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  1. I vote for Saturday early am. I usually work sundays.
  2. This time of year there’s certainly no shortage of small peanut bunker in the cape cod area and I was wondering what lures people use to best Mach the hatch I know epoxy jigs work good for bonito and Albies but what about stripers and blues any suggestions?
  3. Peter Pan bus goes from south station directly to buzzards bay over by the train bridge for about $48 round trip
  4. heres An idea we could do the dated cell pics thing but if anyone catches an absolute monster another ditch troll could be the one to weigh it in and also certify that that fish was actually caught that day. the pics would only be so that people could see the fish that have been caught already and see if the one they caught is worth weighing in. Let me know if u understand anything I just said because it sounds a little confusing.
  5. Sounds fun, does it have to be strictly worm and bobber?
  6. Did anyone go? I was parking cars there from 11 am to 5 pm I saw at least one guy with a canal bike
  7. Does Leo’s serve lunch? I know they serve a mean breakfast. Also if we do this derby thing how are the non local trolls gonna get down here on such short notice?
  8. Ive decided to offically become a troll I know this may be bad timing considering you just published a list of trolls recently I also have a suggestion I was wondering if you guys would be interested in doing some form of trolls only fishing tournament I would obviously lose but it would still be cool to add a little competition to mix
  9. There’s also gonna be a new Okuma long cast soon. supposedly it has 40 pounds of drag and its just about 100 bucks I gotta be missing something it seems too good to be true.
  10. I'm in, also where and, what time of day is this?
  11. Wait when is it?
  12. I am a relatively new member of stripers online, and I was wondering if I could be a ditch troll? Also I would love to attend this event, but if possible could you make it a little earlier in the year like maybe April. I mean really, well be catching stripers in the canal by mid may. And also I don't know if the original dates were weekends, but weekends would be best for me.
  13. I'm sure most of you already know the old saying that dandelions = tautog and I was wondering if anyone had seen any dandelions or maybe even tog lately especially let me know if you see either of these things in the cape cod area
  14. Hi I was wondering if anyone knew if tautog have a water temperature preference. I know the old dandelions theory, but I would like something more specific I will most likely be targeting them from shore, and I was wondering what temps they start coming closer to shore. Any ideas?
  15. Hey, I know you