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  1. That is lucky. I had a shop before I moved down here but apartment living doesn't leave much space for that. True though, sandpaper to remove damaged metal and then a thorough polish. A Dremel with a polishing wheel and compound is enough along with sandpaper in a couple grits. I fixed my buddies thunnus this way. Casts really really well now. Didn't take me more than a couple hours to fix.
  2. All gear sucks. The only two spinning reels I haven't had a single operational issue with are the Okuma Makaira and 20' Daiwa Saltiga, except the rotor brake on my saltiga is laughably weak.
  3. Hey, you out there? I'll take it for $40 shipped.
  4. From moderate to fast action: Original Striped Bass Special --> mod-fast striped bass special --> East coast special.
  5. I had the 11' 1-6oz. It bent more evenly than that. Took more pressure though. This "moderate fast" version has a lighter tip but not butt section than the original it seems. So it's faster-actioned but a softer rod overall. You did the same thing with the east coast special. The 11' 3/4-4oz ECS actually had more backbone in the butt section than the 11' 1-6oz SBS, but had a much lighter tip section. Yet the ECS was labeled moderate while the SBS is labeled fast. I proved this was wrong in a thread last year, results which other rod builders agreed with. For black hole USA, action means tip section stiffness. That is all. It has zero bearing on how the rod actually bends overall. Nice that the video makes it very clear what the reality is.
  6. Bump 1 If you're interested I'll entertain offers. More looking to move this than get every cent I can.
  7. I wouldn't buy the part from Penn. You can find an ABEC 7 version from elsewhere, I think it's 7x11x2.5mm
  8. That same bearing failed in my bailess torque, the races broke and the bearing literally exploded inside the reel. HIGHLY recommend you clean every square mm of the reel except the rotor and spool, degrease and dry then re-lube and reassemble. Those balls will destroy other parts and there's no need for that. Edit: Get the highest quality bearing you can find to replace it. You don't want a cheap bearing failing again forcing you to fix it again
  9. I'll take it for $40 shipped to 33761
  10. I'd almost be willing to bet it's just softer overall. When black hole says "moderate" they mean less stiff and "fast" they mean more stiff. It has zero bearing on the action whatsoever.
  11. This is the model. Black hole cape cod striper nano, not the newer striped bass special. Option for black or chameleon color. Only chameleon was available, and that's what I have.
  12. I get mixed up, that might be it. Too many names. Thanks!
  13. Near Tampa Bay so unless you're pretty local shipping is probably the only option.