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  1. Sorry to hear that, wind sucks.
  2. Get some Keitech easy shiner/shad impacts (or any soft plastic baitfish imitation but they do love the squid oil Keitechs come in), see fish on graph, drop it on their head. 1/4 - 1oz jigheads depending on wind/depth. Try long sweeps and drops, as well as burning it back to the surface...if the fish aren't aggressive, you can deadstick on bottom with light twitches, or hold it in place over suspended fish. Generally, they seem to want to chase up...
  3. Trailer, freshwater, bays, no surf launches...Outback or Topwater/Predator PDL all day!
  4. Lots of quality gear that falls between walmart specials and 1k.
  5. Maybe, maybe not...but it certainly makes a difference to the angler. Nice things are nice
  6. My 2506 Theory is by far the smoothest $200 dollar reel I've used. Not sure if the Zaion rotor is lighter, but the retrieve startup feels significantly lighter than the Ballistic LT.
  7. With mirage drive you can pull the fins against the hull and use short flutters to propel yourself over inches of water. A lot of productive grass in north jersey stays a few inches from the surface...very easy to glide over high patches on the hobie. Prop drives are sticking out at a fixed distance, and I would imagine a rotating prop will fare worse than the mirage fins in any case. In one of @The Riddler's reviews he mentioned a cutting blade fitted to the prop unit to mow through grass...not sure how that played out for him in thick vegetation.
  8. When I'm crossing the lake I appreciate the efficiency of Hobie's mirage drive, but while fishing...let's just say there hasn't been a day in freshwater that I didn't wish I had the instant reverse of a prop drive. If you're primarily chasing green/brown bass, I would definitely demo one of those. People seem to like the new Topwater 120 PDL from Oldtown. Then again, if you're fishing in thick weeds, maybe the mirage drive is a better fit? Demo them all!
  9. Excellent, those weights are in line with Suzuki rods at that price point. Looking forward to these!
  10. Give us zebra mussels and gobies...let's grow some 8lb smallies in these reservoirs lol.
  11. How much will the finished rods weigh? under 5oz?
  12. Daiwa Labrax 40% off on plat Japan, maybe a refresh coming. The current gen Dialuna is very, very nice.
  13. I have 7 or 8 of these and they are bullet proof. They stack nicely, on any given trip I'll bring 2 or 3...different size/color gulps easily accessible.
  14. Then what, cut the leader and leave the 20/0 in its jaws?
  15. Pretty much the case across the country, and the world too for that matter.