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  1. I have a full day on Sunday for some shore fishing (fly and/or spin). Can be anywhere on Cape, but I need to end up in Truro. First time in the area. I’m currently thinking Race Point - looks like a beautiful spot, may chance on some fish, may get to see a GW... Any alternative suggestions?
  2. Thanks for the info, and the pointer to Bill Fisher shop. Christian
  3. I’m lucky enough to be visiting Nantucket for the first time last week of August. I’m trying to do some online investigating to have some clue what to bring and where/when to go when I get out there (other than basics like trying to fish tide changes in the sunset to sunrise time frame). Looks like my timing isnt optimal: a bit late for stripers and a bit early for albies or bonitos. Any thoughts or advice from the SOL denizens would be most appreciated. I’ll be shorebound.
  4. Wow! What an absolute hog! From your posts sounds like you were on the hunt. Care to share the story?
  5. Hey short, I’ll buy for $135 shipped (Boston area). Thanks, Christian
  6. Hey dthawks, I’ll take both the Lamsons for $475 shipped if still available. christian
  7. Seems part of the point with this training is that traditional, or “legitimate”, first responders will be too late for shark bite traumas. So if more normal everyday beach goers know what to do in the immediate aftermath, then lives might be saved that would otherwise be lost. Now, given the density of hospitals in Boston, you probably couldn’t cast a fly on a Cape beach in the summer without hitting a trained or trainee medical professional, but still, I really can’t see a downside to offering lay people training in shark trauma-specific first aid.
  8. Happy for you BFD.
  9. Thanks for the advice. Could only got out for a couple hours at high tide on Sunday morning. Went to a long sandy and pebbly beach. No visible action, bird or fish, but hooked one (with a long distance release) and got in some good casting practice. Beautiful spot to spend some time on an oddly warm and humid fall day. And most importantly the kids had a blast catching perch from the dock behind our rental!
  10. Thanks Oakman. I belatedly used the search function and found the Numerous flats threads. I’ll probably stick closer along the shoreline this trip rather than venture out.
  11. Not looking for which rock to stand on, but apparently I’m going to be in Barnstable next Sat pm - Sun am for a family trip, and I know nothing about that area. I have decent Google fu and will dig up what’s out there but would really appreciate a shortcut on where a shorebound fisherman can find some access. Google maps shows me a nice marsh/estuary, which is promising because that’s my happy place as a trouter turned novice basser... any general help help much appreciated.
  12. Incredible day - congratulations! This is just the catalyst I need to force me to find a way to get out to see how my usual spot is fairing.
  13. Nothing doing for me fly fishing from shore through the turn this morning near mouth of one of the mid-sized estuaries. Water felt warm - too warm for stripers? Too in shore for the other fish? Novice fisherman?
  14. Mike - I've followed enough threads to know which camp you're in!
  15. You guys really are hearing them feeding?! That can’t be on the beach in surf can it? Oof - I have a long way to go!