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  1. Can u do 50 on the Socorro?
  2. I also have a diawa bg that got dunked during the season and I was wondering if I should get it serviced at one of the tackle stores?
  3. Might as well where r u located?
  4. Thanks for the info I’ll definitely put the drags low and I’ll replace any badly rusted hooks as for the rod I’ll probably just scrap it it’s served it’s time and it wasn’t exactly expensive to begin with.
  5. Sent payment about 45 min ago let me know when u get it thanks
  6. Thanks for the info I’ll definitely consider those options
  7. Do any trolls have tips for getting my fishing arsenal ready for winter? Things I’m trying to prevent is rusty hooks on lures, and damage to rods/reels. Also one of my rods has a problem with the reel seat that I would like to see fixed. the problem is its not secure to the rod and frequently spins around which can be troublesome when your landing a big fish. does anyone else have this problem? if so how did they fix it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  8. I’ll do $30 for the 165 Sebile and the palomine thanks
  9. How do u tell the wind direction? A lot of weather websites don’t show it
  10. I’m planning on going to south cape beach this weekend and go for stripers and blues early in the am Albies when the sun comes up and tog in the morning let me know if that sounds like a good plan I’m also thinking I might find some big pogies/bunker around there but I’ve never fished that spot before so I don’t know what to expect does anyone have any input
  11. What’s left?
  12. Is this still available?
  13. I got a tsunami Armr I could sell u for $60 but I might need u to pick it up where r u located?