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  1. For size reference, is that a 9” Sluggo? Also any idea the weights on the Sluggo jig head and the Yozuri/Tsunami poppers? Thanks!
  2. Where in MA or Cape would pickup be? I might be interested in some of that rubber and a few epoxies.
  3. Wondering about the action on these... Do you work them on top more like a spook? Or can they get down a little? Also, if I took the remaining 2, what could you do for pricing? Thanks!
  4. I’m going to have to pass on the Crocs. But please PM me PayPal details so I can pay for the backpack. Thanks.
  5. I’ll take the back pack. Might take the crocs too, but need to check what size crocs I already own when I get home.
  6. Did you check shipping to 02021? I may still be able to swing the mo for payment. Thanks!
  7. New to the fly and I have $150 earmarked for a “starter” rod. How close to that would you come?
  8. Thanks. I’m new to fishing the fly, and have budgeted a max of $150 for a first rod. Figure I’ll upgrade later if I get into it more. Anyway, if you ever decide to come down I’d be interested. GLWS!
  9. What’s the best you’d do for the rod now?
  10. Ok. Just to clarify that would be for the whole lot, hard and soft right? $48 works for me.
  11. I’m in MA. How about $44 for both?
  12. Respectfully offer $45 shipped to 02021. That’s my paypal balance right now , and it’s earmarked for picking up a cheap 2 pc spinning rod my nephew can use for light inshore fishing for schoolies and macks on the Cape, and for largemouth in the surrounding ponds. Thanks for considering!
  13. I was looking into travel surf rods recently, ended up grabbing a Triumph 9’ off the auction site. Those are going to cost more than you’re looking to spend though. At that price point take a look at the Tsunami TSTSS-933M. It’s a 3 pc for under $100, and might be fine for your needs, esp if it’s not something you’re going to be using all the time. I was close to buying one just for something to throw in the beach cart when I’m on the Cape with the family. Good luck.
  14. I’ll take the BG. I’m in Canton. I assume it’s never been dunked or anything? Also, what braid is on it? Thanks!