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  1. Thanks much
  2. Mojo surf?
  3. I am looking to purchase an 8' surf rod that will throw 3/4 oz - 2 oz well. Fishing will be mostly on sandy beaches - probably paired with a Penn Slammer III 4500. Can be either one or two piece. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance.
  4. Anytime!!
  5. I will take the Saragoss
  6. I agree - this is a good compromise rod
  7. I have the same rod and currently have it paired with a BG 4000 spooled with 30# power pro - works great!! The Spinfisher 4500 should work fine
  8. Good luck!
  9. I purchase mine maybe 18 months ago and have since sold it. The pic you provided looks like the same rod. In my case - the middle of the reel seat was about 13-15 inches from the rod butt. I find 20+ inches to be comfortable for me. Hope that helps
  10. I had the 11' 4-piece surf rod. I found the reel seat to be too close to the butt end of the rod and was unable to get good leverage for casting. I did have occasion to work with the customer service department - they were excellent and very responsive.
  11. Either reel should work - just go with which one feels the most comfortable
  12. Thanks much!!
  13. Dixiekraut - Thanks much. When you drive out to the beach you either turn left or right - which direction is the area you are referring to? Thanks again
  14. I am contemplating a trip to Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge to do some surf fishing sometime over the next 3 weeks. I would much appreciate any thoughts/comments/suggestions regarding what types of fish I might encounter and what types of bait/;uses I should consider. I will not be driving onto the beach but will park in the parking areas and walk to the surf. Thanks in advance
  15. $200 sipped via Paypal