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  1. Anyone try the Spiderwire Ultracast x8? I just spooled up a spinning reel with 6lb and its very stiff, its also ties FG knots very well. http://www.spiderwire.com/spiderwire-line-superline-spiderwire-ultracast/spiderwire-ultracast-braid/1509894.html#start=4
  2. Quick question... On Berkley fireline 8, when using a FG knot to say 8lb will the FG knot be strong enough so the leader would brake before the knot its self? Am I wrong on thinking I could almost use any braid since the knot strength even at 70% will still be stronger then the 6 lb or 8 lb Flourocarbon leaders that I'm using????
  3. I'm thinking about trying some Nanofil for ice fishing, does it absorb much water? Can you recommend what pound and what leader knot? Thanks.
  4. I'm still waiting for you to open up the Daiwa Certate LT and Exist LT to see the differences Sorry off topic LOL
  5. Hitena sent me a sample of the Silky and the Pureline, the Silky really isn't any smoother then most the 8 carrier braids available and the Pureline feels like a 4 strand braid which is weird since its a 12 strand, I'm gonna use the Silky for ice fishing since they only sent me 52 yards. I will stick with my normal 8 strand
  6. I seen your video of the Hetena, have you used it yet or tried it with a FG knot?
  7. I thought the knot looked like crap LOL, but wanted to see what you guys thought. I love the FG.
  8. Has anyone tried the GT knot? I still like the FG knot with one tag end for casting through guides....
  9. It seems like anymore I like to see the line in person and feel it before my purchase, we can't go off of diameter or lb ratings.... My ideal diameter is 10 power pro V2 on my baitcasters and seaguar smackdown 10lb or pline tcb 8 lb on my spinning rods, thats going off of how they feel in hand vs what the ratings are. The p-line tcb 8 and seaguar smackdown in 10lb are both thinner then the 10lb power pro v2
  10. Nothing I have fished touches the NRX in sensitivity, I also love my Conquest, while its not as sensitive as my NRX rods its still very sensitive, IMO it compares to the GLX. What the conquest rod has is its lighter and more powerful and casts amazing...
  11. Have you guys seen the new spiderwire smooth 12?
  12. Can you PM me the link to these original pics, I would like to read anything about it that has been posted if on another forum. Thanks.
  13. Bumping this back as I would love to see a tear down of the Exist LT and Certate LT to see the main differences. I have heard the Exist LT is smoother and on another level and would like to know what makes it that way VS the Certate LT...
  14. Its one of the better braids IMO, I've used quite a few. The coating does wear off over time but it takes longer then most and stays pretty clean.