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  1. Mine will be used for freshwater bass and trout.
  2. FG knot for leaders and I usually use a Palomar for lures because its fast and easy.
  3. I've pretty much gave up and made P-Line TCB8 my go to However, I still do like Sunline Xplasma
  4. Is it as smooth as the Stella FJ? I love my Stella
  5. That is how it is with almost everything, you got to consider, parts, labor, packaging, shipping and advertisements...$400
  6. I'm curious also, but a half ounce of aluminum is actually more then one would think. Most of use think a half ounce and think of a lead sinker LOL. Now for more questions, whats the difference between the Exist and Certate besides frame material? Do they use the same gear material? What bearings are missing on the Certate vs Exist? My guess would be under the spool and in the handle knob...
  7. Certate LT 3000-CXH ordered.
  8. Now I just need to decide between the 3000 XH and the 3000 CXH
  9. I use the FG for strength plus its goes through the guides better then any other knot I have used. Bummer...
  10. So is the CERTATELT3000-CXH the same as the 2500 XH just with a deeper spool? So what is the CERTATE3000-XH? I have a 7'6" megabass flyssa so the larger size like the 3000 cxh might be the one to go with to balance the rod out.
  11. How hard would it be to tie a 8lb leader to 10lb nanofil using a FG knot?
  12. I've been using the Daiwa grand 8x 6lb for ice fishing and love it, it is way soft but that is what I like for ice fishing small 1/16 oz tungsten. Nothing worse then having any kind of memory or coils in your line when ice fishing. I still like sunline xplasma for everything else, but I'm waiting patiently for the Pline tcb 8 10lb in yellow....Love pline tcb8
  13. Aqua have you tested seaguar smackdown? I might pick up some 15lb green when I can find some...
  14. I'm trying to find a 4 to 6 pound braid for ice fishing now that absorbs the least amount of water...