this Sunday or next weekend if weather holds. We go out from lewes or ocean city.
  11. Hi, was this sold?
  12. Trying to see if there are anyone on the forums that go out of party/head boats in the DelMarVa area. Would be cool if some of the SOL members could kick it in a small meet n greet.
  13. How crazy is the topwater? We went 2 years ago and caught some under 10lb but nothing wicked.
  14. Good report. We were out this Saturday above the bay bridge and caught nothing. We usually get them coming through mid March.
  15. Anyone want to hit up the white perch run when it happens?