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  1. I'll keep this in mind, I bought 10 new from a tackle shop. Depending on what happens the next few weeks I might take these too. Thanks!
  2. What do you want for them? If they're the same or more than off the shelf SS darters, there's no point for me.
  3. I want 10-12 more, I'm going to order some from tomos tackle depending on what folks want to sell to me here, ill take used before new so long as they still function 100%
  4. Looking for 10 of these, let me know what you've got. Color doesn't matter, hooks don't matter and condition neither as long as the plug works as it should.
  5. Hey Tim, thank you for pointing that out and letting me know. I honestly thought I was abiding by the rules by making what I thought were objective non-personal criticisms, I appreciate you weighing in and pointing out that it's gone too far. Looking back I agree they were a bit personal. Message received loud and clear.
  6. To those asking for the criticism and discussion to stop: No. If you want to totally control the thread and its content, maybe you shouldn't have chosen a 100% PUBLIC forum to make marketing posts, or had the presence of mind to make a change in your crappy fish handling tactics to avoid being called out on it. Everyone here has abided by the SOL rules laid out by TimS and co, so it is all fair game. The fact you don't like being called out is 100% your problem, deal with it.
  7. *
  8. "I've done it this way for 40 years and that's how I'll continue to do it!" Sounds about right for your demographic. Kil the problem is your blatant disregard and ignorance of good fish handling practice so you can make marketing material to sell stuff. Other than that it's all good and the fish are fine I guess, I really don't care about fish pictures from other people unless I was there for the event or they are close friends of mine. If that constitutes being a hater in your eyes then you have some pretty serious social skill issues you should really work on.
  9. Its not you I hate, it's the blatant disrespect for fisheries and total ignorance about proper fish handling that results in dead fish, and the perpetration of that behavior onto others. If you interpret that as a criticism of you as a person, then that's a personal problem you should probably address. As for jealousy, not at all. I love my job, the geographic and fishing opportunities I have, and I really don't care about being anywhere other than where im at right now. Interpreting criticisms made from members on here about a very reasonable and objective issue as "jealousy" and "hate" is unbelievably immature and ignorant.
  10. Exactly, especially with the tarpon thread incident Kil and Mike caused. The only opinion that matters is the FWC officer that hands you a $3,000 bill for dragging a tarpon out of the water to sell rods and gain internet clout with. And of course the tarpon they Kil while doing so.
  11. See my post above. Kil doesn't care about your fishery or any so long as he can sell rods.
  12. Kil 'em all, least the rods get sold!
  13. If where it's made is the argument, its flawed beyond utility. The USA has been made in China for years.
  14. You can find them from time to time I think. I looked for a spare 180, couldn't find one, so I bought replacement parts and made my own from scratch, and just borrowed the pedals from my V2. You might be able to do that and make a spare GT drive which should be just as reliable. Its all the design changes hobie made to make the drives reversible that made them less reliable. Though my V2 drive did fail me first time out.. but it only needed a couple zip ties to fix it and it's been great ever since. Looking at the boom as an engineer hobie could have done a much better job of making these parts stronger. I would happily gain a few more pounds in my load out for a bulletproof 180 drive.
  15. The nut is broken and plastic deformed, I'm going to try modifying a brand new part. I wouldn't go to through this effort if I didn't absolutely need reverse.