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  1. Not yet Tom, just not yet... No, I can't throw them on a fly rod. I'd pair them with large plastics and fish them for tarpon/snook/Jack's/whatever wants to eat.
  2. Get spring locks for the hooks, use them as weighted swimbait hooks. You'll have more than you know what to do with eventually, but I can help with that if you like
  3. Has anyone found an option for stainless/tinned worm hooks?? The normal black nickel ones rust very quickly in salt water
  4. Greater momentum to fight strong winds and deliver larger flies. But it's not just the weight, it's the speed it's delivered in. You can deliver a fly line with greater speed with a TH rod, and that's a line that's heavier than you're able to handle well on a single hander. Also, two hands on the rod instead of one makes for significantly reduced fatigue in casting, so you can battle the wind for hours without issue. In rough conditions from shore the attributes of a well designed saltwater two handed fly rod for overhead casting is the obvious better choice. Edit: When I say rough conditions, I mean those where a single handed fly rod struggles to cope. Your line, even a 10wt gets blown all over the place and you can barely get a cast out at all. This is where a proper TH rod can keep you meaningfully fishing and catching, into even worse weather.
  5. Quite the opposite. Imagine a casting fly line twice if not three times as heavy as your ten weight, with greater line speed, and less fatigue than your single handed rod. A proper saltwater two handed rod for overhead casting keeps you fishing when your single hander gets blown off the beach
  6. I really think I may get one of these 15'10wt blanks while they're on sale right now. Don't need a rod for 650 grains like the 1409 would be, the 1510 cut to 14' would probably be a good match for 550 grains. For when I don't feel like throwing 750. Thanks for posting your feedback regarding these new NFC blanks guys, the final test for them is on the beach. Everything so far looks pretty good, they definitely have power behind them.
  7. I had a 40'' one earlier this year and several other encounters. A tiger, at least 40'' if not to 50'' followed a 5'' fluke right to the rod tip. Never would have expected a predator that large to follow a small offering so far. Would have figured 8'ed if I saw it in time. The big bait thing I suppose has some credence but the longer I fish the more I realize they're all predators, and lots do pretty much the same thing.
  8. Nope. Of course there's lots of idiots but most of those were from the township quite literally poisoning the lake. A very few areas weren't so bad but 95% of the lake in the main body was dead water.
  9. No One Here replied in a pm that knocking rust off and sharpening hooks is fine. All yours buddy!
  10. I'll take this, thanks very much! Been needing a good 9wt slow sinking line for a long time.
  11. I make custom knives as a hobby so trust me when I say I'll make them sharp as hypodermic needles
  12. There are a few with a touch of rust. I'll sharpen them and knock the rust off the best I can. How's that sound?
  13. Thanks Kil, much appreciated. Looking forward to using my striped bass special 1-6 oz rod to target some of these reds. To contribute to the thread, love both my black hole surf rods I've built. I did choose to build them because I firstly don't like the way the handles are laid out on the factory rods. I built my blanks like other high end NE surf rod handles with shrink wrap and a long foregrip, with some cord underneath so it's not too too slim. I also wanted the best guide layout possible for purely braided line, so I built them both KR style, instead of NGC. NGC makes more sense for a factory rod since it's more versatile and less sensitive to the exact size and nature of the reel the rod is matched with than KR is. Haven't caught any fish on either yet but I anticipate very soon getting into good action with them.
  14. I tie way too much, slimming down what I have. There's 63 total here. A few have seen water, the rest never got tied on. Most never made it to the fly box. All in excellent condition and will serve better than anything you can get in a fly shop. Largest is an 11'' herring flatwing. 5/0. Smallest a 2'' suspending/floating shrimp fly. Size 6. Hollows, deceivers, clousers, flatwings, gurglers, floating sand eels, couple floating american eels, surf candies, bendbacks, and a lobster fly as well. A great set of flies for the Northeast from Jersey to Maine. Covers: Bunker (adult and peanuts) Herring Sand eels Lobsters Shrimp Silversides Anchovies/whitebait Pollack Mackerel Cinder worm $80 shipped pp gets you all of what you see below. Any questions just ask.
  15. Kil, how are you fishing that spoon? Simple cast and steady retrieve, or jigging it along the bottom, canal style, as I seem to recall you stating before.