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  1. You could buy the swimming pool noodles and put them around the rods and zip-tie to your roof racks - should provide sufficient protection.
  2. I'm in - thanks
  3. Catbird
  4. Perhaps a steelhead rod would meet your needs? St. Croix makes several that might work for you
  5. I’m in - thanks
  6. You might touch base with either Wes Brough (cabosurfcaster) or Stephen Jansen of Jansen inshore tackle. I did a guided surf trip with Wes a couple of years ago. Although we had limited success that day he is a wealth of knowledge. It has been my experience that both Wes and Stephen are more than willing to share info. Hope that helps
  7. AND THE WINNER IS: hunter123 PM SENT
  8. After my good fortune in winning #10, I wanted to keep this going. I will be giving away a Jansen Ballyhoo, produced and sold by Stephen Jansen in Cabo San Lucas. Check out his videos catching big jacks and roosters from the surf with his lures. This particular lure is 6 inches long and weighs 2 oz. All you need to do is respond to the post with the phrase "I practice catch and release". I will leave this open until noon, Monday, May 27. I will use a random number generator to select the winner. Here is a picture Jansen Ballyhoo.pdf
  9. The Tsunami Airwaves Elite 9’6” comes in just over your price point
  10. I catch and release - thanks for the chance!
  11. Great I am at a family event right now- is it ok if I send the payment in an hour or two
  12. Respectfully offer $400 via PayPal shipped to 21012 for the Twinpower. Thanks
  13. Suggest Star Stellar Light 8’ or Tsunami Airwaves Elite 8’8”
  14. Thanks to you for giving us a chance to win!
  15. I recently purchased the Tsunami Evict 2000 and have been very pleased with it