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  1. I was looking into travel surf rods recently, ended up grabbing a Triumph 9’ off the auction site. Those are going to cost more than you’re looking to spend though. At that price point take a look at the Tsunami TSTSS-933M. It’s a 3 pc for under $100, and might be fine for your needs, esp if it’s not something you’re going to be using all the time. I was close to buying one just for something to throw in the beach cart when I’m on the Cape with the family. Good luck.
  2. I’ll take the BG. I’m in Canton. I assume it’s never been dunked or anything? Also, what braid is on it? Thanks!
  3. Still interested. Not sure how much you actually fished it, but what are your thoughts on the accuracy of the 3/4 to 2 oz rating?
  4. Offer $25 for the 500 yd spool of 20lb.
  5. Is this still available? If so I’d take it for the $68 PP shipped. LMK. Thanks.
  6. Would you consider $20 for the white/yellow piggie in the middle?
  7. I'll take this. Is PP acceptable? PM payment details when you get a moment. Thanks!
  8. I also use a BG3000 on a star stellar lite 7’ medium. Great combo. This size reel is comparable to a Penn 4000, so you could go smaller if desired. But as others have said, I’d go with the 3000.
  9. I’ll take this please. PM me with payment details?
  10. Where in MA are you located? The large size might be bigger than what I'd need, but if the price is right...
  11. Freshwater guy, new to the surf. I always keep a pile of empty spools after I've used the line off them, for swapping around and storing line. With the bigger spools on the saltwater gear, my smaller spools for FW don't work so well. Looking to get a bunch of larger spools, like those which held 300+ yards of 50+ lb braid. I'm hoping some folks out there have extras lying around that they'd be willing to put in a cheap manila envelope and drop in the mail. After which I'd reimburse for shipping and handling via PP, covering fees as well of course. Thanks for reading.
  12. I’ll put in an offer of $380 shipped (to be the leader in the clubhouse).
  13. Ok thanks. That’s probably not really something I need then. If you’d consider selling the Guppy 1 1/4 oz pencil alone I might be interested, otherwise thanks for the info and glws!
  14. Does the redhead Hookr swim more like a little neck swimmer than a regular pencil popper?