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  1. I have no experience with the dynamic king but my renzetti traveler has been doing a great job since I got it over 10 years ago. I've tied on hooks size 22 to 10/0 but above a 6/0 or 7/0 it starts to lose gripping power. Still it does a good job. Never found myself wanting or needing something else.
  2. Mike those running lines will probably work great. I use running lines cut from a WF13I line and they've been wonderful. I haven't done so yet but I'm pretty sure your rods will spey cast well with heavy enough lines. Based on what I know your MkI should spey cast 840 grains with ease and be very smooth with it. I'm going to try 950 this Wednesday. Will let you know how it works in an email. Finished my 14' MkI last Saturday night. I'll send pictures of that and the MkIII later today.
  3. Mike If need be I can get a lot more technical and guide you through my setup in great detail. I use lighter Skagit heads and heavier tips so the energy transfer is smoother between the two and I get better turnover as well. I splice by whipping the joints with fine mono thread. Could fuse them but I've had spotty luck with that myself so I go with what I know works.
  4. Been in deep mud too. Thankfully never at night. Planning on getting a pair of those mudder boots. I could even use them around where I live.
  5. Dan, Fwiw with my pac bay and a UST sink 5 650 grain head I was able to send 11" very heavily dressed Buford flies 80' into a dead on headwind and a significant one at that. It turns them over. You'll have a real hoot with the MkII if the taper and weight distribution is anything similar to that. Also you won't have issues with loop to loops through your guides. I've been doing it for the past year and had little issue. Ceramics make them smoother than snakes. The flexibility they give you is well worth it. I retrieve the head way into the guides pretty frequently and it's no big deal. You have to do a few roll casts and let the line slip through your fingers to get it out but it's easy.
  6. Hey Mike I like Skagit heads with a tip from a cheap 12wt line. Can be had in floating and intermediate the both of them. Sierra trading Post has floating and intermediate Skagit heads. You can find 12wt heads on eBay. I have personal experience with these setups and they work great. I can PM or email you links and more details if you like. You'll have to splice everything together but it's not bad and with your all ceramic guides the splices still feel good coming through the guides.
  7. This thread isn't really about this so I don't wish to derail it by getting into TH stuff. I really shouldn't have mentioned anything. But I will say this. A 20" fish still puts a pretty healthy bend in my 13'er. The length and power are for beating the weather and surf, not the fish. I won't not use it if there were no reason as that would be just stupid. If it baffles you so then perhaps you should try it and see how it is. A big TH rod is great fun. Surf casters use heavier tackle than fly boys do as their rods are far stiffer and stronger, for the conditions they face. If we all used tackle to suit the fish we'd all use 8wts for stripers from shore yet a 10wt is most often recommended for the sake of not getting blown off the water. Sorry for derailing the thread OP. I will leave it alone now.
  8. Completely agreed. Same reason TH saltwater rods as in 13'+ really powerful rods haven't caught on yet. And likely won't. Fly fishers the majority are traditionalists and don't like change. Even if the new alternative does work better.
  9. Dougie I would appreciate that greatly
  10. If they are then our lives will be just that much easier. If they're not or the wind is kicking we will still be able to fish when single handed fly fishers will be swept off the beach. It's a win either way. 5 extra feet is no problem at all when you have an extra hand on the rod.
  11. Mike Can't say how happy I am to hear it. Saw your email. Was thinking of spots like those. Been planning for them actually. Cannot wait. Short time now. Less than. 2 months till I arrive.
  12. HT I'm bringing three rods but realistically only two will get fished. Two of which are Mike's blanks. My TH rods of course. Both of them 14' one is an 11/12wt the other a real stormruler a 13/14wt. For 550 and 750 grains respectively. Also bringing a 9' 10wt but realistically it won't see fishing time.
  13. Mike I sure hope I'm welcome to tag along on this moonlit hunt. After that one night I struggled (the one where we dealt with all the weeds and a stiff headwind) I have been utterly captivated by night fishing. Once it gets hot enough here for it to make sense I'll be doing a lot of night fishing on my local lakes for bass and Muskies. Just being out there with all your senses heightened is absolutely amazing. I take my dog for night walks and while a younger me would favor a light, I now leave it at home as I prefer the dark.
  14. Speaking of which..... I just finished shaping the handle on the second 14'er. 11-12wt. And of course I will have my beloved MkIII 13-14wt two hander with me this spring. Been daydreaming and dreaming for months of this cape cod trip with you, Dan, and Mike. Going to be an absolute blast.
  15. Ok Slow here has been used to mean soft which is an entirely different metric. Most fly blanks are pretty fast in action. It's the line weight that will mostly determine how stiff the blank is. Most I have handled would be pretty squarely a fast action but it's always best to handle before buying if possible. Fly blanks are pretty spineless compared to conventional blanks generally so don't be afraid of a 6wt vs a 5. If I wanted an UL from a fly blank I'd go with either and call it a day. A medium power spinning blank can have as much intrinsic power as a 16wt going by the common cents system Rosetta Stone. So you're not going to be over powered with a 6wt at all.