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  1. Pictures please if u can
  2. Ice fishing auger used once $50 ice fishing rod $2 Tip ups $15 for all 3 Must pick up near 02536 cash preferred PayPal accepted images below
  3. Is this still available and if so can u ship?
  4. Not all coolers just big fish coolers
  5. Hi, I just came back from a party boat out of onset mass, on which I caught a bunch of scup and two sea bass. now I caught them between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm and I just filleted them about and hour or two ago at 2:30 ish and they weren’t kept on ice because I wasn’t allowed to bring a cooler now the question is can I still eat them?
  6. I’ve also had issues with power pro before. It kept getting tangled but that’s probably because I put it on myself or because I got it from Walmart maybe I should’ve used a different line what’s everybody’s favorite?
  7. I think I’ll start carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer in my plug bag just in case I run into one of these fish That way I can wash my hands right after coming in contact plus it’ll help with the fish smell or yeah I could wear gloves
  8. That doesn't sound fun do you know if it comes from eating the fish or just touching it?
  9. I believe this could be it https://pubs.er.usgs.gov/publication/70045798 it’s called mycobacteriosis it seems to be a relatively new disease like robc22 said
  10. Oh yeah I didn't read the whole thread. on another note I see ur back on the site if u get the chance we should catch up sometime
  11. I do apologize for any hard feelings I did not mean to offend anyone Although I do realize now what i said can be considered quite insensitive
  12. Wait I’m complaining about the tourists and what not but yet I wanna fish the canal on the freaking Fourth of July where’s the logic in that?
  13. Do we also keep people from crossing those two bridges on the way in cuz I would love to do that right about now