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  1. I’m gonna have to stay at $100, $125 along with $40 in line and $10 in shipping is getting close to the cost of the new xse which was my original plan. $100 and the line is admittedly a low ball but it would kind of have to be for me to pass up the xse. No sweat if that doesn’t work, I totally understand.
  2. $100 PayPal and the power pro?
  3. Any interest in a 300yd spool of 80lb power pro in box and cash for the ultegra?
  4. If you can do $75 shipped to 01826 I’ll take this.
  5. Looking to buy an inexpensive Shimano 5000 size boat reel. I don’t need anything fancy, something like a socorro, it just needs to be in good shape. Thanks
  6. Another vote for 832, it’s the only line I will use anymore.
  7. $50 sounds good to me, I’ll take it thank you.
  8. Would you do the 2 northbars and the left hook for $45? I can do PayPal or Venmo.
  9. Any idea how long these are?
  10. I’ll take the bottles please.
  11. I’ll drop the price to $200 each if someone wants a pair and I’ll keep the other two for myself.
  12. I have 4 tickets in box 95 for sale to Billy Joel at Fenway on Aug 4. The seats are on the aisle and I will sell either 2 or all 4 seats. I’m just looking to get back what I paid, $225 each. I’ve been three times and it’s an awesome show but the postponement makes this one too hard to go to.
  13. Looking to upgrade the fish finder in my boat. It came with the piranhamax 4 which seems to be about as basic as can be. Looking to stay on the lower end price wise as I don’t need any crazy features and I fish mostly lakes and rivers. The hook reveal 5 seems to have good reviews overall and was wondering if anyone here used it and could let me know their thoughts. The biggest thing I would like to gain is the ability to use the depth finder while the boat is moving. The one I have now stops at just a few miles an hour and some of the rivers I’m in have some real shallow areas.
  14. Thanks to both of you!
  15. I’m in thanks