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  1. I decided not to get on the water instead fished my usual spots and picked a couple but the wind was pretty strong and the water a mess although that didn't stop someone on a duck boat out there, I'll try the yak tomorrow.
  2. Hello, I've recently picked up a pedal fishing kayak and want to see if I can get some fishing in the Hackensack. I've fished the river and know what I want to try, I am more concerned with the saftey aspect of being a kayak newbie on a swift flowing river and believe in saftey in numbers. I plan to go this saturday 1 hr before the top of the high so I fish the tidal change and the current is weaker. If anyone has a kayak and is interested in joining or learning this with me message me.
  3. You don't mention budget and lure weight. starting at the lower end you can go with a 1oz tsunami classic for ~$60, or a penn allegiance II 1oz for ~70. Both very light and good for what you mention. Star stellar lite for ~99 or jump up to the $200 range with St Croix and TFO. I personally like the penn allegiance II # ALLINII1017S70. You can find them at your big box sporting good store.
  4. The gear seems to lack the refinement it needs. Diawa BG seems to have focused on this specific part with a similar price point so there's no reason they can't do the same. Did you bother to have it repaired?
  5. They claim it is dunkable, but state you should not reel underwater. I do go out to sand bars at lower tide and have dunked it a number of times no issue.
  6. You planning to trailer it up each time or rent a slip by the week/month. I believe Browns point marina offers short term slips rentals. As for Timing I would search all forums for charter captains posting the results of their trips. When the fish arrive you'll see them posting the great results 2x a day and you make your move.
  7. It may sound stupid but I prefer the lightest product I can find and that is the Tsunami Shield. Yes, they may not be built as robust as other models but for the weight, low cost and what they bring to the table in the way of comfort and casting for hours I consider this the top choice. I have several and yet to have one fail. I've invested in top quality rods (ODM/Century) vs reels as I feel the greatest impact to the experience is derived from the performance of the rod.
  8. I think the 3500 is a larger spool on the 4000 body. If you want to stay on the light side go with the 3000. Check out the weight of the 3500 & 4000 14.1 oz and 14.3 oz respectively while the 3000 is 10.8 oz. 15vs 17lbs of drag and ~240 vs 310 yards of braid on BG3000 vs BG3500.
  9. I have 1 electric and have used it with umbrellas. I can use a rod with mono and doesn't require as much line as even the wire. hitting the switch to retrieve the line makes it nice and easy, I don't use it that often and would never bother with manual.
  10. Regardless of rules I would take every precaution to ensure my personal safety, you can blame others all you want but ultimately it's your own actions that will contribute to your fate and it will be you that will pay the ultimate price. I would most certainly include a light in low light conditions. A flag with a light attached to it would be even better so you don't have to scramble for one with a boat approaching and would ensure they see you from a distance as approaching. You can't expect a person to hear a horn while standing behind a windshield with engines running at high RPMs and possibly listening to a radio.
  11. Go pick up the Penn Allegiance II. I think they have 2 models one up to 1oz and the other 1.5 with cork grips. Very light, fantastic rods. I use them the same way you intend to, you can find them at dicks for I think $80. Wait for a sale and you'll do even better.
  12. Congrats, what did you buy?
  13. I agree with the idea of being vested hence the time consumed in hunting for topics of interest that you can add value to. I also like the idea of not archiving/locking threads as conditions change and people can continue to share experiences relevant to that topic.
  14. Considering you are already have your sights to jump up later in life I would not buy new as you are going to take a significant hit on the depreciation. You can either go with a newly used boat as stated above or also consider buying an older hull and re-powering. If you go the repower route I suggest getting a premium hull and highly sought after 4s motor i.e. Yamaha. for example buy a 2000 hydrasport 20ft CC and repower with a new I4 200HP yamaha and you'll have a very capable boat that can handle bay (which does get snotty) as well as be great inshore. Another example would be a boston whaler 18ft that you can re-power with a new f150. The resale on these would be very good and you won't get stuck trying to get out of it.
  15. I bought a jetski and had every intention to use it to go fishing, that is until I started using it. It is very capable of functioning as a fishing platform but also very limiting. I ultimately got rid of the jetski and bought a small (16ft) boat in place of it. This platform is considerably more capable, can carry more gear, has a live well, can bring company, just as easy to launch/retrieve on your own, can get into skinny water and back bay areas, very fuel efficient, easy to board from the water should you decide to beach it and explore, doesn't jet it's jet drive clogged with sea weed and most importantly you don't get soaked.