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  1. Only if it's made by Daiwa
  2. Regardless of your target, it is vitally important that you nail down your catch process i.e. all of the steps and methods you'll go through from deployment to release. And it is crucial that you fight these things with tackle heavy enough to handle them quickly. If you go out undergunned, the fight is going to suck, you're going to get beat up, and the shark will probably die. A medium conventional reel, lever drag or star drag is fine for smaller fish (under 6') but for bigger stuff you will want a drone or kayak to deploy because you should be using something like a 50W or bigger than can really bring the heat, and fight from a rod holder so you can exert maximum pressure and get them in fast. Not a PVC holder either, something like a metal pipe with a cross pin for a gimbal butt is perfect. Do not use a harness, its a waste of effort and you will not be able to get fish in as quickly as you should be. Getting the hook out is great, and if you are able to quickly you definitely should. If it's non trivial, its far more important to clip the line close and get the thing back in the water as quickly as possible. These things eat live stingrays and a host of other pokey things. They'll survive with a hook that if the barb is ground off, will fall out or rust out. They can't survive their organs crushed by their own weight, nor breathing air or being battered by waves. Good luck to you, I hope it all works out. Please keep asking questions, it is only going to help you in your endeavor, and increase the sharks chances of survival post release
  3. Refinement is good, but not broken trumps all. Lotta people had issues with the old saltx. Hopefully v2 pans out to be a reliable and high performance product.
  4. Yes, but to a point. The engine examples I used are pre-cylinder deactivation Chevrolet, Toyota, and post cylinder deactivation Chevrolet (horrible things). Too many parts would have been modern bmw and Mercedes! Expensive to repair and don't last long.
  5. There's how it's made vs how it works. Design theory of less parts is more reliable is fair, but there's lots of simple systems that suck and complex ones that fail, and vice versa. Within the subsystems that perform essential functions, there's how they are built and designed as well. Example: Take a basic pushrod V8 engine with 1 camshaft, 1 timing chain, 1 injector per cylinder, and 1 spark plug per as well. Change the oil frequently and antifreeze when you should and it lasts forever. Take a complex overhead camshaft V8 with 4 camshafts, 1 direct and port injector per cylinder, 2 spark plugs per cylinder, and 2 very long timing chains. Change the oil frequently and antifreeze when you should and it lasts also forever. Now take that same pushrod V8 and save $2 on each of the camshaft lifters. Now they fall apart and destroy your engine. The simple system becomes unreliable and short lived compared to the complicated one. After a year of use, my Shimano spheros has lasted longer and delivered more reliable performance than the saltiga I had, and even the Penn torque I had too. End of day, a good system is a good system, regardless of the parts.
  6. ~55 grams empty, ~range 58-59 grams foamed on my scale amongst 10 plugs. Didn't effect the action, at least not significantly. Hooks and rigging have a much greater effect than the foam did. Just used GE brand expanding insulating foam. Whoever said to not trap the foam, they were 100% right. I also re-wired them, made a static hook hanger that replaced the swivel so I can use a single hook and have it run point down 100% of the time.
  7. The thing I found most interesting is how fast the shark let go. It's like: FOOOD. ATTACK! *bites boat* Oh. Not food... *Lets go* There's a video out there of a guy sitting on a flat with a small bait bag/box/enclosure between his legs, which are probably 45° apart. Bunch of baby lemon sharks around him trying to get to the bait and investigating the surroundings. One nips his leg just like how a dog will play nip oh so gently. It's like "You food? No, not food." They know what's what, they just test things sometimes. The sharks were around him for many minutes before that happened, plenty of warning to stop what he was doing if he was concerned about it.
  8. Barely. I trapped the foam inside.
  9. When I did the mebachi poppers I used great stuff foam from home Depot. Works but doesn't keep well after cracking the factory.
  10. Guess it's not fishing season yet. Hope you two are having fun Im not buying norcalkat's stuff, too expensive for what I'm doing. I'm sure they're good plugs in use but I don't care about features that don't make a difference in catching fish. Gonna try foaming some SSs and see what happens. I trapped the expanding foam inside the mebachis I've done, makes sense that would add a lot more weight. Thought positive pressure on the foam would have helped prevent it getting waterlogged since I don't believe it's closed cell. We'll see what happens.
  11. Mine was too, the only reason I got rid of them was because they don't handle braid well. And the line roller bearings went bad super fast. An OG torque with slammer III line handling and line roller design would be invincible. Aaaaaaand discontinued! Replaced with this Authority model BS. Ultra sucks.
  12. Can confirm. That seems to be the most abrasion resistant braid, from what I have heard. I ran a bunch of tests on abrasion resistance two years ago on various brands/tests of mono. Ande premium and momoi diamond were tied, only sufix tritanium plus beat them. I tested some braids too. 50lb 832 had about 5% the abrasion resistance of 60lb ande or BBG I can't remember. Since then I don't care at all about how much braid resists abrasion. Square root of 0 isn't much less than the square root of almost 0.
  13. You don't have to convince me. Not that I'll ever find out. Screw that party boat noise. I couldn't care less about keeping everything I catch.
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