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  1. lol!
  2. You are correct, it is indeed just a crab delivery device. Since tog live in and among rocks/pilings/gnarly hard structure...the only consideration on jig heads is how snag-proof the design is, and in some cases how stationary they can be in heavy current. Forward line ties on an arky-style head is probably the least snaggy head I've used. It crawls in and out of rocks better than any 90 degree, vertical line tie heads.
  3. It's interesting how one bait, retrieved differently, can either fool a feeding fish into biting or trigger a negative fish into striking.
  4. Looks snaggy. I like the 60 degree line tie for tog jigs, unless it's a flat bean head.
  5. There are full ceramic bearings, but based on reports I've read elsewhere...extremely noisy, and obviously quite expensive.
  6. There are swimbaits out there that will tail kick at a slow crawl, and you can also burn them w/o the bait blowing out. Based on these reports and also how thick the tail section is...these pro tails don't seem like very versatile baits.
  7. Yeah those are tough conditions to fish in unless you're trolling, I think you guys had more fun hopping waves anyway haha All you have to do is copy/paste the link in the post, and it will auto embed.
  8. That's awesome! You guys catch anything??
  9. Among all Asians, Koreans have true guts of steel lol...(tho I must admit, marinated raw crab is delicious!)
  10. Yeah the 4.8 on the 5/0 flashy swimmer...catches everything. But 7lb LMB in the northeast, that's why you throw the big bait! Great job.
  11. Are you mostly throwing the 6.8/7.8 in freshwater? I just picked up some 7" spark shads...I feel like some of the clearer reservoirs around here, better to have eyes/gills/fins on a big bait. Tough to really commit to that 1 bite a day/week type of fishing!
  12. I've been having fun with the Shimano Dialuna 8'6ML all season, rated to 1oz, rod weighs 4.2oz. The 9'6m weighs 4.5oz and is rated to 1.5oz. Paired with the 4k Ballistic LT...these combos are around 12oz total, so much fun to use all day. I tried a couple of salmon/steelhead rods for the same applications, but they were way too noodly for my taste. The suzuki rods are damn near perfect for anything that swims in the back bays around here imo.
  13. They don't!
  14. Well said.