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  1. Tornado warnings going off all over Eastern Va. right now. One on the ground in Courtland and Suffolk.
  2. Va. Beach Dome Nov 70, they opened for Paul Butterfield. The seeds of my tinnitus!
  3. No Jehovah Witnesses!
  4. 97 in Norfolk right now. 7k on a new heat pump last month, worth every penny!
  5. Would have been my Dad's 97th birthday. He passed four years ago. He joined the Navy in 42, retired in 63 as a Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman. He worked another in 19 years in a civil service position in Preventative Medicine at Little Creek Amphibious Base. He laughed before passing that his retirement check per month was more than he made in the first three years in the Navy. 4th was always a big day with all the family around.He tell people "you may not think I'm important but you get mine and Jesus Christ's birthday off" Picture is one of the few things the evil step mom didn't sell or throw away.
  6. Maine Coon. My sister use to raise them, had a couple that went over 25lbs. One of them put the neighbors Lab in the hospital for over 40 stiches.
  7. Wonder how many it took to get the pen off the little chain?
  8. Here's my opportunity to be twice as disappointing as usual!
  9. Had a lawer tell me if you're up to no good make sure somebody else has your phone, preferably in another state.
  10. If your phone is on Big Brother knows where you are.