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  1. No longer available- thank you SOL.
  2. I will mention as well, the inside of the frame has my name engraved. You have to take the spool off, however, to see it.
  3. Yes sir. Last image shows minor scrapes I spoke of.
  4. This is the original- not the "LT" or "R". Size 2 is perfect for 4 or 5 weight. Reel and spare spool are both black- good functional condition with some normal scratches. Asking 160 for both reel and spare spool. I will sell spare spool alone for 60, but not reel alone. Original boxes and pouches will go with both.
  5. Excellent work Seadogg!
  6. Nice way to honor BFD and an effective fly to boot! Well done.
  7. I agree with this 100%. Patagonia doesn't get the Kudos they deserve...I have zero affiliation with them and will suggest them as my top choice for waders all day long. In my experience, they last as long (or longer) as any of their competitors...and when you do have a problem, they will take care of you. I think Simms makes great products as well, but the last pair of Simms waders I owned, I had the same type of experience as Slip n Slide had...was blamed for condition when in reality, they weren't exactly "old" or "abused" by any stretch...goodbye Simms. Patagonia treats you like they want to keep you as a customer, and they have done exactly that.
  8. Closing thread to offer elsewhere- thank you SOL.
  9. One more drop- how about 180? Own a classic as smooth as buttah' !
  10. Sorry, that one is gone.
  11. Sold to newportrockhopper, pending payment.
  12. Opening this thread back up for 3 days only- both 7/8's are available. 510 for the pair! You wont find many C-Vex's in this kind of condition.
  13. *Price drop- 210 for set. Shipping included within CONUS.
  14. Here ya go- these 2 highlight the areas of scratching. The 2 spools have next to no scratching at all, and the frame has what I would call small scratches.