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  1. I have 30# power pro on mine
  2. Agree!!
  3. Saragosa 5000
  4. Sorry to hear of your loss - thoughts and prayers with you and your family. p.s. you did some power knobs for me awhile back - they continue to look great and work great!
  5. I thin it handles 1.5 - 2 just fine
  6. I have them both and I think either would work for what you described. I would probably lean toward the 8'8" just because its a little lighter. BTW, I have both of them paired with the Slammer III 4500.
  7. thanks much!!
  8. Is the refuge open? Are the parking lots open and is fishing allowed? Thx much
  9. You might want to consider the Tsunami Airwave Elite 8'8" or 9'6" - nice rods for the $$
  10. In the world where it’s being used on a 10 foot rod - just my opinion
  11. I would suggest the Saragosa 5000 - nice and light and smooth
  12. I’m in - thx for the opportunity!
  13. Any additional suggestions/insights would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance
  14. I would really appreciate any insight - thanks in advance
  15. I will be down in St. Augustine, FL April 19 - 25. We will be staying on the beach just south of the St. John's County Ocean Pier. I understand it is closed for renovation - would appreciate any recommendations for other fishing piers nearby. Also plan to fish the beach for pompano and whiting. Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.