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  1. did you receive the payment?
  2. I’ll take the four 4 oz ones for $20 shipped thanks
  3. ok lmk if u change ur mind
  4. Sorry forgot to include that it would be the 9’ star rod
  5. I can do 65 including shipping to falmouth mass
  6. There’s a sale at red top on Friday Saturday and Sunday this week maybe we can do a breakfast at Leo’s and then go to the sale one of those days.
  7. If the reel is still available and you can ship it then I’m interested
  8. I’ll be throwing sp minnows stick shads and magic swimmers. I’m also looking for a rod to throw eels. A buddy of mine suggested the star stellar lite, or star paraflex. if I can get one for cheaper than the tackle shop that would be great also I forgot to mention I can pick it up anywhere from Falmouth to the canal or you can ship it
  9. Do u have any pictures of the rod also what do u need in terms of plugs?
  10. I’m looking to buy a decent 10-11 foot canal plugging rod. anything is good as long as it’s lighter than my 12 foot penn prevail looking to spend under $150 if possible, but I could maybe throw in a reel, or a few plugs to offset the price if needed.
  11. Actually can you do $130 for the Socorro and the other cardiff?
  12. Can u do 50 on the Socorro?
  13. I also have a diawa bg that got dunked during the season and I was wondering if I should get it serviced at one of the tackle stores?
  14. Might as well where r u located?