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  1. Trade offs and choices, indeed.
  2. And once you get there, you'll be trying to fish while fighting current/winds with your paddle instead of with pedals, unless you're happy to just troll around on anything but the calmest days. Just saying.
  3. FWIW here's the relevant number to call if you witness shenanigans: NJDEP Hotline (877) WARNDEP or (877) 927-6337 Apparently someone from another forum spotted undersized tog at a supermarket, called the above number, and the DEP handed out a sheaf of summons to the store, AND got back in contact with the caller very next day. I've been "patrolling" my local markets that carry live fish...so far, haven't seen anything undersized. I really would like to see commercial togging banned altogether, but the wild to tank live fish trade has got to end.
  4. This really seems quite a dishonest comparison. We're not talking about "commercial fishing" as a whole, we're talking about "striped bass commercial fishing." The actual numbers would be tremendously skewed towards the rec sector.
  5. Herring fishing is $$$$! Sorry to hear baldadonis, that sucks!
  6. Simms sungaiter is most comfortable, but the breathing holes get worn out. Close second is the new Huk with that breathable mesh panel. Those will last a lot longer. Both simms and Huk is properly cut to fit your face...not just a tube.
  7. If people avoid me with a skull mask...that's a feature, not a bug. Time to stock up!
  8. Is there a cold weather face mask that *doesn't* fog up your shades?
  9. Is it as limp/soft as original x8?
  10. Agreed, but this is a rod rated to 4oz...it'd be a broomstick if it were a true fast action, and it's definitely not a broom stick (unlike that orochi xXx you saw last year...that rod sucked!) Matt Allen is in love with that Expride 7'11xh, would suck in a kayak tho. What's your pick for a 7'6 and under?
  11. Pitching/flipping from a seated position sucks, period. I would test out standing first with a pull rope (attached to bow), if that doesn't work Hobie sells an H-bar kit that looks pretty sweet. There are some DIY versions on YT as well. The Megabass Hyuga 72h --- the one piece model --- is about as perfect a pitching/frogging rod as they come (tackle trap has a couple in stock...going through them you get a full US warranty). Med-fast taper with a very nice tip for working frogs...and a ton of power down the blank. Full SIC double footed guides, good overall length for kayaks and ideal butt/handle length as well.
  12. These look very good...
  13. I've been waiting for the micro sizes forever...you got a couple to spare??
  14. If you're talking about the Southeast series...MH is rated to 1.5oz? Personally, I think you'll enjoy the NORTHEAST Teramar MH. The 7' MH is not a broomstick, but will be stiffer than your Inshore series rod. You keep that nice parabolic action of the TC4 blank, and it's a tough material for constant load of planer board trolling. If you really want to keep it a lighter power (what size stripers are we talking about?), you can look into freshwater bass rods, specifically for frogging/punching/flipping. The Shimano Zodias 7'2 Heavy has the same lure rating as your MH Teramar, but will be much faster in action.
  15. The Teramar blanks are composite med-fast tapers...they're designed to load pretty deep with a fish on. You can try the H power of the Teramar NE, but it sounds like you want to go faster action vs. heavier power. Which Teramar do you have now? And what lure are you trolling?