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  1. Excellent!
  2. Right on! Point her up to Maine What a fish...man o man. I'd be planning to get a reproduction done of that one!
  3. That is absolutely amazing- big CONGRATS to you!! Can I ask what state this was in?
  4. Those are INCREDIBLY well done- my hat is off to you on those...true fish food!
  5. Great pics and report!
  6. I think its fair to say that I'm often quicker to complain about poor customer service than I am to praise the opposite. With that said, I'm going to give a shout-out to the guys @ Saltwaters Tackle is West Islip, NY. I own a number of Van Staal C-Vex's (no longer made) and was told by my VS contact that these guys will take care of me. Off went the reel and back it came- with an excellent job done repairing. I also found the guys very helpful and on-top of things over the phone. I have absolutely no connection with this crew, but wanted to mention it here for all of you Van Staal owners (or others) who may need some service and are not familiar with them.
  7. That is one sharp-looking reel!
  8. Good stuff Thai! Trade in the big Hatch for a Mako? If that was your only Poon of the trip, you guys did well to get those images...very nice. Enjoyed your report last year as well...which guide did you run with this year?
  9. Just a thought guys...why not email Dave and ask him if he has one he would be willing to sell, or perhaps if he would tie a couple? Before I dove into tying myself, I bought a few flies from Dave probably 13-14 years ago now- one of them was the "Slobster" we're talking about....still have it! Google "skok photo" and you will find his site...phone number and email both right there. He may not sell flies directly anymore, but it's worth a shot!
  10. Do you have the original black pouch for this reel to include when you sell?
  11. Just for clarification...the C-Vex 9/12 Reel was sold as three options: with a 9/10 spool, with a 11/12 spool, or as a combo (one frame and both 9/10 and 11/12 spools). Not all 9/12 reels were sold as the "combo" package.
  12. I'm one of the handful of folks that believe this is one of Wintons greatest series of rods ever made....I owned and fished the BIIIx as well, but they have since been sold. I still have and fish a 9' 5 weight and a 9' 7 weight in the BIIx. Excellent rod for streamer fishing trout and salmon- or throwing bass poppers.....like all the BIIx line, very sensitive and smooooooth. I owned a 9' 9 weight as well- nice rod for the salt, but not my favorite for that application. You will enjoy the 7 weight a lot!
  13. That is cool- thanks for sharing. I agree with you guys...love owls!
  14. Thank you, done deal- please close thread.
  15. All yours rhahn427- first buyer has backed out.