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  1. Note that the YGK (and most JDM braids) are rated to actual breaking strength - so 22lb would be similar diameter to 8 or 10lb Jbraid x8 etc. I've been using more and more straight fluoro on my reels (freshwater), but everything that needs braid gets YGK x8. It's the best braid I've tried by far.
  2. How uninspiring lol - keep an eye out for YGK Upgrade x8 - TW and thehookup tackle carries it and they go on sale xmas/black friday/etc.
  3. Both spools of x4 fuzzed up on me after 4 or 5 trips - the 8lb unweaved itself with 50 yards off the spool bc it caught a hangnail lol. The sloppiest braid I've experienced by far. I don't really have an application for 4 strand braid, but if I did I would never use jbraid x4.
  4. Been reading about tons of scrapes and gouges on people's Lynxes - not really a problem for me since I am pretty OCD - but this is not a platform you hop out of and drag across concrete ramps. The Ace Tech material is quite fragile (though apparently easily repaired with epoxy). I launch and land in the water, insert/pull wheels in the water, and when I do have to flip it on asphalt I lay down a yoga mat. Just a FYI for anyone thinking about this boat. It's been perfect for my usage.
  5. So you didn't even land it? Lol...
  6. It's a way to present a finesse bait deep - while keeping it "weightless" and suspended at a certain depth. It can be great for LM under certain conditions but take a look at any of the smallmouth tournaments from the last 10 years - I'd wager 70% of winning fish were caught on DS, and a vast majority of those were vertically dropped on fish/structure off 2D and now forward facing sonar. Tune in to any BASS/MLF tournament in the northern swing post spawn and guys will have 5+ DS setups on deck, eyes glued to their graphs all day.
  7. Reach out to your dealer first, if not responsive then call Hobie - nothing is written in stone with Hobie esp only 1 year out of warranty.
  8. Right - and nobody, not in Japan, not anywhere - uses a LBD reel as a "regular" spinner. I'll own one when I find myself lobbing a bobber for rockfish off a cliff - lol
  9. It doesn't do anything to braid except soak in and leave residue once dried. I use 303 on straight fluorocarbon (almost certain it's the same thing as KVD) and it helps with memory on a spinning reel.
  10. No one has a need for it, except guys fishing cliff walls with a slip bobber rig in the Pacific. Those reels are paired up with 15ft rods with tiny guides you can't even cast with...it's as specialized a reel as they come with zero application outside its design parameters. "mini saltiga" lmfao...
  11. Lol an obscure, non-MQ daiwa going for 700...I guess there's a sucker born every minute.
  12. Exist LT 4000 - 7.2oz
  13. Imagine going from a flooger to a Vanquish lol... May I suggest a more reasonable step of Vanford 1000?
  14. Jbraid x4 is possibly the worst braid I've ever used - absolute garbage. Highly recommend YGK Upgrade x8 - I like the 16lb my cousin prefers the 22lb. They are probably 6 and 8lb Jbraid diameter respectively.
  15. Try the Kalin's Ultimate Jig Heads - they are decent, Mustad Ultrapoints I believe. Re Decoys we just buy them when they come back in stock, with covid you have to be a hoarder with gear and jigheads don't go bad. We haven't used anything but 3/16 and 1/4oz from the beach, the 3/8 and over are for inlets/bay channels etc.