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    I really should sleep more
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    Hanging out on the beach during 50knot winds, buying plugs I’ll never use, smoking a whole pack of cigarettes during a 6 hour tide
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    Sit at my desk and worry if I’m currently missing the best bite of the year

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  1. Will take the jointed pikie for 40 shipped....just let me know
  2. Interested in the Billy D jointed if you were to split
  3. It shouldn’t break a synthetic grease down
  4. I’ll take the darters
  5. I’ll take a skin plug
  6. Don’t like the leather. The belt loop gets loose when soaked and when I go to pull the pliers it tries to pull the whole sheath up. Not a huge issue just annoys me
  7. Any try the Van Staal Comanche Kydex plier sheath? Thinking of picking one up, never been a huge fan of VS leather sheath
  8. Super strike darter or 7inch loaded fin
  9. Offer retracted
  10. Builder?
  11. Bump
  12. No more darter action! My first love is a darter....don’t tell my wife!
  13. The fish are getting smaller and smaller for me!