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  1. @BPR Yes I can do that. PM coming.
  2. @Drapoza you got it. Pm coming @DaveC Thanks
  3. Do it mold. Hot lips 2, 2.5, and 3oz. $30 shipped. PP F&F
  4. 1. RM Smith Sandeel - 11 2. RM Smith Bay Minnow (new version) - 16 3. Pappys Pride Runt - 16 Add $3 for shipping. PP Please
  5. U got it
  6. Meet at 60 and it’s yours
  7. 65 shipped. Rainbow trout spook, glider, back bay popper, SS stubby needle, sandeel. No splits, PayPal.
  8. That’s works. PM coming and closing out.
  9. I was closer to 3($36) but I’ll hook it up if you take the top 2 and bottom 2. I don’t have another blue. Does that work?
  10. @zmkm cool I’ll pass on the pencils but interested in the two SS darters if you have a white.
  11. @zmkm - are you still interested in trading I haven’t heard back. @john882 if i don’t hear back on this trade, I’ll be interested in selling. (Not sure if I need to switch the posting but will do if it’s in the rules)
  12. Those work, I like both darters and the guppy. I’d value the smacks it around 12. Start with 2 for the SS darter? Pat
  13. I have a few extra jrs, looking for some plugs: -SS darter - white, yellow/white, blurple -Guppy Pencil - white, yellow/white -BMs Used is fine, they will swim. Let me know.
  14. Interested in the Doc, see if you like anything
  15. I’ll pass, wasn’t quite the plug or price I was looking for. Thanks for the post anyways