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  1. Thanks - went to the Punta Gorda area for a few days after St. Augustine Beach - caught some mangrove snappers and sheepshead in our friends canal. No evidence of red tide!!
  2. Days 6 and 7: Day 6 was too windy - Day 7 didn’t get up early enough to get the right time of the tide. Headed to Punta Gorda Monday for a few days - will post my luck - or lack thereof.
  3. Day 5: Couple of hours from the beach - not a bite.
  4. Day 4: tried fishing for about 15 minutes - wind howling NNE - no fun! Quit to do some touristy stuff. Hopefully Friday is better!
  5. Day 3: 1 big lady fish and 1 keeper pompano on salted clam. Not a nibble on live sand fleas.
  6. Day #1: nothing but ladyfish Day #2: 2.5 hours fishing the beach with goofy jig and teaser - one nice 13-inch pompano, two small pomp’s, one small blue, two small Jack crevalle, a keeper whiting and a keeper weakfish. A good day - sorry - only a pic of the keeper pomp
  7. I have the 9-footer, 4-piece. It does fine and is easy to travel with
  8. Thanks much!!
  9. Thanks for the intel!
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  12. LOL - thanks much!!
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  14. I will be down at St. Augustine Beach, Florida April 18 - 26, staying just south of the St. John's County Pier. Hope to catch some whiting and pompano from the surf. Any other recommendations/suggestions in terms of alternate locations? Sure wouldn't mind getting into some redfish or black drum either. Thanks in advance!
  15. How about a Shimano Saragosa 6000SW? Relatively light and smooth as silk? You can often find quality used ones on this forum