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  1. I absolutely want reverse and dual side steering, as well as the vantage seat, and I don't foresee any issues loading/unloading the Outback...but if I can get the whole thing to fit into my garage I might end up eating those words.
  2. I just measured my garage entrance against the top of my factory side rails...less than 14", more like 13.5" of room. The Outback at its highest point measures 12.5" according to Hobie...so this might be an exercise in futility. Looking at the low profile Yakima Railbars, obviously nothing sticks out to help me load, but it might just give me a couple millimetres' clearance to work with.
  3. Lol they will have to find another to lead them into battle! At the very least I won't be sunk by a porgy spine in the new yak Will look into various storage options but for now, if it can pass my garage ceiling that'll have to do.
  4. Thanks for that detailed explanation, I can picture it perfectly. I do plan on doing some sort of side loading with an assist bar, I think the Yakima ones are only compatible with their round bars but there are others. I've seen Zoran (Computeruser) throw his PA12 on top of his SUV in no time flat w/o breaking a sweat...but he's a giant Croatian so I will plan accordingly.
  5. I own the apt but the garages are rentals (single pod, some kind of cross beam ceiling). Will look into pulley system...that would really be ideal. Thanks!
  6. I've never overhead pressed anything, I guess we'll find out! What you say about the cross bars sticking out a bit makes sense. I'm looking at the Thule Wingbar Evo 127, 50" length...if not long enough to support the bow I'll get one of those Rhino assist bars. Thanks!
  7. Whenever this topic comes up I always think about the pro Japanese anglers fishing tournaments on Biwa, using 3 and 4lb floro on spinning gear casting tiny finesse baits to big bass. They're not using 3lb line for the fun of it...they're using it just to get bit.
  8. Might finally have to give up the inflatable. Looking at the Outback or possibly the Native/OT yaks, 85-ish lb hulls. This kayak will probably live on the roof rack of my Forester. I'm thinking hull up and resting on its rails? Won't be in direct sun, but the garage gets hot. It also needs to be low profile (low clearance garage), so no saddles/hullivators etc. What rack system do people recommend for that weight range? Simple cross bars? Anyone use one of those side loading assist bars? Anyone load up their Outbacks or similar weight hulls rail down...do you just flip the yak over while it's on the ground? It's been years since I've cartopped anything.
  9. Fkn hell... I have only 2 requirements for my next yak - dual or right hand steering, and reverse. OT and Native, neither offers any steering options, whereas Hobie does in several models. but I guess a further requirement is a drive system that won't crap out within a year!
  10. That is terrible news. Is it the salt? Maybe I'll keep my GT drive for salt and use 180 in fresh...that's where I really need it anyway!
  11. Rick, how many 180s are you on now? The inflatable is on its last legs...I want reverse but not if it's going to crap out once a year!
  12. 360 Drive, currently only on the PA models. If they drop that thing into an outback that'd be pretty amazing.
  13. What's your budget.
  14. I think some of the thinner wire baits (they use thinner wire for more vibration) will be weakened if you twist into a loop. You use the short arm spinnerbait during daytime? I like the looks of that bc...the blade won't touch the hook point. My very, very sharp hook points! What hook do they use in that Aggravator?
  15. On a bass it looks like this (NewAtlt's photo)