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  1. Can you PM me the link to these original pics, I would like to read anything about it that has been posted if on another forum. Thanks.
  2. Bumping this back as I would love to see a tear down of the Exist LT and Certate LT to see the main differences. I have heard the Exist LT is smoother and on another level and would like to know what makes it that way VS the Certate LT...
  3. Its one of the better braids IMO, I've used quite a few. The coating does wear off over time but it takes longer then most and stays pretty clean.
  4. Have you guys noticed its kinda hard putting the spool back on due the the "click leaf spring"
  5. Cabelas coolers are pretty awesome...
  6. For those who are changing bearings, make sure you have a super small allen wrench, I'm not sure of the size but its mini... That is one of the reasons I went with the hedgehog bearings, it comes with the correct allen wrench size.
  7. I have a Dobyns Mike Long rod.... I wonder if I can exchange it
  8. Ugly stick ice rod is my cheapest.
  9. Not sure on what bearing size the 5K will have. I love my Certate but would still choose my Stella first.
  10. I like all my Yeti stuff, the price is hard to take but they also have excellent customer service.
  11. Got the bearings today and they fit perfect, I know have a certate LT 3000 that is a 12+1 bearing system like the Exist but an aluminum body :big grin:
  12. Its actually not plastic, its looks like Aluminum to me. The picture on hedgehog is plastic though....
  13. Here is the link, it shows where the bearings go. Mine should be here in the next couple of days.. https://www.hedgehog-studio.co.jp/product/4391
  14. It's here Sweet reel, nice and smooth. I did just order two bearings to add to the spool and spool shaft from hedge hog studio, had to also get rid of that T-knot and add a Megabass handle knot.