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  1. Hobie might have a dealer model to deal with warranty/issues, but if your dealer is not helpful and/or incompetent, the solution is to call Hobie HQ and tell them that, and don't get off the phone until you talk to someone who can help you. I've done that a few times with my inflatable Hobie - new product, my dealer was clueless - sure it took a few calls to Hobie's 1-800 and a willingness to express my dissatisfaction over the phone, but eventually they will either solve your issue directly or contact your dealer in a timely fashion so they can solve it.
  2. Good mapping is a must for me - It makes you so much more efficient on the water.
  3. Nobody cares what you put in your mouth - but killing 4lbers is doing your own fishery zero favors.
  4. Another reason to harvest smaller (legal) gamefish if you must take - the big ones are rare, and as a sportsman you should strive to keep those big fish genes swimming in the lake.
  5. Likewise Curtis!! The kids got HUGE lol!
  6. I think people say all sorts of things. 30 years ago the limit was what - 14"? At some point in mid 2010's it was 8@18". NY was 21.5" for a few years. No offense but I wouldn't have started this thread if I didn't have the video footage to back it up. Otherwise we're just 2 randos talking on a fishing forum about how many fish we catch.
  7. Maybe once or twice a day I'll dip a jerkshad back into the pack to refresh it, esp if we're trekking for a bit and I see the bait is drying out. Years ago during my party boat days...my station at the tip of the pulpit would see 2 different flavors of Gulp sprays hanging in rod holders. Every time the boat moved I would squeeze dry w/e gulp I'm using at the time with a rag, going by the theory that it's a sponge-like material...then liberally spray the now dry gulp with more gulp crab or squid juice for it to soak up. Not sure if it helped; certainly didn't hurt. I stopped doing that once I got into the kayak and shore fishing - too many things to haul around even for my severe case of fishing OCD.
  8. Fwiw it seems fluke is the only species Berkley got lucky with when they released gulp, at least around here. You don't hear of striper guys using gulp except maybe on tube n worm if they can't find the real thing. I know for a couple of years the 3" gulp minnows and flat worms were a secret dropshot bait for smallmouth up north. Many, many tournaments were won on it. But 2-3 years later the fish wised up and won't go near it. Obviously in a mostly catch/release fishery you'd expect that, but I think the scent is so distinctive that they actively shy away from it from a ways off, after being caught a time or two. Now (going on 2-3 years) the new smallie DS weapon is the Berkley "max scent" baits, which as far as I can tell is a hybrid gulp/plastisol bait that released water based scent but is not biodegradable like gulp. Berkley put a ton of R&D money into developing powerbait/Gulp/MaxScent product lines. I don't think anyone was as surprised as them when gulp started flying off the shelves in the northeast. Those guys have probably never seen a flounder in person.
  9. When gulp first came out, they were only offered in an extremely stiff material - I was bailing them on Gulp Squid - it had zero action, might as well be using a cigar nub. Now with the softer baits, better action, different profiles/colors...we have to work so much harder to get bit esp from quality fish. My pet theory is we have selectively removed a large chunk of those crackhead gulp genes that were predominate in the fluke population back then. Now we just have regular gulp addicts - always attractive to fluke but no longer the break into your grandma's house sell her jewelry for crack kinda gulp addicts.
  10. Since gulp is a water-based matrix thingy - it holds a lot more juice than you might imagine. Ever leave gulp out in the sun...it shrivels up to a raisin. That volume is all water-soluble juice that's dispersing w/o an oil barrier. The hard jerkbaits I use are some of the most triggering lures ever invented. If you have aggressive fluke, clear conditions, bait in the water, and you can find that magical depth with a suspending jerkbait - it can be game on. Obviously with trebles (or in my case, swapping them out for inline singles) a fluke just has to "test bite" the bait to get stabbed. I've chased that hard JB bite for a long time, and it's extremely situational. Gulp is the opposite of that - you might have to vary your retrieve/jigging tempo, how far you let it glide, weight of jighead etc...but it'll catch fluke consistently from April to November.
  11. Not sure what that means, but I care about results. As someone else pointed out, there are so many variables in fishing - and that makes it easy to succumb to happy talk and all kinds of confirmation bias/wishful thinking. When I say we tested Gulp vs plastisol baits "side by side" I meant that literally - my cousin, using Gulp and I using say Zman, or Deps Sakamata etc - will cast to the same spot from the same angle and swap who goes first etc. The result from those sessions wasn't even close - it averaged out to something like 10:1 in Gulp's favor. Those of you who have watched the video of me catching a triple limit+ on hard jerkbaits (best 3 fish went 5lbs, 6+, 6+) - that same day right next to me my cousin landed 30 keepers on the 6" Gulp jerk shad. That's 30 fluke over 18", including a pair of 6s, from shore, in one trip (that video is also uploaded to my channel). To date between us we have landed 3 fluke flirting with the 8lb mark from shore, over a dozen 6+ and countless 5s, all on the stupid 6" gulp jerk shad. That day he caught 30 keepers we were both catching at roughly the same rate when I had the conditions, but once the tide changed and the water got a tiny bit murky my JB bite shut down but he kept pulling. That story has played out over and over again with different baits vs Gulp and the only reason it happened more than a couple of times is I hate using Gulp, and I've been determined to find something else that works just as well. I've been threading various Gulp onto a jighead for fluke since the damn thing first came out in the early aughts. 99% of every fluke I've ever caught as an adult came on Gulp, and I'm bored to death with the lack of variety - so I try this and that just to keep things interesting. I've gone deep down the rabbit hole of flutter spoons, blade baits, traps, jerkbaits, crankbaits, every conceivable soft plastic you can think of - and sure, they've all caught the odd fluke here and there (some more consistent than others) and most of them were more fun - but if your goal is to just catch fluke, you're gimping yourself if you're not using Gulp, ideally pinned to a light jig head and working it properly on light tackle. In any case, at the end of the day, I couldn't care less what you decide works best for you. People say "I do great on xxx bait" - that's wonderful. Define "great."
  12. FF sonar is 100% cheating lol
  13. Hey if you're convinced that's all that matters
  14. Clean water, full sun, maximum visibility. That's when "stunt fishing" with hard jerkbaits, swimbaits etc can shine...but even then you'll catch more fish with Gulp. Sad but true.
  15. We've done extensive side to side comparisons with Gulp vs zoom/bigbite/zman/OSP/Deps soft jerk shads - it's not even close. When the conditions are optimal they will hit the plastisol baits, but they tend to blow it out immediately and your hookup % is ****. But glad you're spanking the fluke down there - if it's working for you keep at it.