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  1. Saw two 7-11s down 7 and 9 cents from yesterday. Anybody remember the gas wars in the early 70s, 17 to 19 cents. 2 dollars would fill up my 72 Datsun pickup, go to Hatteras for the weekend. Another dollar when I got back would cover back and forth to work for the week.
  2. I have a bunch of butterfly weed, different than butterfly bush. It's in the milkweed family. Saw the first Monach laying eggs today. Pic of last year's caterpillars.
  3. NUKEMAP by Alex Wellerstein ( Pick your location and bomb size. At 4 miles from the Navy's largest base at least I'm likely vaporized on detonation!
  4. Bullet to the brain on scene, body thru a chipper. Press release: Shooter dead, identity unknown, no further information.
  5. Thanks for your service. Still got all your fingers, toes and eardrums? I used to work next to company made up of former EOD ang Special Warfare guys. One used to wear a shirt that EOD on the front and on the back it said "if you see me running try and keep up". We always liked when they would bring their toys out to run around the parking lot for testing.
  6. Dominion Power Va. is requesting a 20% rate increase on July to cover increased fuel costs. They said it would be spread over three years. At least we'll blead out slowly instead of from one big cut. An article on the local station has a farmer in Va. Beach who said his fertilizer cost has more than doubled in one year. He said that and with fuel cost his operating cost are up more than 40% in one year. The city decided to take advantage of the upswing in vehicle prices and raised my property tax 12% even though the truck is a year older, even raised the tax on my 25-year-old john boat 10%.
  7. I've been reading posts about all the problems finding good people. The last engineering firm was owned by a woman I had worked with since the early 80's. We worked at a national firm for eleven years and then she went out on her own. She used to ask me to sit in on interviews. I would usually just sit quietly doodling on a yellow pad that couldn't be seen. At the end she would ask if I had any questions. "Why do fireman wear red suspenders." After the first time she asked me WTF. I said you get three answers and what I think about them. 1. Quick "I don't know" untrainable and will never to be able to solve problems on their own. 2 "I don't know, why?" trainable. 3 "To hold their pants up" Too smart to work here and will move on to something else within a year. I ended up being right on nine out of ten hires over the years.
  8. Duty clock from a WWI mine sweeper that ended up as a target ship for the 16" guns on the battleships during WWII. Dad was on the tug towing targets, they did some "salvage" work the night before He had a piece of bandage tape over the US Navy. I had a girlfriend in high school who cleaned it up and mounted it for dad. He had been the Army Air Corp during WWII, was a watch maker who worked on design of the Norton bomb sites.
  9. Reading all this back and forth I will quote a buddy of my dad's, old UDT Chief veteran of WWII, Korea and Viet Nam. "The worst I ever had was still pretty damn good."
  10. I went in the crawl space of a house that had been vacant for two years. Came face to face with a rat the same size as one of my cocker spaniels. I hollered, he just tilted his head, side armed half a brick he just tilted his head the other way. I backed out, told the agent you need to call Seal Team Six to get that bugger out of there.
  11. Might not help, bathtubs in the South aren't the same as up North.
  12. I worked for a large geotech firm from 76 to 97. In the early 80's somebody decided to change the logo and repaint the drills a matching blue. Didn't go over well when I asked what was it was going to cost to pull 50+ rigs thru out the company off line for a week each to repaint. Our drillers were repainting the rig when somehow the paint rig exploded and they became Smurfs which stuck with them as their names. In a years time they out performed their name. We were installing monitoring well at the site of an abandoned munitions plant with all kinds of stuff in the ground. At a couple locations gun cotton would come up on the agers and start smoking when it hit the air. I was developing a well one morning when the client's rep comes up and asks me how much the Smurfs got paid.? I reply I don't know why do you ask? He says not enough because they are over there on the side of the rig having to share a cigarette. A few weeks later they stopped for drinks on the way back from a job, forget to set the parking brake and the rig rolls back and takes out the canopy and two gas pumps. that was a Mayhew 500 mounted on a 2110 International, 32,000 lbs. Could have killed somebody. The last straw was they went lunch one day and left the gas petcock open on a trailer rig that had a gravity fed motor. When they got back and started it up it exploded and started a brush fire. Not to worry, two of the are now welders working at local shipyard welding on submarines!
  13. I'll throw out some numbers for you, my last monthly COL increase on SS did not cover increase on a tank of gas and a week's worth of basic food. Property tax on a three year old truck is more than last year? 10% increase on property tax on the house due the crazy real estate market. I'm working part time, but that has slowed since houses are selling without inspections. I have savings and retirement account so I'm not in the same shape as a lot of people but it has to be scary for older folks.
  14. In the late 70's Va. Beach was in the middle of a water shortage. They got their water from Norfolk and Norfolk's lakes couldn't supply enough for both cities. Va. Beach hired a consultant to drill deep test wells at 2000'. We were a sub to install 200' observation wells to monitor drawdown. We went over to watch the deep well drilling. Old guy running the drill was from out west, he had about seven and a half fingers left, and the side of his head looked like he had been smacked with a sledgehammer. He's got a lever in each hand, foot on a brake and a knee holding the throttle pushed in. All this going on he leans over a pull a flask from the top pocket of bibs with his mouth somehow pulls the cork takes a long swig and puts it back in pocket. that's a driller! The water from the deep well ended up being saltier than the Chesapeake Bay. They figured later that the formation had been fractured by the meteor strike in the Bay millions of years before. Their next solution was to use the large borrow pits in the city. We were a sub again to survey volumes and to sample water, rented them my $99 john boat for $125 a week for 12 weeks. The last week the client (Middle Eastern engineer) asked if we were close to being done. My boss says yes, we just have to finish the piscatorial survey, we fished for a week. The pits were not suitable for drinking water. They ended up building a pipeline from Lake Gaston which spent years in court and costing millions.