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  1. No tax in Delaware.
  2. Just buy the right ones! I think in my older ones I do...also curse like a sailor. Now I just edit that stuff out, a much more civilized channel for all audiences lol
  3. I was considering the AFTCO but like you said, the cut is not contoured up top...and I suspect the breathing holes will wear out just like the Simms. It really is a shame Simms couldn't reinforce the breathing area with some sort of mesh. Their material is by far the lightest/stretchiest/most comfortable of all the brands I've tried.
  4. It is a most terrifying costume...
  5. Buffs...which is basically a tube, w/o any ventilation...definitely will fog up your shades. With the Simms and HUK, once you have it fitted just right over your mug, the fogging is virtually nonexistent. I do a few micro-adjustments throughout the day, esp after drinking or vaping, but once it's sitting correctly you're good to go, even on 90+ days. Every now and then I'll have to breath through my mouth for a couple of beats...this becomes second nature. I hate sunblock, never use it...hence my cycling through of a dozen+ brands/models to find the masks that work for me. The aforementioned gaiters have a contoured cut that protect your neck and rides over the bridge of your nose.
  6. You don't have to tell me, but it sounds like OP wanted a one trick pony rod.
  7. Mint, like-new condition Kala U Bass in Spruce...barely used. Tone is accurate up and down the fretboard (took 3 exchanges with Kala to get it right). Comes with gig bag, strap, humidifier. $300 picked up Bergen county (or meet within reason).
  8. Some of you might find this useful. I've tried em all, and these are the best...for my giant melon head anyway
  9. Very underrated bait, very slim with a high-pitch rattle...deadly swim back to the bottom on semi-slack line. The largest 07 size will take a pair of 2/0 Owner single hooks, which I highly recommend for saltwater fishing. Duo Realis just released a big 4" lipless that I can't wait to try in the salt. Their smaller vibration baits are killer, but too nice to lose to bluefish
  10. Actually, the Teramar NE might be your most versatile all-around rod, not sure if BP stocks it. The Trevala S is a short jigging rod with a long handle, mod-fast taper, the same TC4/C4S blank as the Teramar. The Mojo is a slightly beefed-up freshwater MH rod, fast taper, will cast its weight range (which is only up to 1.25oz) further than the Trevala S, but the Trevala will handle a wider lure weight range than the Mojo. If you're going to spend a lot of time casting to structure (like Riddler does), I would recommend the Mojo, or better yet the 7' Teramar NE. For almost everything else...esp vertical presentations, the Trevala S M. If you're going to be doing a lot of bottom fishing for fluke/seabass and shallow togging...definitely the Trevala S ML.
  11. Stop and go in shallow water, yoyo in deep. Some have a shimmy on the fall (Red Eye Shad), some have a nice swim/spiral down (Rippin Rap).
  12. You'll be happier pairing it to the Trevala S. The ML is one of the most versatile blanks...the M is nice too esp if you're leaning heavier towards bass/blues. You might find the handle too long for the yak; I've chopped off a few inches on every one I own.
  13. The Keitech casting jig has about the most perfect weedguard for the structure I fish this time of year. The guards end right about at the barb, not too stiff...perfect.
  14. only waverunners who identify as kayaks
  15. Had my first black spotted bass the other day...chunky little guy, seemed healthy otherwise. What's the cause of this?